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    To get the summer holiday feel and be inspired by products reminding of far destinations, here are some of my top interior picks.






     Summer 14: Map side table il_570xN.375216961_gfyg

    This JMF Side Table takes you round the world in no time and might even teach young children a thing or two, CHF 680,64, (international shipping)



    Summer 14-6: alba_armoire_01_l 

    For a statment piece in a sitting room or bedroom, this Alba Armoire with relief-paneled doors would be very fitting. It can be supplied as a single or double unit with a series of standard internal configuration and could also look very impressive as a TV cabinet, from £ 3.250,



     Summer 14: Retro side table il_570xN.580255022_ftgx       Summer 14. Retro side table il_224xN.580486421_elqr  

    These mid-century modern retro Scandinavian bedside tables inject a very light and breezy element to any bedroom, CHF 244,70, (international shipping)




    Summer 14: Retro landscape cabinet il_570xN.555195537_c7sw 

    This stunning and unusual vintage 50`s Venetian Cabinet with ink drawings was made in Italy, CHF 439,20, (international shipping)




    Summer 14: Beige Settee _1 

    This stunning 18th century Swedish Gustavian sofa bed which has recently been re-upholstered in antique Belgian linen, is almost to nice to sleep on, £ 3,750,




    Summer 14: Shell table Nautilus-II-Table-by-Marc-Fish-4 

    This unusual table was inspired by the Nautilus Shell and is a creation of UK furniture craftsman Marc Fish,



     Summer 14: Pebble shape side tables prodotti-103541-relc0c933a84b3346beb743 

    These Pebble Coffee Tables are produced in Oporto/Portugal. It brings back memories of stacking pebbles on the beach and beautifully blends natural exotics solid wood with hammered metal, and 



    Summer 14: Moorish Lamp 2 bohemia_gold_1600x21821   Summer 14: Moorish Lamp 3 bohemia_silver_1600x21821   Summer 14: Moorish Lamp 1 bohemia_copper_1600x21821

    Add these Moorish table lamps to your pebble tables and your room scheme is almost complete,




    Summer 14: Shell console gold/blk imgres 

    This vintage Seashell Console Table is a vintage piece from the 1950s. It has a black lacquer base and table top with glass top, £ 2,290.81,




    Summer 14: Beige Settee _1 

    This Swedish 19th century day bed sofa upholstered in a stone coloured fabric, adds a very light and stylish element, £ 2,650, 



    Summer 14-6: Door Film vintage-designs_1401874398_300x300


    Give your windows a fresh and decorative look, or choose amongst many other, easy to apply self adhesive window films. Purldeco can also produce bespoke designs using your own artwork. It is a very easy and low cost way to decorate a window, 



    Sumer 14: Shell Console 2000 

    This piece is a stunning combination of natural shells, metal coral with a stone top,




    Summer 14: Jellyfish ceiling lamps 00-01 

    This Chandelier keeps the Jellyfish at a safe distance,




    Summer: Pick-Nick seagulls-coolbag Summer 14: Pick-Nick anorak-proud-fox-melamine-plate-top-  Summer 14: Pick-Nick anorak-kissing-horses-picnic-blanket    Summer 14: Pick-Nick anorak-rolling-hills-coolbag-jpg

    Keep your cool with these fun animal pick nick plates and rugs which are the ideal companion for a perfect day out,



    Summer 14: Beach scene cushions-2178538 

    Life`s a Beach! Who needs to travel to coastal destinations, if you can sit compfortably in your own four walls and enjoy the athmosphere, without the hassle of removing sand from absolutely everywhere? Vintage beach English Romantic Cushion, £ 60,




    Summer 14: Fish Chandelier hom_01 

    You don`t have to catch your own fish to have a trophie piece looking down on you, Chandelier Poisson,




    Summer 14: Dolphin bookshelf_DSC6518 

    You can guarantee that your kids will fall in love with this friendly whale....and maybe even start reading to him, Whale Bookshelf by Justin Southey,




    Summer 14: Turquoise cambria-placemat-set-of-4-068292928       Summer 14: Turquoise cambria-votive-146785274a 

    For a touch of Moroccan vibe, the tile inspired Cambria placemats and votive are a perfect accessory for alfresco dining, from $7.95, (international shipping)



    Summer 14-5: Chair

    As part of the new summer collection, the Weiss Louis XV chair adds a very refreshing and moorish element to living or bedroom, 



    Summer 14: Round garden table il_570xN.589730450_78yg 

    This Danish `Stjerne`outdoor coffee table makes a very decorative change from the usual squarish models and is perfect for entertaining in style, CHF 761.13, (ship worldwide)



    Summer 14: Suitcase chair 83c58fea4934fe20c4a2d70c6311ba70

    I can`t think of a more imaginative way to recycle and upcycle an old suitcase,



     Summer 14-2: PM-Pierre  Summer 14-2: PM me_bleu  Summer 14-2: PM me_bleu

     Summer 14-2: P aca3e09911341eb23a09272c44e45c21  Summer 14.2: nus-Mars-  

    Philippe Morillon is a French painter, photographer and art director who has created some wonderfully quirky wallpapers illustrating his favourite art-world friends. In the 70`s he created depictions of the Paris party scene featuring socialites and celebreties which were part of his crowd one of which was Andy Warhol who wrote the forword for his  1982 book of art, Ultra Lux. Morillon`s work was exhibited at the Galerie du Passage in Paris who will have all the information on his work,



    Summer 14: Floral Cane Chair Turquoise 

    Love at first sit! Once you set eyes on this flower back Love Chair Mint with its Moroccan printed cushion you will be totally smitten, $495,




    Summer 14: Glass chandelier image_5 

    This delightful display of blue/green colours of the Venetian lagoon are illuminated and sit at the bottom of the vessels like water. Each hand-blown glass drop can be purchased individually or as a group,




    Summer 14: Turquoise cane side table 

    This glass top rattan coffee table brings a lovely element of colour and fun into the living space. They come in aqua, lemon and white, $ 295,


    Summer 14-2: Canape 263844213-zoom_prd_3s

    Trendy sofas needn`t come with a large price tag. This 2-seater 50`s sofa `Adelin`is perfect for a stylish summer interior. For those, who find the color too daring, there are more neutral shades to choose from, EUROS 499, 


    Summer 14: fornasetti-large-scented-candle-sole 

    Another fine example of the creative mind behind the Fornasetti Design. This large scented Candle lends itself as a perfect statement accessory for a coffee table,



    Summer 14-6: Window Film bespoke-designs_1_1401891783_300x300   

    For some privacy from nosy neighbours, this self adhesive window film is a very decorative and low cost solution,




    Summer 14: Blue circular tables 34_starcollection-7bdrecadree_v2 

    These stools by Constance Guisset provide a very stylish understaded mix of fresh colours,



    Summer 14: Moissonier Monkey chair 4791 CHAISE SINGES 

    Not quite `Out of Africa` but equally exotic is this  Moissonnier chair with its little Monkey`s hopefully having as much fund as those, looking at it, information and orders via [email protected]




    Summer 14-1: Lamp fadoazure_1600x21821 

    The Fado Table Lamp is like a breath of fresh air on a side or console table,



      Summer 14-6: printed-window-film-1_1400081263_300x300


    If the real art work is not quite within your budget, create this pretty stained glass effect look for a fraction of an original and in no time. These self adhesive window films are very easy to apply,






    Summer 14-1: ritchie_armchair_scuba_blue_pp

    It is not just the chair but also the lovely blue which has turned this retro armchair into a fun and stylish statement piece,  £ 349,

    Summer 14-2: barbecue-de-voyage-mon-oncle-bleu-rsbarcelona

    Wether you are planning a pick nick or just a small fry-up on your terrace, this stylish retro table barbecue will always look cool, EURO 277,


    Summer 14-6: Rug blue/grey di020

    Mahout Lifestyle imports beautifully designed handcrafted rugs and bedspreads from India. This rugs comes in different sizes, from £ 310,



    Summer 14-4: parrot_peony_lilac


    For those, who love being surrounded by exotic birds, this Parrot Lampstand will certainly speak to you, Parrot Lampstand £ 395, Peoneden Lampshade in Dusk £ 125,


    Summer 14: Moorish white side board fret_three_door 

    You don`t have to fret over this stylish side board. This beautiful hand made and painted cabinet by designed by Richard Baker, inlaid with Moorish frets in the doors and ends comes in different sizes,



        Summer 14: Moorish side table white NHD011GYM-0_01   Summer 14: Moorish side table coral/beige NHD071RDM-0_L2

    Small but beautifully designed are these pretty side tables by Nicky Haslam, (international shipping)




    Summer 14: Coral Console 186535004902

    For a splash of colour, this Coral Demilune Console table lends itself to a very refreshing indoor or outdoor interior, $ 2,490,




    Summer 14: Moissonier 144 LIT SEVIGNE turquoise 2011 

    One can practically feel the clear green water under one`s feet by looking at this bright turquoise colored daybed from Moissonnier. It can also be supplied in other colors, information and orders via [email protected]



    Summer 14-6: Rug coral ni034

    For that seaside feel the Coral motif dhurrie is a reminder to a lovey holiday by the sea, from £ 285, 




    Summer 14: Green Table Service set cermaics_2877345b 

    A real `piece de résistence` for special guests and entertaining or a perfect if you are still planning to set up your wedding list! This beautiful design was created by tableware designer Richard Brendon and is sold by Fortnum & Mason. Prices start around £ for a sugar bowl or mug,




    Summer 14: Ocean Lamp verdi_ocean_1600x21821 

    The next best thing to travelling to and taking a look at the inside of a volcano is admiring this stunning Verdi Ocean lamp at home on one of your tables. The mould blown glass with volcanic frit, lava and marble textures and patinas create a stunning and impressive display,




    Summer 14: Chest with landscape painting deco 3f33e7d77a8fca23909cc01a183cf 

    Who needs to escape to the country if you can bring it into your home with this beautifully decorated ches,




    Summer 14: Moorish round side table il_570xN.575932512_4azn 

    For a Moorish look this Blue and Emerald Bhera End Table is a very stylish and affordable choice, CHF 227.27, (international shipping)




    Summer 14: Moorish Cushion il_570xN.572514421_digz 

    This handmade leather Ottoman, Lumbar Berber Pillow/Pouf is a perfect addition to a Moorish interior, CHF 71.69, (international shipping)




    Summer 14: Moorish side table big_product_1151_largeimagepath__Fez Side Tab 

    This stylish side table would not be the sort of souvenir to bring back in your suitcase. Far easier to have it delivered to your doorsteps. Fez Side Table by Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam,




    Summer 14: Moorish bed linen th41370013813Pipal_Indigo_Duvet_2 

    If you are after the 1001 night experience dream on in this Arabian nights bed linen, Pipal Indigo Duvet Cover by John Robshaw,



      Summer 14: Moorish cushion pink hmprod-2    Summer 14: Moorish cushion grey hmprod-1   Summer 14: Moorish cushion Turquoise hmprod-3

    The perfect solution to bring new life to your chairs. The cushions come in a choice of colours,




    Summer 14: Moorish jonathan-adler-tangiers-coasters-set 

    A colorful addition to a dinner table. Tangier Coasters by Jonathan Adler, £ 48 for a set of 4,



     Summer 14: Moorish inlay chests-of-drawers-2214650 

    This stunning Bone Inlay and Marble Chest is handcrafted in Marrakech and is a true labour of love. £ 2,220,




    Summer 14: Moorish round armchair il_570xN.559214005_k2ut 

    This unusually shaped Ertak Sofa reflects a blend of asian and eastern European culture. The blend of 3 different colours of wool with suzani takes its origins back to stories that began on the fabled silk road, CHF 2,087.30, (international shipping)


     Summer 14: graphic-baskets 

    These grey and natural grass diamond broad weave graphic baskets provide a perfect home for all the little household items which don`t fit into any draws,



    Summer 14-1: Sofa tobi_2seater_chamoise_beige_slate_lb01

    Rarely have two different colours worked so well on a sofa, Tobi Sofa, £ 529,



    Summer 14-1: Console we-sculpted-geo-console-silo_j

    This Sculptured Geo Console-Parchment has a definite edge to it, £ 449,




    Summer 14.4: flights-of-fancy-wallpaper-eau-de-nil-stripe--website-sq_1    Summer 14.4: ribbed_fof_grey_stripe    Summer 14-4: 3_3

    Anybody who fancys our feathered friends, will love this collection species making your house a home,  `Flights of Fancy`wallpaper £148 per roll, lampshade £125, Cushion £ £65, Lampstand £295,




    Summer 14: Lion bookshelf il_570xN.571521011_l2cb 

    Just in case no lion showed up during your safari, this Wood Lion Drawer Coffee Table come storage bookshelf might come to your rescue and will be admired for much longer, CHF 2,904.07, (international shipping)



    Summer 14-3: 1587-joker-verte-up1


    This table by India Mahdavi would make is a very stylish statement piece,



    Summer 14-7: Africa-1


    Show off your wild side and add these `Out of Africa` mats to your dinner table,



    Summer 14.3: Jellies-Family-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Kartell 

    If very bright colours are not your thing, this is a  lovely mix of discret seasonal colours and patterns for summer entertaining,



    Summer 14.3: 832410   Summer 14-3: 832427


    If your suitcase had no more space for any souveniers from Greece, these Meli Melo Terracotta Pendant Lights could be a very stylish reminder of a lovely holiday and are easy to order, £ 250,



    Summer 14: Moissonier Chest 696 JUNGLE 

    If Tigers are more your thing, this Moissonnier chest displaying a leafy dschungle scene cannot fail to impress, information and orders via [email protected]



    Summer 14: Grass Hopper coffee table A-Jacques-Duval-Brasseur-Style-Coffee- 

    For those you are keen on creepy crawly`s, this 1970`s Brsseure Style Coffee Table by Jacques Duval might be the way to entertain equally keen lovers of these type of speciment. You might find though, that the rest of us stay well clear!



    Summer 14-5: 111078_6

    This stylish 70s Rattan chair Emmanuelle would be a very inviting place to sit and relax amongst the palm trees in a conservatory,  EUROS 269,



    Summer 14-6: Rug green 24 

    For some colour on the floor, the Lime Green & Blue Styalised Diamond Dhurry rug brings a stylish element to a room,


    Summer 14-5: Green table hexagon_green_tray_table

    This stylish classic Hexagon Tray Table in jade green, will look very fetching amongst a room filled with exotic leafy plants, £395,  




    Summer 14-4: LIGHTING

     Give your interior a more permanent exotic touch with this Pinapple Lampstand and the Palmeral Lampshade with a matching wallpaper backdrop as a feature wall, Pinapple Lampstand £ 425, Palmeral Lampshade £ 125, Palmeral Wallpaper £ 148 per roll,


    Summer 14-7: t_willoughby-sofa-1


    Sit back and relax in this stylish chaise longue style sofa. it would make a very stylish addition to a conservatory interior, £1.055, www.



    Summer 14-5: Plate LWR117MLT-0_01

    To complete the leafy conservatory look, this pretty china will (not) have your guest eat out of your hands!  






    Summer 14 Room: Plants 2ec056d7436237616f8397da22e8a045






    Summer 14 Room: Country Garden Table Deco 60d239f22f600a1eecd3f8fe7d8f70f5




    Summer 14 Room: Outside Window Space 9657d8f1d65871e427bec3c4010ed0cb




    Summer 14 Room: Light grey Bedroom d52c55a07f67b6bf1556ba6c844228a8




    Summer 14 Room: Grey/White sitting room 56cc360a7bc405d9543ee21f2cb6cd13




    Summer 14 Room: Orange lamps...showhouse



    Summer 14 Room: Bedroom Cabin 5ddd5078f4ce95f78edccacc91faa654

    Via thenocturnals



    Summer 14 Room: Moorish Fire Place Surround a0461367cffb8939eb4c3663ed01232




    Summer 14 Room: Moorish Window kevinhart

    via Hart



    Summer 14 Room: Moorish 2 bcb5b816a1971b63c66222bd2e50aa35




    Summer 14 Room: Nautic 01-hbx-syrian-inlaid-chairs-knott-fondas-0413-lgn



    Summer 14 Room: blue-white-orange-living-room




    Summer 14 Room: Blue/white wall deco idea images



    Summer 14 Room: Country Window Sitting 305aa647e4ef90903fe654c107fa19f1




    Summer 14 Room: clean-blue-bunks




    Summer 14 Room: Blue Console 948fa23698007e07b89ba29f0d2290c9




    Summer 14-1: Oceanfront-House-Transparent-Pool_1














    Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Nature is springing back to life and animals are coming out of hibernation. Flora and fauna; birds, bugs and butterflies; are offering the perfect backdrop and colour schemes for fabrics, accessories and furniture. 


    Browsing around the latest collections, I hope that some of my top picks will give enough inspiration for your new spring interiors.






    This new `Kid on the Blog’ is an absolute must see for anyone who loves and needs artwork for their interior or is looking for a very special and unique present.

    I had a sneak-preview and the pieces I saw were absolutely lovely and very original.

    Here are details of date and venue, so do take a look!


    Spring 14: Traci Invitation Pic Canton People 21 


    Please Join Us at Our Inaugural Open House


    May 14 (0900-2100), 15, 16 (0900-1800)

    & 17 (1000-1600)  

    Route de Coppet 26A, Commugny


     Spring 14 4: Traci -2147441441

    Welcome to Crossroad Collection, a new small business in the Geneva area. We specialise in ‘one of a kind’ Swiss-related art.  We have scoured marches’aux puces, brocantes, old barns, and homes around Europe and have given our treasures new life. We are excited to share our wonderful finds with you.

    In addition, we offer personalised ink-washed portraits of memorable venues - your home or chalet, a neighbourhood café, a favorite landmark etc. (from a photo you provide).

    We invite you to come and discover more about us and our products.

    Traci & Lauren




     .......AND MORE NEXT DOOR


     Spring 14: Summer Sale 2014 2

    While you are browsing through Traci`s and Lauren`s lovely collection, don`t miss  the opportunity to be the first to source that perfect seasonal outfit next door at Mac & Fred`s latest summer collection. Mac and Fred are offering a good mix of everyday wear and outfits for special occasions plus a lovely selection of accessories. 








    Spring 14 2: Tom Dixon IMG_1365_h

    For a fresh and contemporary look, Tom Dixon has a lot of really stylish lighting products on offer, EUR 500, 630 and 430, (dealers across Europe)



    Spring 14: Retro cushions-2315508

    Lovely retro design by Jonathan Adler, which looks good throughout the seasons, Bargello Multi Weave Cushion, £135, 


    Spring 14 1: bell_table_grey_copper_2013

    Love the simple but elegant design with an interesting copper and glass mix, 

     Spring 14: Multi Colour Chandelier andromedaglassshades_1600x21821 

    This mid century inspired ceiling light with mixed colour glass shades is the icing on the cake for any retro room scheme, (orders via



    Spring 14: Butterfly table e31ace2a15a7c70645ad83df9ecd43b0_L 

    If you just can`t get enough of butterflies, you can admire them all year round in your own four walls,




    Spring 14: Multi colour tables 70_mgimage-1normal 

    This family of tables, part of the Constance Guisset Ankara Collection, offer a wonderful assortment of colours and shapes which are juggling for position,




    Spring 14: Moissonnier Bird Bench 3 143BIS C       

    If you are looking for one statement piece to inject that spring element into your interior, the French high-end furniture company Moissonnier, has come up with a bright idea and created this unique pink bench backed up by a feast of colourful birds, EUR 5.300, orders via 


    Spring 14: Tree stem console primitive_console 

    Bring the wild side of nature into your living room with this quite unique console table. It is part of the Ginger & Jagger`s Earth to Earth collection, transforming the aesthetics of nature with unique design ideas,




    Spring 14: Moissonnier 556 CHINOISERIE FOND CLAIR 

    This beautiful Chinoiserie chest is a perfect example, that Moissonnier have their uniquely decorated pieces of furniture down to a fine art. For orders please contact me on [email protected]




    Spring 14: Glass Lamp 3 anyapeacock_1600x21823Spring 14: Glass Lamp 2 anyaolive_1600x21823 

    One of Heathfield`s finest and a very classy way to add some colour to a neutral interior, £778,  (for orders in Switzerland please contact me on [email protected])




    Spring 14: Mult col cups LWR119MLT-0_01           Spring 14 1: Mugs LWR120PRD-0_L

    This set of colourful Esme espresso cups, will inject some fun into tea time, EUR 19 for a set of 4,



    Spring 14 2: Wall Chart wpx9000-lr-ls

    This Butterfly Wall Chart is not just educational but also very decorative, 117cm x 92cm, £140,




    Spring 14: Geometric Design Chest _JMP5696-1 

    Show your guests that you have a good eye for cool design and colours with this very stylish geometric sideboard, £1.850,



    Spring 14 2: Butterfly Shelf kda5433-lr-ls-1

    Every little gir`s dream to have a pretty butterfly on the wall, H 85cm - W114cm - D14,5cm, £240,



    Spring 14 2: Floor Cushion cwt6987-lr-ls

    These super comfortable looking orange/blue floor cushions are are a very stylish solution for additional seating, £114, 



    Spring 14 1: Tripod Tables 64c489fb09e420942846b834bcd341fd

    These Tripod Tables by Matthew Williams add a cool element to any retro interior,




    Spring 14: Moorish cushions-2333797 

    Add a touch of seasonal colour to your sofas with this pretty cushion by Jasmine Way, £43,




    Spring 14: Aubergine Table 575ec4a43b7da2266d056364ef442d1c 

    For a statement retro design, my pick would be this `Artichoke` table by David Rasmussen Design,



    Spring 14: Green Sofa 01A1 

    If you can`t do without stylish green colour blocking, this retro Tradition Mayor Sofa will not disappoint, £4,299,




    Spring 14 2: green-candle-holder-27262-p[ekm]335x502[ekm]

    If you are looking for just one colourful accessory this decorative colourful candle holders would certainly be one of my prime choices, £29, 




    Spring 14 2: Mirror aho2198-lr-ls

    The Honeycomb Mirror features 19 mirrors with antiqued gold gilding, 60cm s 110cm, £195, 




    Spring 14 1: boxing-hares-fabric-slide-01

    This `Boxing Hairs`fabric is printed on natural undyed linen using traditional printing techniques, £48 per meter,




    Spring 14: Painted Chest _JMP5640-1 

    A very special piece of furniture for those, who like a touch of romantic, Tree Scape Side Board, £2,750,




          Spring 14: Bird Wallpaper DVOY213400_zoom          Spring 14: Bird Wallpaper 2 Picture-Gallery-WP-Multi-Main-Portrait

    This is one way, to bring the outdoors indoors and not lose sight of your favorite birds, bugs and butterflies. This pretty wallpaper (part of Sanderson`s Voyage of Discovery wallpaper collection) would be perfect on a feature wall,




    Spring 14: Green side table olivia_table_lowres_1 

    For a touch of spring, this pretty table is a lovely choice, showing off a lovely green which works with a lot of other colours, Olivia Occasional Table, £195,




    Spring 14 2: Chair Pink ndx4675-lr-ls    Spring 14 2: Chair beige nlw9236-lr-lsSpring 14 2: Chair yellow nwy1792-lr-ls

    For a trendy look, these deconstructed Hoxton Armchairs would be a perfect choice, £575,


    Spring 14: DG Candle 2leopold-scented-candle 

    You just need a couple of these candles to add a touch of seasonal colour to your living room,




    Spring 14: Moissonnier Yellow Chest 672 MOSAIQUE 

    This stylish chest will add a wonderfully fresh element to your room, introducing a bright sparkle, even on a gloomy day, Moissonnier, enquiries and orders via [email protected]




    Spring 14: hive_vases_img35j 

    These hive vases look rather fun as a set on a console table or sideboard. They are ideal to jazz up any neutral interior, £24-£34,




    Spring 14: Floral side table 2 Trend-EDC-04-14-30-xln-lgn   Spring 14: Floral side tables moroso_mk7-204-ukiyo-xxx-300_big 

    With bold graphic florals springing up everywhere, these fun Ukiyo Tables by Tomita Kazuhiko add vivid colour to the design landscape, from EUR 306,




    Spring 14: Ceramic Lamp 1 woodstock_azure_1600x21821Spring 14: Ceramic Lamp 3 woodstocktangerine-1Spring 14: Ceramic Lamp 2 woodstocklime_1600x21821 

    The Woodstock table lamp comes in bold spring colours, £294,




    Spring 14 1: An-Apple-Green-Lacquer-and-Polished-Steel-Light-Box-1970s-8779


    This Apple Green Lacquer and Polished Steel Light Box adds a wonderfully fresh element to the new seasons room scheme,  

    Spring 14: ming-candle-221255876 

    The Ming Candle Collection is as chic as it is modern with its dynamic geometric pattern, $19.95, (ship to Europe)


    Spring 14 3: Chandelier villaverde-House-14Apr14-pr_b_426x639

    Inspired by nature, the Foliage Chandelier would look perfect in an entrance hall, £2295, 




     Spring 14: Leaf Dining Table amazing-leaf-table

    For that leafy dinner party atmosphere, with this unusual dining table, you will not fail to entertain your guests on,



    Spring 14: orla-kiely-scribble-stem-tool-box-1-    Spring 14: orla-kiely-3-herbs-pots-with-tray-1-

    For a fun vintage look I would go for these Orla Kiely Herb Pots and the Scrobble Stem Tool Box, £44,95 and £39,95,



    Spring 14 2: Beige Chest min9048-lr-ls

    The Julian Chest of Draws is finished in natural linen with a glass top. A lovely statement piece for a bedroom, H 87cm  - W 104,5cm - D 46,5cm, £1095,

    Spring 14 3: Mirror2_EL_22aug12_pr_b_426x639

    This decorative gold leaf mirror with cranes and exotic foliage works with classic and more contemporary furniture,  Gaulden Mirror, £135,



    Spring 14: fornasetti-scented-room-spray-flora- 

    Not just a touch of `hippie` but also hip is the Fornasetti Scented Room Spray Flora. This, as well as all his other designs, never fails to stand out, £85,




    Spring 14: dressedupfurniture-3 

    These dressed-up tables can be opened and closed by using buttons and magnets for special effects,



    Spring 14: pols-potten-bubbles-bottles-set-of-f

    The Pols Potten Bubbles & Bottles Set of four glass bottles provides a lovely display of colours and stylish storing, £206, 




    Spring 14: Tree Sofa borghese- structure noire 570     Spring 14: Tree Sofa Grey borghese compo escalier


    Borghese is a light sofa inspired by the pine trees of the Villa Borghese in Rome, creating a very comfortable landscape. If green is all a bit too much, there is always a grey colourway available, (H: 85cm, L: 188cm, D: 83cm),




    Spring 14: Throw produkt_bild_02_280x350 

    This is the one plaid, which clearly stands out and works well with contemporary and classic interiors, EUR 804 (1,30 x 1,80)


    Spring 14: branch-wall-sconce-140948878 

    Bring the outdoors indoors with this very authentic-looking silver Branch Wall Sconce, £129,95, (ship to Europe)




    Spring 14 1: B/W stripe Rose Chair 563a5f213f3dc053977d74fa135a950b


    The Rosa Chair by Studio KMJ (Zurich) is a fabulous design and a real statement piece. It features acoustic absorbing foam and fabric,



    Spring 14 2: Placemat Spoon avenida-home-spoons-placemat-luna-jp

    Perfect for a relaxed kitchen dinner! Spoons Placemat by Avenida Home, £12, 



    Spring 14: Retro Console 1 Coleman1     Spring 14: Retro Console 2 Coleman4 

    For a light and airy look, I absolutely adore this console table by Guiseppe Scapinelli 




    Spring 14 2: Lamp chy3610-lr-ls

    This Durry Wire Lamp is made of woven durry rugs making each lamp quite uniqe, H 47,5cm - W 27cm - D 27cm, £95,




    Spring 14: A-Set-of-Sixteen-Ebonised-Swedish-Empire-Dining-Chairs-circa-182 

    This set of ebonised Swedish Empire dining chairs (ca 1820) are a really stylish way to break up an all black colour scheme.  They will not sit around for too long as there is only this one set on offer,



    Spring 14 1: midc_desk_black_3q_j


    A desk that`s no wallflower, Mid-Century Desk, £499, 


     Spring 14: branch bookshelf

    This great branch bookshelf by Sebastian Errazariz called Methamorphosis 2011, is made of carved and stained plywood, 



    Spring 14: chests-of-drawers-2214764 

    An interesting design and more contemporary alternative to the traditional bone inlay chest of drawers which are currently popular, £2.825, Rocorama at



    Spring 14: Black/Yellow painted chair IMG_0453 

    At the annual Coppet flower show, I came across this lovely artist who specialises in furniture painting. This is just one of her very unusual models and she has much more to offer, CHF 190, Lois-Jeanne Amar,



    Spring 14: White Mug 2 09855azz-i-mug-copy-jpgSpring 14: White Mug 1 09855ara-i-mug-copy-jpgSpring 14: White Mug 4 09855ver-i-mug-copy-jpgSpring 14: White Mug 3 09855gia-i-mug-copy-jpg 

    Start your morning drinking from these refreshing mugs, which should get you into the right frame of mind for the rest of the day, £17,




    Spring 14: B/coral stool il_570xN.441878578_2ayj 

    Give your bedroom a lift and add this king-sized ottoman bench to the end of you bed, CHF 535,82,



    Spring 14 2: jonathan-adler-rococo-accent-table-rSpring 14 2: jonathan-adler-rococo-accent-table-aSpring 14 2: jonathan-adler-rococo-accent-table-c

    For a splash of colour these Jonathan Adler Rococo Accent Tables create a fun display. The tables are upholstered in hand-dyed cotton linen with a glass top, £395,





    Upcycling is more popular than ever. I found some lovely examples of how to give your old or unloved pieces of furniture a new lease of life. 


    Spring 14: Painted chest Recently Updated11

    Bring an old vintage chest back to life. If you rather get someone else to do it,  take a look at 


    Spring 14 2: Retro Sideboard lucy4

    Lucy Turner has ideas for upcycling furniture down to a fine art, Nathan Sideboard, via midcentury magazine




    Spring 14: Grey bird chest il_570xN.562463522_k11j

    Vintage desk/dresser with drawers and secret compartments, bornyhocks, 



    Spring 14: chalkboard-headboard1

    All you need is a wooden bed head cut out, white paint and chalk paint.  You can also use the chalk paint directly on the wall and paint a nice bed head silhouette. A fun and stylish way to get the kids to start writing, Maireen Toribio from, via 



    Spring 14: Cabinet with bird wallpaper 3591bee1b5f5ba3ccb766786c42f066d

    A lovely way to spruce up any cabinet. Create a feature by covering the inside walls with decorative wallpaper, 







    Spring 14 Room: hbx-gold-and-white-striped-daybed-0912-Dhong-06-lgn

    Via House Beautiful / Lisa Romerein 



    Spring 14: Chinoserie Room 1687ac4e901d09e34bffb640b844fec6

    Via House and Garden 



    Spring 14 3: Room beige éSimon-Upton-3-house-7may14_pr_b_639x426

    Via House & Garden



    Spring 14 Room: Bench/Silouette Wall Deco 65fb2556fdc0851ed78c9ae4c686ca34

    Via Pinterest / Heather 



    Spring 14 Room: Green Bathroom e2d1bdac59fbadf2ca650bc04975e2f3

    Via Pinterest 




    Spring 14 Room: Pink chair against green wall 62b5c0f62c30fc2f9b3777546917e

    Via Pinterest / 



    Spring 14 3: Room G/P Home-Updates-1-Easy-Living-Simon-Brown_b_426x639

    Via House & Garden



    Spring 14 Room: Turquoise Retro Room 605338fa4ca16b808f1331dff87d33b2

    Via Pinterest / Elle Decor India 



    Spring 14 3: Blue Room Ali-Allen-2-tatler-10feb14_pr_b_426x639

    Via House & Garden



    Spring 14: Yellow chairs against turquoise wall 0bdc5088274943f61bb9ad8a737

    Via Pinterest / 



    Spring 14 Room: Green Sitting Room 0dae3d5687b8e89f2561d107e179197c




    Spring 14 Room: Green Bedroom 759832fb8eefbd357bb1d5c517634949

    Via Pinterest / House Beautiful 



    Spring 14 Room: Green Sitting Room 1464042_10152108326173402_2130466216_n

    Via Pinterest 



    Spring 14 3: Room Strong-White-Hallway-And-Stairs-easy-living-10jun13_pr_b_ 

    Via House & Garden



    Spring 14 3: Room leafy green easy-living-13mar14-Lucas-Allen-2_b_426x639

    Via House & Garden



    Spring 14 1: Room f1ec1f91874f020c85eccca2cb8db8e8 

    Via Pinterest