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  1. The time has come to wake up from winter hibernation to enjoy nature’s first display of its lovely variety of colours.

    My Spring/Easter Blog reflects the spirit of this beautiful season, daring to seek out colours, colour combinations and colour palettes, which the majority of today’s eager minimalist interior doer-uppers might reject.

    While I am not suggesting you throw out the new and go mad transforming your home into ‘hue heaven’, adding a touch of colour here and there, might give your interior that ‘icing on the cake’!

    So, dare to be different and inject some colour back into your life!




         Spring 16: 0 paris10 

    What an amazing selection of Biedermeier chairs…..I want them all! Sadly this multi colour set was exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. However, this is just a little taster to take you away from designs you see all the time and to inspire you to try out something with a very individual touch.  I have done some research and come up with a few not dissimilar models which look equally amazing and are perfect for mixing and matching. These chairs are not cheap but for those who like this style of furniture the quality is quite evident and the unusual design worth the investment:


    Biedermeier 1Biedermeier 2Biedermeier 3Biedermeier 4Biedermeier 5Biedermeier 6

    These beautiful chairs are being produced by an Italian family run company near Verona in Nothern Italy. These antique-style Biedermeier chairs based on originals are handmade using ancient carpentry and upholstery traditions. They are normally sold in sets of 4 with prices starting at around EUROS 3140 for a set of chairs, Malvezzi via




    Spring 16: 00 Unknown 

    Set of 6 Swedish 19th Century Dining chairs. Fabric is off white but not exactly very practical, so could do with a makeover, £5.666,42, Laserow,



    Spring 16: 000 Unknown-1 

    Set of 6 Austrian 19th Century Biedermeier Chairs…..wouldn’t they look great covered in a vintage velvet fabric?, £10.353,49, Grinard Collection,





     Spring 16: 1 356-g

    Bring the outdoors into your living space with this stunning wallpaper. It is perfect for creating a feature wall and makes incorporating furniture and accessories a lot of fun, ‘ Le Jardin au Flamant Rose’ (W: 3.40m x H: 2.68m), EUROS 865,




    Nada Debs,  a well known Lebanise furniture designer, has the fusion of Middle Eastern craftsmanship with minimalist approach down to a fine art, Strand Sofa (part of the vintage collection)

    S 16: camille_mintblue_small_8

    The Camille Chest in mintblue is the perfect choice for a crisp and fresh look, £349,





    S 16: 3 4038254



    This feathered friend looks equally eye catching wether it is hanging from a window or fitted over a chair, 




    S/16: Lights Unknown-6

    These hand blown ceiling masterpieces are the work of Anglo-Italian design duo Giopato & Coombes, 




    S-16: 1 il_340x270.919018218_b84t 

    For lovers of Missoni style design, this up cycled Mid Century Schreiber Sideboard must surely a true  ‘piece de resistance’! Timorous Beasties,




    Spring 16: 4A 12717288_964089997020045_6266048123150540732_n

    Mary Liddell, a Bath based artist is the one to contact for those looking for colourful still life paintings or something they would like to commission,





     Spring 16: 5 charlotte-banquette-013913765

    This very eye catching lilac Banquette, is an easy match with many contemporary hues, Charlotte Banquette, $899,





    S 16: 2 3966166

    This fabric by Timorous Beasties is a wonderful explosion of spring colours and would add a stunning element on an occasional chair in an otherwise quite neutral environment, Butterfly Blurr Pink Febric,






    S 16: Emmas Painting 12795265_1048663408489712_1152604234549387615_n


    This colourful yet calming painting by award winning local artist Emma Rose would complement the Butterfly Blurr Pink Fabric in every way. They seem to be made for each other,




    Spring 16: 7 gcf5280-lr-ls

    For those who are not big on colours but are looking for a seasonal touch, this printed bone photo frame will spruce up a side or console table in an instant, Lantern Printed Bone Frame, £19.95,




     Anatolian Kilim 9910

    For those who are in need of a bit more colour in their lives, this Anatolian Kilim Rug will inject a bit of exotic fun into your living space, £1.500,



    S 16: His Cabinet Unknown-4Spring 16: 8 Tudor-Vido-Portrait-Black-Cabinet-16280-p[ekm]106x80[ekm]     

    The perfect solution for those who are still looking for a ‘His and Her’s’ cabinet. There is certainly no chance for getting them mixed up, Tudor Vida and Vido Portrait Black Cabinet,




    Spring 16: 9 b17314376624121411

    If your dining chairs are in need of a makeover, why not go all-out with clashing colours such as these intricately woven fabrics from the Anatolia collection, £46 a metre, Clarke & Clarke





    Spring 16: 9A 12795482_969032286525816_1132274737958106827_n

    For a fresh injection of spring, this painting bring the entire garden into your house in an instant,




    Spring 16: 10 Bluebellgray-x-Jessica-Light-Jade-Tassel_900-300x300     Spring 16: 10A Bluebellgray-x-Jessica-Light-Cerise-Tassel_900-300x300

    These tassels are a perfect way to draw attention to your door or curtains, if you want to go for the tie-back version,



    Spring 16: 11 3965456

    You would not want to ‘ mothball’ this very striking ‘Bell Moth Pink Fabric. Ideal for curtains, upholstery or equally interesting as a lampshade,




    Spring 16: 12 llm9960_m1-lr-ls

    For a very colourful drinking experience treat yourself  to this set of Peony Glasses, £69,





    Spring 16: 13A detailbilder_sessel_no5_bild4

    Amongst the Retro crowd, this chair by Martina Sperl would certainly be one of my front runners,




    Spring 16: 14 heb1563-tall-dark-green-pleated-vase.jpg2

    Wether on a mantle piece or table, these retro vases add a great look wether using just one or several in different colours and sizes,



    Spring 16: 15 11500-11502-420c0b61-e200-4be3-9a8a-b6c0a7998912 

    Sit back and relax in style in this pretty chaise longue,




    Spring 16: 16 361-g

    Another inspirational way to jazz up a tired wall and create a wonderful imaginative feature. ‘La Maison Du Lac’ , (60x80cm) EUROS 30,


    S/16: Plate

    These richly decorated dinner plates are handcrafted by artisans of the Paravicini workshop in Milan. It does not come cheap at EUROS 160 per plate but if you want to splash out on a seasonal treat, this is a nice way to do it, Foresta Ceramic Plate, Laboratoria Paravicini,




    Spring 16: 17 isabella-cabinet-012092895a

    It is not the fact that we carry the same name, which inspired me to add the ‘ Isabella Cabinet’  to my blog but the very stylish looking honeycomb fretwork, which would work well within traditional as well as contemporary interior,




    S/16: Rug

    For an instant touch of Spring or for adding a refreshing touch to an old or tired floor, go for this Matrix Hand-Woven Blue Area Rug, Asiatic Carpets Ltd.,



    Spring 16: 18 Spring

    The table was designed with this season in mind, Spring Table,




    Spring 16: 55 s-l300

    These Bunny Rabbit plates are a must have if you are planning an Easter themed lunch table, Set of 4 Four Pettery Barn Easter Graphic Bunny Rabbit Plates Blue,




    Spring 16: 19 155537360

    If you are running out of gift ideas for your horse mad daughter, this beanbag could no doubt come to the rescue, £69.99, ‘ Horse Lovers Beanbag’, Pins and Ribbons,






    Give your kitchen an instant look of Spring with these round stitched stool cushions, £38.40 each, 




    Spring 16: 20 Safavieh-Bernardo-Light-Blue-White-Side-Cabinet-6ecf1aa

    And for sprucing up another aspect of a girls bedroom, this side cabinet provides a very eye-catching solution (also available in other colours and different shapes and sizes), £111.93, Sfavieh Bernardo Storage Side Cabinet,





    Leap into Spring and create a perfect Easter lunch table with this pretty dinnerware which is part of a wider Spring Garden collection, set of 4 Spring Garden Salad Plates, £38.98,

     S/16: Blue Chair 20140428-QJ5A5991

    These pretty bespoke pastel coloured chairs by Zara Day will give your living space a new and fresh look, £2.768 (per chair), Saffron Interior Arts




    S 16: Bird Egg Cups images-2

    A little bird has told me that this is not just a feathered friend but a rather useful egg cup too, £12.95, Quail Blue Tit Egg Cup,



    Spring 16: 22 normal_dining-chairs-spring-pastels

    Spring is definitely in the air when mixing and matching these fun retro chairs round the dinner table, £98.89, Spring Pastel Dining Chair,




    Spring 16: 23 panoramique-eden-47-1-004a

    This is another French company who has it down to a fine art producing imaginative and eye-catching wallpaper panels (69 x 286), Eden/1861,

    Spring 16: 24 A 005_9a8c1505-ef9c-41ef-98b6-cc15e85897e0

    These flowers are great for mixing and matching and no need to water them, Nathalie Lete Fleur Coffee Tables, from £190, Bayahrtherapy,

     Spring 16: 25 ELB_LAMPSHADES_10_grande

    Let your imagination take you on a journey to far flung places with this sari inspired lampshade, £120,




    Spring 16: 26 normal_cotton-dhurrie-nomad-armchair

    No need to get restless in this ‘ Dhurrie Nomad Armchair’ , £935, The Comfi Cottage,



    Spring 16: 27 bamboo_coffee_table

    This Bamboo Coffee Table can be covered in a chosen fabric. The featured green fabric, brings a very fresh and crisp element to a spring style living space, £4680 (H 40cm x W 109 cm x D 84 cm),



    Spring 16: 28 painted_lamps_14dia53h_01

    Can’t decide which colours to go for? Go for this very fine selection of hues and make these bespoke table lamps your own, Bobbin Turned Lamps, £375 each,

    Spring 16: 29 ELB_CUSHIONS_18.C4.2_grande

    For a fresh Easter and Spring accessory, this cushion is one of my top picks,



    Spring 16: 30 Kiti-Chair1-667x1000

    Make this stunning chair a feature in your living space and you will love it! Miti Chair,




    Spring 16: 31A DandelionDiningRoomTableLG

    Made by skilled hands in the hills of Umbria, this is a bold piece with charm and graphic edge which works equally well in an industrial loft as in a country home. Part of this ‘Dandelion’ furniture range are chairs, benches and tables,




    Spring 16: 33 waterlily-ceramic-plates-45984-p[ekm]233x349[ekm]

    Using plants or other nature inspired forms in the home is always a very effective way of injecting a new seasonal touch to each room. These Waterlily plates are so on-trend this season, from £14,





    Spring 16: 51 2802-20  


    With this selection of floral display, you are certainly set for your next garden party, Garden Party Tea Set,




    S 16: Green Armchair -a177c62adc676b80868e455461981e4c_w500_h500

    Not just plants can add a leafy green element to your interior, £399.90,



    S/16: yellow table 446-XFrameColourist_cat 

    These tables are perfect for mixing and matching and a good choice if you want to stay flexible on your colour scheme, X-Table,



    Spring 16: 34 594-g

    For that leafy look, cover your feature wall in this warm and lively wallpaper, Andaman Couleure, (500cm x 270cm), EUROS 1290, 



    S/16: yellow chair 428-Marcs_cat

    Let the sunshine in with this very stylish occasional chair, Marcs Chair, 


    Spring 16: 34A green_faux_shagreen_console_4

    You only need one of these stunning pieces to give your interior that luxury feel, Faux Shagreen Console Table, £2.082,  




    This jolly tray is a must if you are planning an Easter themed lunch, Woodland Tray, from £20.00,




    S-16: Green linen fabric Swatch-Couronne-Fern-Green-LR_edited-1


    If you love the French vintage linen look,  go for this gorgeous ' Couronne Fern Green' vintage linen by Inchyra, £60 per m,

    S/16: Salt & Pepper

    Add a bit of luxury to your Easter dinner table (and beyond) with these rather luxurious salt and pepper caster set. It is hand crafted by the Florentine silversmith atelier Pestelli. The webbed animal feet are made of silver which support the pale ocean jasper salt & pepper dish, EUROS 520 (silver spoons included), Pestelli,  





    Spring 16: 38 il_570xN.815811316_1whc

    Why not hop onto this pretty chair for some creature comforts, Louis XV Armchair covered in Peony & Sage Hare Fudge fabric, £225, AngilouGFF,



    Keep your trinkets tidy with this small 'Al Fresco Tray - Bunnies',  £7.50,




     S 16: Rabbit Shaker 36732444_007_b

    For those who prefer it Shaken not Stirred, this Rabbit Cocktail Shaker, will shake things up a bit next time you entertain your guests,




    Spring 16: 40 zirconia-butterfly-lamp-shade-lr-ls

    A very ‘ fluttering’  piece of accessory for your spring interior available in a number of sizes, Zirconia Butterfly Garden Lamp Shades, from £35,



     S/16: Chair Unknown-5

    I couldn' t resist including this fabric in this season' s blog, 'Squirrel & Hedgehog' design from the Woodland Walk Collection, £56 a metre,



    Spring 16: 41 white-rabbit-cake-plate-34121-p[ekm]335x502[ekm]

    This little bunny will show off your cakes at their best when you have family and friends joining you for an afternoon Easter Egg hunt, £14,




    Spring 16: 42 LACOQUEBIANCOOVETTO_1     Spring 16: 42A LACOQUENEROOVETTO_2

    Recycling containers do not exactly cross one’s mind as ‘tres chic’ or designery… which case you have not yet been introduced to the Ovetto Recycling Bin.  Looking like an oversized designers sort of egg when closed, it opens into 3 compartments for sorting out your rubbish, £112,




    Spring 16: 43 Unknown                        Spring 16: 43A Unknown-1

    Sit back and relax in this hugely comfortable and quirky retro chair, Tenant Sound Chair,




    Spruce up your kitchen table with these eye-catching Artichoke candle holders, Cardoon Candle Holder, £39,





    Have some fun when decorating your Easter table with this bright Green Rooster Table Mat, £20,

    Spring 16: 44 ELB_2_07_grande

    Give your table lamp that refreshing new look with this decorative Yara Lampshade, £84,





    Spring 16: 45 normal_nordal-ornate-glass-candle-holder

    Strength in numbers is certainly displayed by this group of candle holders, £35 each, Bell & Blue,





    Sit back and enjoy eying up the person next to you,  this double chair is part of the Arabesque Collection,




     S 16: Moroso Dining Chair 154509002

    This contemporary dining chair with its refreshing design is available in a range of colours, Moroso Supernatural Chair, £160,





    Spring 16: 46 cd112-cj-velvet-cushion-midnight-blue-_bt0218a_-1200

    The silk and velvet mix in these vibrant colours will make a lovely statement to a sofa or armchair,




    Spring 16: 36 normal_leaves-vase-or-plant-pot

    For a touch of outdoors indoors treat yourself to these Leaves Plant Pots, The Estate Yard, £40,






    Spring 16: 47 4021725

    If you can’t get enough of flora and fauna there is inspiration at hand with this hard to ignore fabric, Topical Tropical Fabric,





    Spring 16: 48 8349-20

    These birds perform particularly well as a group and come in 4 designs, Bird Vase,




    Spring 16: 49 cd111-ch-velvet-cushion-charcoal-_bl6211_-1200

    Another striking mix of linen and velvet combining colours which work very well together,





    Spring 16: 50 4005850

    No, this is not the result of one of my offspring attempting to become the next Warhole, this is all designed with a purpose, Colour Drip Fabric,


    Spring 16: 52 pierre-sofa-010853696

    Contemporary or traditional, whichever look is yours with this timeless sofalooks good with any interior scheme,




    Spring 16: 53 normal_juneberry-and-bird-lampshade-small

    Indulge in bird spotting without having to go outside, Juneberry and Bird Lampshade, £49, Lorna Syson,




    S 16: Yellow Chair nwy1792-reshot--lr-ls

    Petit in its proportions, this deconstructed is ideal for small spaces, Hoxton Armchair, £595,



    S 16: Cushion 1719648216_l


    Add a bit of Retro to your sofa with this very decorative cushion, Painswick Cushion,




    For a light touch this Easter,  add a little bit of animal magic to keep your guests entertained, Buckthorn Candle Holder, £19.90,




    S 16: Grey Coffee Table HF-107-Coffee-Table-_BL5569_-1200_2

    For lovers of Swedish furniture, this coffee table will make a very stylish addition to the living space.






    S 16: Duck Feet Lamp VLB20-DCG-WHITE-FEATHER-SHADE 

    This feathered friend will not do a runner but display its features at its best, Duck Feet Lamp,




    Spring 16: 57A 849159_oliver-bonas_homeware_decorative-ceramic-dra

    Give your chest of draws a new lease of life with this decorative ceramic drawer pull, reduced to £1.50,




    Spring 16: 58 Unknown-2

    This is one of a variety of chairs with different prints offering a fun mix of retro designs and patterns, £109,




    Spring 16: 59 High_Res_Yellow_Sofa_C

    Amongst the large variety of sofas, this design is one of my favourites and sits so well with many different interior styles,




    Spring 16: 60 ncb6835-lr-ls

    Mustard and grey hexagon shapes make a bold statement with this wool and cotton rug injecting a spot of sunshine into a living space, from £195,

    Spring 16: 61 medium_1-1

    If you are planning to introduce a chaise to your living room, why not go for a model with a more distinct design, Isabella Chaise,




    Spring 16: 62 izl0468b-lr-ls_2

    Add some colour to your photos with this fun frame, £16.95,



    Spring 16: 63 DAVID-SBEIGE

    For the hostess with the mostest, these rather exquisite dining chairs are an absolute must have, Silver Leaf Dining Chair W. Beige Velvet Seat, Worlds Away, $619 per chair,





    Spring 16: 64 p16_349x432

    These egg-cellent chairs might just ‘ save your bacon’ if you have a house full of guests this Easter, Egg Chairs,




    Spring 16: 65 slh3889-lr-ls

    This menagerie of pretty coloured birds will not fly the nest any time soon. They love their golden cage and have made it their firm home, Voliere Bird Cage Lamp, £395,





    Easter Treats and Spring Inspirations



    S16: 1 Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.01.10 AM






    S16: 2 Easter-Bunny-Wreath-for-the-Front-Door




    S16: 3 07-5136a97b3bce2cde6b42e3d546e0c701




    S16: 4 dec_eggcups_03_v11




     S/16: Deco




    S16: 5 Forest-green-bedroom-with-four-poster-bed





    S16: 6 IMG_4708





    S16: 7 38e4518255d9beb0f6b521e1429d76f8





    S16: 8 4372cc867c88e137e0c2f4e4a5dc5436





    S16: 9 easy-spring-home-decor-ideas-design-for-your-small-apartment-





    S16: 10 White-and-green-living-room-with-ferns-ideal-home-housetohome.

    Via: Time Inc UK




    S16: 11 beautiful-spring-table-decoration-ideas-with-flowers-2-674





    S1s6: 12 floral-summer-spring-living-room-cottage-rustic-yellow-gray-





    S16: 13 mossy-table





    S16: 14 JR-Design-Hammersmith-Terrace-Homes-Gardens-2





    S16: 15 Elegant-Easter-Egg-Decorations




    S16: 16 66d5137bb13ffc07fe0f968b569f07da





    S16: 17 diy-easter-table-decorations-springtime-is-coming--pinterest-f9





    S16: 18 spring-decor-design-530x3634





    S16: 19 spriong-decorating-ideas




    S16: 20 Homes-Gardens-Easter-flower-arrangements1





    S16: 21 il_214x170.460037094_71jc


































    Christmas 15-1: Top 13de94c40618bf615943ca0704693b5d  Christmas is always a good excuse to give your home deserved                                                               attention, getting everyone into the season`s spirit.


    Whether you are looking forward to relaxing in front of the fireplace at home or are lucky enough to spend some quality time in your mountain hideaway, here are a few treats which I have pulled out of the bag!


    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year!




     Christmas 2015: Merve-Kahraman-antler-hybrid-chair

    Take the beast by the horns and dare to sit on this rather inspiring chair which is part of the Merve Kahrman Hybrid collection. It is hand made using leather with rare patterns and applying a texture paint finish on the wood to create this animalistic feature, £2750,




    Christmas 15: 1 _1_main 

    This is one of the coolest fire pits I have come across and will shed some beautiful light on your garden, even during the cold season, from £950,



     Christmas 15-1: Pheasant Candle 2 imgres-4

    A very stylish way to keep the lid on your candles, Pheasant Wax Filled Candle, £34.95,




      Christmas 15: 3 arctic-flower-etched-glass-placemat-43236-p[ekm]335x502[e

    These hand-etched vintage glass place mats are a must-have for any stylish and festive dinner table, £12.95 each,



      Christmas 2015: Oka Cushion QCH261BRM-0_L

    Create an instant transformation of sofas or chairs with these stunning velvet cushions, £65,





    Christmas 15: 4 normal_pheasant-clip-decoration

    For those who are still short of Christmas tree decorations, these pheasants will sit very pretty, £13.95 for a pair of Woodland Pheasant Decorations, Magpie Living via



      Christmas 15: 5 _1-1

    You don`t have to live in the Highland to appreciate this Harris Tweed Lampshade, £72, HarrisAndTheHound via




    Christmas 15-1: Bow Tie imgres-3

    If you are planning to wear a dinner jacket over the festive season, This Pheasant Bow Tie will certainly not go unnoticed, $185, Atagan via 




      Christmas 15: 6 Cheese_Knife_2_grande

    Cut it just right with this Stag Antler Cheese Knife, £32,



     Christmas 15-1: Candle Pins imgres-5

    Transform a plain looking candle instantly with these decorative Stag and Pheasant Pins, from £11.95 for a set of three,





    Christmas 2015: Military Chair 5ada9374e6b2c005a3a7c048794975ab  Christmas 2015: Tweed Chair img-thing-1

    These quirky and unique chairs, will keep your guests entertained all evening, £1495, RescuedRetroVintage via



    Christmas 15-1: Acorn Salt/Pepper c1517f5ac9e2941ea4eff080e29fa782

    This Acorn Salt and Pepper Set can easily double up as festive dinner table decoration, £19.95,



    C: Shower Curtain 36241966_046_b-1

    Get that cozy feel next time you take a shower with this very athmospheric shower curtain, Judarn Shower Curtain, £118, 



     Christmas 2015: Curzon-Velvet-sofa_lr(1)These semi plain velvets add a particularly warm and luxurious seasonal element to a living space, Curzon Velvet,






    Christmas 2015: Orange Tweed Lampshade il_570xN.703687666_bv81

    Enjoy a little Highland fling with these stylish Harris Tweed small clip-on Coolie Shades, £17, HarrisAndTheHound via




    Christmas 15: 12 etched-glass-storage-jar-with-pretty-brass-lid-2-sizes-a 

    One can`t have enough containers around the house to store things in; even better though, if they look as good as these smart glass pots, from £14.95,




    Christmas 15-1: Mary New 12212142_10204911556410380_2067655746_n 

    For a unique present to someone close to you or a treat to yourself, my top pick would certainly be Mary Liddell`s cushions. They are all hand painted mainly on velvet and totally unique. Mary, who is a well established artist here in Bath, has extended her creative skills to these pretty and fun home accessory pieces. You can also commission her to create something more personalised for you. At only £65 per cushion, it is well worth the investment, For those who would like to get their hands on these unique pieces, Mary will hold a pre Christmas Sales exhibition on 3rd December (11.00am - 4.00pm) and 5th December (11.00am - 4.00pm) at her studio in Faith House Southstoke Lane, Bath BA2 5SH,




    Christmas 15: 13 normal_gold-christmas-table-decoration 

    These decorative pots look stunning and look good just about everywhere around the house, £18,



     Christmas 15: 14 set-of-2-regal-standing-peacock-bookends-44133-p[ekm]335 

    Keep your books in good order with these exotic looking Peacock Bookends, £45,




    Christmas 15: 15 Triptych_Stack_HR5 

    It is a lot of fun playing around with this large colourful selection of ceiling lights, which are perfect for mixing and matching,




    Christmas 15: 16 stag-mistletoe-apron  Christmas 15: 16 -2 robin-holly-napkin-single 

    This lovely stag and robin collection brings an instant festive element to a kitchen or dining table,



    Christmas 15: 17 chiara-green-glass-vase-41092-p[ekm]233x349[ekm] 

    This decorative vase looks stunning whether it is on display with or without flowers, £67,




    Christmas 15: 19 Superior_Stag_Green_Fabric_Drum_Lightshade_Designer_Ligh

    I have been on quite a hunt to find this very jolly lampshade, Superior Green Fabric French Tapered Light Shade, £99,



    Christmas 15-1: Made Sofa images 

    Sit back in seasonal style with this chic green velvet sofa, Scott 3 Seater Sofa, £999,


    Christmas 15: 21 Cover 

    You don`t have to climb Everest to enjoy the view, Everest Cushion Cover, £18.99,




    Christmas 2015: original_magnetic-woodlands-wallpaper-brown-pink

    Enjoy some magical moments with this magnetic Woodlands wallpaper taking you on an adventure into an enchanted forest of extraordinary fairy-tale creatures, £256,




    Christmas 15: 23 wild-animal-storage-jars-43046-p[ekm]233x349[ekm] 

    Store your tea and coffee in style in these lovely containers, £59.95 set of two,


    Christmas 15: 24 - 1 rkbrc3bg-b_1_1 

    This high gloss lacquer table brings a very glamorous element to a living space and comes in a variety of colours,



    Christmas 15: 25 images 

    This adorable starling cushion is made from organic cotton and printed with the illustrations of Dutch designer Myrte de Zeeuw, £23,



    Christmas 2015: Piano Sofa img-thing

    Even if this `Grand Piano Sofa` is not big enough to play musical chairs on, it still looks big enough to sit back and relax in style, £5599,




     C: Table 2 34278499_040_b-1

    Make this Peacock side table the centerpiece when entertaining guests, £368,



    Christmas 15-1: Red Candle normal_victorian-christmas-eco-soy-candle-three- 

    Inject a touch of warmth into your living space with this beautiful red candle, £39.99, Ville De Fleurs via



     Christmas 15: 27 Cushion 

    Head for this cushion if you are still looking for something to jazz up your sofa or chair over the festive season, £76.99,



     Christmas 2015: Matchboxes Screen_shot_2015-02-26_at_3.57.53_PM_2048x2048

    These very decorative looking matchboxes give off a delicious scent when you light a candle. They come in six different designs and scents, £9,



    Christmas 15: 29 liste_buste_napo_640x640 

    It is hard to believe, that this attractive busts is actually a candle. Trudon, the company which manufactures these fabulous pieces, is France`s most prestigious candle producer, £105,


    Christmas 15-1: Eisbear Tray tr142

    This Eisbear will hopefully help yu serve cool drinks to your guests, £19.50, 



    Christmas 2015: Candle House of Fraser _1

    One of my top picks for classy candles, £20,



      Christmas 15-1: Wallpaper url

    Add a warm element to your interior with this very fitting Fox & Hen Wallpaper, £78,



    Christmas 15: 32 41-516-SILVER-FRETWORK-MIRROR-PRODUCT-SHOT_1 

    This Silver Fretwork Mirror is the perfect way to add further light into a room, £100,




    Christmas 15: 33 midas-gold-geometric-side-table-37096-p[ekm]233x349[ekm] 

    Invest in this gold geometric side table, and bring some sparkle to your living space, Midas Gold Geometric Side Table, £95,




    Cristmas 15: 34 Russett-Cushion_v.2 

    I absolutely love this stunning silky velvet cushion, which adds a luxurious vintage element to a sofa or chair, £58,

     Christmas 15: 35 2155922_3    

    If you want to blow your Christmas budget on some luxury crackers, the Rory Dobner Christmas crackers are one of my top picks, £350,




    Christmas 15: 36 cropped-photbout-2015

    This French company creates lampshades from historical documents from the 18th and 19th centuries. They offer a wealth of choices, each one more beautiful than the other,




     Christmas 15: 37 Batch109May26th -22

    For lovers of French furniture, this French Empire Period Chair is quite a find, £1100, Lorfords Antiques via




      Christmas 15: 38 HN7238_L_large

    Add this to a mantelpiece or console table and it will create an immediate impression, Metal Globe 8 Piece Candle Holder, £89,




    Christmas 2015: Bookend imgres-1

    Give your books a classy element with these decorative bookends, £179 (single bookend),



     C 15: Gold Lantern 33639972_070_b

    These lanterns/tea light holders come in different shapes and sizes adding a glamerous and festive touch to your living space, Tantallon Lanterns, £6.00 - £88.00,



    Christmas 15: 40 normal_english-print-cabinet 

    If you are looking for a bit of glamour in your bedroom, go for these English Print Cabinets, £550 each, Figa / Co Ltd via




    Christmas 15: 41 brass-flower-ceiling-light-37042-p[ekm]335x502[ekm] 

    This unusual ceiling light is very versatile and fits well into many different schemes, £120,



     Christmas 15: 42 ibride-junior-polar-bear-bookcase-20734-p[ekm]160x143[ek 

    This bookshelf must surely part of your  `Bear necessities` if you are looking to store them somewhere in style, £1200, 15: 43 laurence_3seateroatmeal_productpage_carousel_1_tablet

    Hard to resist if in need of a new stylish sofa for a rather irresistible price at £799, Laurence Sofa,




    Christmas 15: 44 normal_vintage-style-mirrored-wall-sconce 

    For atmospheric lighting, these vintage-style mirrored wall sconces provide a stunning additional light source for special occasions, £49, Cowshed Interiors via



     Christmas 2015: 10595_palace_battistero_scomp

    No need to hide your breakfast set anymore with this gorgeous Palace Battistero Porcelain Breakfast Set. This modular table set turns into a cup, milk jug, sugar bowl, tray and biscuit jar, $505,




    Christmas 15: 46 safari-ceiling-light-38078-p[ekm]335x502[ekm] 

    Featuring a beautiful gold geometric pattern, the Safari Ceiling Light will be a stunning feature in your home, £85,



     Christmas 15: 47 stepped_gilt_coffee_table 

    How better get into the festive mood with this rather glamorous Jonathan Charles coffee table, £2216,



    Christmas 15-1: Candle Holder brass-ribbon-glass-vase-37037-p[ekm]233x349[e 

    For a festive table, work with this vintage candle holder, perhaps on a green table runner for more impact, £59, 15: 48 MissMarble-d

    For stylish food or tea storage solutions this Miss Marble jar is definitely one of my top picks, Euros 225,


     Christmas 15: 49 ebb-flow-pillar-lamp-gold-stripes-on-clear 

    If you prefer to go for kitchen lights with a difference, go for this Ebb & Flow Pillar Lamp which has been mouth blown from high quality glass, £272,



    Christmas 15-1: Fornasetti Plate imgres-2


    This Fornasetti Plate is too nice to eat off but certainlys a very eye catching piece for your walls, £200,



     Christmas 2015: Marble Dining Table imgres

    You have to dig deep into your pockets to own this very striking Herringbone black and white marble table with brass legs. Hopefully you will not lose your appetite when you hear of the price! Bethan Gray Herringbone Table in Italian Marble, £30 000,




     Christmas 15-1: Lulu_Frost_Trays_z_hero

    Whether you use them for small trinkets or as a decorative feature on your coffee table, these Lulu Frost Trays are gorgeous and will certainly inject a bit of glamour to your living space,



     Christmas 15: 52 normal_moorish-lantern

    As I have a soft spot for geometric patterns, this Moorish Lantern is one of my favorite models amongst the vast choice of candle holders, £65, Home Scent via


     Christmas 15: 53 set-of-4-fortuny-tumblers-assortment    Christmas 15: 53 - 2 fortuny-gold-condiment-dish-2-sections 

    You will need to dig deep into your pocket if you want to own a piece of this stunning Fortuny tableware; it is worth it though!



      Christmas 15: 54 img_0013

    If you feel like changing just a few elements of your interior to celebrate the winter season, go for this Burgundy Silk Velvet Cushion which will bring any neutral seating to life, £80,




     Christmas 15: 55 UK_Cat_tabletop_dessert_plates

    These fun animals are guaranteed to cheer up your dinner table; alternatively they would also look good on a wall, Dapper Animal Plates, from £4.95,




     Christmas 15: 56 - 4 bout-de-canape-crusoe-l

    These side tables are so unique and stylish that it is very hard to resist them. The come in a variety of styles and colours.




     Christmas 15: 57 fontaine-decorative-FON0434_A_main_large

    This easy to place Empire sofa looks fantastic and works with many interior styles, £1450, Fontaine Decorative via



    Christmas 2015: boho-co-cherubs-placemats-set-of-4

    Who can resist this Cherub Placemat Set, especially when entertaining during the festive season, £43 (set of 4), Boho & Co via



     Christmas 15: 59 woodcroft-old-pine-round-dining-table-1.208

    Whether you prefer a round dining table or are looking for a table in the hallway this Woodcroft Colonial Dining Table is a real winner, £1737,




     Christmas 15: 60 normal_flora-wall-sconce

    Get into the Christmas spirit with this very decorative Flora Wall Sconce, £48, Home Scent via



     Christmas 15: 61 stacks_image_6253

    Whether you are kitting out your mountain retreat or are looking for a chic coffee table for your living space, you will love this Sekien hide stool,



    Christmas 15-1: ppd Bear 26041-300x300    Christmas 15-1: ppd wolf 28169-300x300

    These furry friends will keep you company during any meal. There is lovely selection of different animals to choose from on mugs, plates and mugs, ppd via


        Christmas 15: 62 silver-snow-small-hurricane_large

    Add a glamorous and festive touch to your mantelpiece or dining table with this stunning Silver Snow Glass Hurricane Lamp, £69,



    C 15: Stag Finials 36005312_002_b

    A very fitting and stylish way to give your window a seasonal look, Stag Finials, £36, 



     Christmas 15: 63 preview_leather-pheasant-placemats

    Whether minimalist or traditional, these Leather Pheasant Placemats look good with any style, £49.50, or



     Christmas 15-1: Birch 1 4208   Christmas 15-1: Birch 2 4088

    For those who have run out of gift ideas, this lovely sugar bowl and milk jug set might be the inspiration needed. Produced in South America, they are made of silver, using semi precious stones for the birds. Every piece is hand crafted by a group of local artisans and quite unique. £240 for the set,



      Christmas 15: 64 WD6t8I5eqzdx

    Give your living space a little boost with this perfect Portland brand`s classic Northwestern motif accent piece, Pendleton




     Christmas 15: 65 Christmas-bathroom

    Give your bathroom a seasonal touch with this very endearing hand towel, £8,




    Christmas 15: 66 retro-weave-duck-egg-wool-blanket-throw.-1335-p[ekm]296x 

    This Retro Weave Wool Blanket is very versatile and looks stunning on a bed or thrown over the back of a sofa, £48,




      Christmas 15: 68 Milkchurnssilver_sm

    These lamps look good with absolutely everything and make a superb investment if you are in need of new lamps, Pair of polished French Milk Churns, £395 (without shades),


      Christmas 15: 69 31-1378201352--145--160

    With this Pheasant Twin Dish you can offer guests your nibbles in style: £85,



     Christmas 15: 70 polar_bear_table_3

    Don`t get cold feet and go for this fun table if you like things with a difference, Penny Polar Bear Side Table, £110,



      Christmas 15: 71 Marigold-top-shop_1_large

    This hand-woven hemp rug reminds me of an oversized Christmas Tree decoration but luckily something you can enjoy beyond the festive season, $550,







    Christmas 15-Deco: Table Runner _wi_tecznie18




    Christmas 15-Deco: Chalet Bedroom 6157_992_Coin-Salon-Home 




    Christmas 15-Deco: Pot with Twigs tumblr_mwgxe4M8qU1rpe84qo1_500



    Christmas 15-1: Top 1 kitchenchristmas2013IMG_8584 



    Christmas 15-Deco: 4 Christmas-Mantel-with-Burlap-Stockings



    Christmas 15-Deco: 5 Rachel-Whiting-easy-living-28feb14_pr_bt_264x264




    Christmas 15-Deco: White/Red dining room 993448_10151797200517877_463890876




    Christmas 15-Deco: Chalet Bedroom/Red cushions 6158_994_detail-tete-de-lit 




    Christmas 15-Deco: 7 HALLWAY_038-767x1024




    Christmas 15-Deco: 3 8fa9c4b1e9ef897b737bc1d1fa90403d




    Christmas 15-Deco: Red/gold wallpaper 11182176_10152884378362877_1042756891



    Christmas 15-Deco: Green Living Room traditional-furniture1




    Christmas 15-Deco: 11 christmas-window-decorating-ideas-3




    Christmas 15-Deco: Gold/grey Wallpaper 8f6402808ea8993adfca64db2eddf328




    Christmas 15-Deco: 9 Hayme-Colour-Forecast-2014-Yellowtrace-10-682x1024




    Christmas 15-Deco 12 Elegant-Fireplace-Mantels-Decor-for-Christmas-300x1




    Christmas 15-Deco: 13 IMG_0858



    Christmas 15-Deco: Stocking Staircase interior-muted-xmas-stairs