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  1. After many years of shades of white, grey and beige, colours are re-emerging on the interior design scene. With this in mind, my latest blog celebrates the return of a variety of hues to liven up your interiors. 





    Summer 19: 0 IMG_3644_1

    Kelling Design have launched a lovely collection of furniture and accessories for the home, adding a touch  of colour to liven things up a bit, Ella Lampshade, from £150,



    Summer 19: 1 7774113_masterOne can’t but feel blooming marvellous when sitting in these stunning chairs, Pair of Quetzal Fauteuil by Mare Venot, £8031.13 (per set),




    Summer 19: 2 Toney+Stool

    Greek Key design is seeing a revival and is used increasingly on textiles as well as furniture such as this decorative ceramic stool, Toney Stool, £242.99,





    Summer 19: 3 mua1004-miles-black-and-white-bone-inlay-coffee-table-_1

    A lovely fusion between classic and contemporary is this bone inly coffee table with a sleek black iron frame, Miles Black and White Bone Inlay Coffee Table, £895,


    Summer 19: 4 pitcher_02_1024x1024

    The striking look and feel of these Portuguese “biquinhos” or spiked glassware is true to the original hand-cut design of 1901 but nowadays produced by a more contemporary press method, Glass Pitcher, £45,




    Summer 19: 5 modern-furniture-design-colored-sand-200417-1257-02

    Artist and designer Fernando Mastrangelo has created the Escape Collection, pieces of furniture, that look like three-dimensional landscape paintings, using Silica, hand-dyed sand and powdered glass, The Drum,






    Summer 19: 6 il_794xN.1052069963_1eg9

    Create a fresh and crisp summer look, using these stunning white cushions with blue Greek Key ribbon borders, £57.09,





    Summer 19: 7 10789053_master

    Relax in style and put your legs up on this very decorative chair and stool, Salterini Greek Key White Chair and Ottoman, £2083.55,






    Summer 19: 8 pedro-lampe-base-1

    I spotted this decorative lamp, which is a perfect choice, if your room is in need of a seasonal summer update, Pedro Lamp Base, EUROS 250,





    Summer 19: 9 Matilda_Goad_shade_3_600x

    Another perfect choice for creating a crisp summer look is this decorative indigo blue lampshade with its scalloped finish, Raffia Scallop Lampshade Denim, from £132,



     Kelling Chair IMG_5898-1

    By using two different fabrics, this chair creates a lovely statement piece in your living or even bedroom, The Kelling Chair, £900,

    Summer 19: 11 237782188

    This versatile bowl lends itself beautifully to summer entertaining, Shore Bowl Blue/White,






    Summer 19: 12 1600x900_poufs jpg

    Scandinavian simplicity is key here to this timeless and chic pouffe, which can easily be moved around rooms, to create additional seating, Cecile Manz Fritz Hansen Sakura Pouffe,





    Summer 19: 13 80

    These rugs made of felt, provide interesting patterns and unusual texture and come in different sizes, colours and patterns, No.2248,





    Summer 19: 14 sunlounger-indian

    Given this time of year, I am always on the lookout for decorative garden furniture, which stand out from the usual selection which is on offer and love the finishing touches on this sun lounger, Indian Lattice Sunlounger,





    Summer 19: 15 49140841_105_b

    One of my top picks for a relaxed chair, which is the modern version of the 18th century slipper chair, originally used by women with tight-laced corsets to put on their shoes.  Luckily, no need for those anymore but nowadays just a comfortable chair to relax on, Relaxed Slipper Chair (Style No: 4528376530120),



    Summer 19: 16 trano-muzi 

    Out of Africa are these Muzi decorative candle holders, bearing the name of the chief of the Ndebele tribe, who settled around Pretoria in 1600, Trano Muzi Candles,





    Summer 19: 18 shopping-1

    Transform your hallway or living space with this very eye-catching and beautifully painted Gustavian Bench, Swedish Gustavian Bench 1880s, £2220,






    Summer 19: 19 A5201_2000x

    Add some spice to your walls with this decorative mirror, Carved Mango Wood Mughal Design Mirror, £695,


    Summer 19: 20 Suzani_ikat_blue_with_pompoms_clipped_rev_1_1024x1024 

    Give your sofa or chair a new mini makeover with these very eye-catching cushions, suzani/Ikat Double Sided Cushion Cover with Pom Poms / Blue, £75,




    Summer 19: 21 alexander-rose-classic-chaise-lounge-with-classic-blue-cus 

    Sit back and relax by the pool or in your garden with this stylish Chaise, Alexander Rose Classic Chaise Lounge with Classic Blue Cushions, £809.10,





    Summer 19: 22 plate+rack+formika+2-Edit

    Create a feature in your kitchen with this decorative Gothic Plate Rack, which comes in different sizes, Gothic Plate Rack with Formica, £635,





    Summer 19: 23 IMG_20190528_163529_large

    Cushions are always an easy way to give your room a new feel, without having to spend a fortune. This is another cushion which would add something new and fresh to you living space, China Blue Open Chinese Cloud Cushion, £95,





    Summer 19: 24 image

    Create a visible centrepiece on you side tables with this colourful lamp, EUROS 270,





    Summer 19: 25 table-rectangular-idx

    Give your outside entertaining space a touch of the East with these garden chairs, which come in different colours, Indian Lattice chairs,


    Summer 19: 25A 8932173_masterThis unusual stool is custom made, so you can choose your preferred finishes, Custom Teal Blue Greek Key Bench with Blue Koi Fish Fabric, £2025.27,





    Summer 19: 26 Blue+Rug

    Outdoor rugs have long been hugely popular in the US and are now gradually being offered by companies here in the UK. This decorative outdoor rug comes in a number of shapes in sizes, Jovani Cream/Blue Rug, 19: 27 primrose_sofa

    For the cool and timeless look, this garden bench is one of my top picks. It works with almost every interiors and exteriors and looks incredibly comfortable, Primrose Garden Sofa, £2330,

    Summer 19: 28 AMY_VASE

    This beautiful handmade vase is slip cast using fine bone china and hand decorated with vibrant blue and green colours and 22 carat gold lustre edging, Handmade Fine Bone China Table Vase in Blue and Green, £360,





    Summer 19: 28A 1a_d4e3d1d5-b7fc-4ecd-825e-946bbfd6d941_1024x1024

    Absolutely love this hand block printed linen with its wonderfully timeless pattern, Elf Leg Green Chute Cushion, £95,





    Summer 19: 29 rockettstgeorge_set_of_6_vintage_style_crystal_champagn

    Even glassware is now featuring the re-emerging Greek key pattern, which looks fantastic. Each glass is hand blown and hand engraved,  Champagne Saucers - Greek Key, £72,



    Summer 19: 30 LTN001PGMLT-0_01

    No need to hide away your napkins. They provide a useful as well as lovely way, to keep your paper napkins tidy and in place, Khopala Napkin Box, £20,






    Summer 19: 30A 1A_35b18a76-3948-4479-a04e-08aaebd92cb2_1024x1024

    One can’t fail to overlook the strong and eye-catching pattern on this decorative cushion, Log Cabin Quilt Cushion,


    Summer 19: 31 15127241_master

    These vintage benches are a perfect match for lovers of something with a difference, Arthur Umanoff Pair of Mayan Two Seat Bench Settees, £2960.33,






    Summer 19: 31A 3A_84d5ea2a-3697-4f9e-a399-7b2305dc9fe6_1024x1024

    In full bloom is this very pretty floral lampshade, Peony Lampshade,




    Summer 19: 33 4524619150001_014_b

    Make a statement in your living room or conservatory with this springbok shaped seat. Use it on its own or alternatively, it comes  in a lefthand and righthand side which can be pushed together to a ‘double’ springbok seat, Springbok Rattan Bench,

    Summer 19: 34 Suzani_ikat_red_with_pompoms_clipped_rev_1_1024x1024

    This wonderfully vibrant red suzani cushion looks fantastic when paired with neutral colours, Suzani/Ikat Double Sided Cushion Cover with Pom Poms - Red, £75,





    Summer 19: 34A 10511111_master

    Seletti never fails to impress with its bold colours and imaginative designs as this garden chair is best proof, Seletti Aluminium Armchair ‘Industry Garden Furniture’ Red, £221.56,





    Summer 19: 35 v-and-a-iznik-hyacinth-jug-5151765-750x750

    Add a little moorish touch to your dining table with this Iznik design jug from the V&A collection, Victoria & Albert Iznik Hyacinth Jug, £16.99,





    Summer 19: 36 A4383_2000x

    This quite unique hand blown glass lamp is assumed to be from Murano, Italy. Although these hanging lamps were particularly popular with Indian Maharajas, they tended to be of European origin, Rare Cranberry Glass Hundi Lamp (from an Indian Palace), £895,




    Summer 19: 36A Unknown_org_master

    Who would not want to sit back and relax on this dreamy and wonderful daybed which comes made-to-order, Sunbeam Jackie Daybed in Oak with Canvas and Heritage Fabric Canopy,






    Summer 19: 37 cushions

    One could have a lot of fun, mixing and matching this colourful display of beautifully hand made cushions from India.





    Summer 19: 38 Kaylynn+Garden+Chair

    This sleek and stylish looking garden chair looks just right, wether put next to more traditional or contemporary furniture, Kaylynn Garden Chair,






    Summer 19: 39 1-Sanderson-Glasshouse-Wallpaper-living-room

    For lovers of colour and plants, this wallpaper will provide a very vibrant backdrop and lends itself perfectly as a feature wall, Sanderson Terrariums Rhodenra Multi Wallpaper, £79 (per roll),





    Summer 19: 40 il_794xN.1831134634_swmt

    Give your sofa a little makeover with one of thee decorative linen throws, Floral Linen Throw Blanket, £62.36,






     Summer 19: 40-0A 1_ed2b795c-6ebe-4ee1-99cf-0abe9ea95817_1024x1024

    If papers are piling up on your desk, this stylish filing drawer will make a decluttering project far more appealing, Red Chute Drawers,





     Summer 19: 40A wicker-chair_original.png

    Sit back and relax on this eye catching vintage armchair, Wicker Armchair, £117,





     Summer 19: 41 Beige-Pink-Ripple-Kaleidoscope-Linen-Lampshade_1600x

    Update your living space and add a touch of colour with this bright linen lampshade, Beige/Pink/Purple Kaleidoscope Linen Lampshade, £155,





    Summer 19: 42 41DkIOkBhWL._SX425_ 

    For a fresh summer look, this lime green cushion is a great choice. It can be personalised by adding your preferred initials, Lime Green White Greek Key Cushion, £30.85,





     Summer 19: 42A 1047841

    Art can not just be enjoyed on the wall but in many other ways too. This deck chair is one of a collection produced for the National Art Gallery, using famous paintings as backdrop on weather protected cloth, Surprised Deck Chair, £120,






     Summer 19: 43 leisureplan-dedon-dala-r011

    Enjoy the summer season in comfort on this generously sized chair and stool, which can also double up as coffee table, Dedon Dala Circula Chair and Stool, £1195,




     Summer 19: 44 image_1986

    New York based artist John Derians creations are well known. He specialises in colourful and eccentric collages printed and pieced together in layers under glass, 7” British Seaweeds Lime by John Derian, £70,





     Summer 19: 45 susi_bellamy_new_linen_collection

    For an instant transformation of your sofa or armchair, these cushions with their vibrant colour display are one of my top picks,  Kaleidoscope marbled cushions, from £80, www.





    Summer 19: 46 IMG_8541-300x225 

    Add some fresh colour this summer, when entertaining your guests. Your food will look even more appealing when served on this pretty table cloth, Block print table cloth, available in different colours, patterns and sizes,






     Summer 19: 47 table-low-rectangular-7

    No need to wait for your Indian Summer if you like the exotic look. This stunning bench and table will no doubt give you that warm feeling all year round, Indian Lattice Bench and Table, 


     Summer 19: 48 OVAL_DISH

    Entertain your guests in style with this stunning tableware. This platter is part of the ‘Sutans Garden’ dinner service which I have fallen in love with, Sultan’s Garden Oval Platter,





     Summer 19: 49 6278423_l

    This one-of-a-kind iron dining set of cubist inspiration is beautifully made and an inspirational design, Unique French 1950s ‘Star & Moon’ Dining Set, £5658.30,






    Summer 19: 49A 1c_3485d5fd-40d1-4832-98d7-e824cc8ab74f_1024x1024 

    Being a lover of beautiful cushions, I am always on the lookout for something eye-catching. This lovely hand blocked design has caught my eye and am loving it! Red Purple Mix Blumen Cushion,




    Summer 19: 50 Colombo+Stool 

    I am a great lover of ceramic stools, which are easy to move around and perfect for putting glasses down. They are hugely popular, quite good value and come in wonderful colours and designs, such as this leafy green stool, Kayoom Colombo Stool, £72.99,





    Summer 19: 51 midnight_jungle_lamp 

    Take a walk on the wilde side with this table lamp and shade! If you want to make a statement in your living room, look no further, Matthew Williamson Midnight Jungle Lamp & Shade, via





     Summer 19: 52 45206371AD_014_b

    This hand carved wooden coffee table plays homage to traditional Indian motifs and blends in well with contemporary as well as more traditional interiors, Handcarved Cicely Coffee Table,





     Summer 19: 52A emmanuelle-long-chair_original.png

    Enjoy your day out in the garden and relax on this comfortable looking vintage long chair, Emanuelle Long Chair, £251,







    Summer 19: 54A Blossom_by_Emma_Rose_40x40cm_www.emmaroseartworks.com_c 

    If you are still in need to get into the spirit of Summer, look no further and treat yourself to one of Baths best known artists, Emma Rose! Blossom,





    Summer 19: 56 65560065_2578830545495435_8769465543527759872_n 

    This is a beautiful example, how traditional and contemporary designs can be paired up beautifully.





     Summer 19: 57 sillon_6_org_master

    Add a different variety of plants to your outdoor space with these eye-catching garden chairs, Set of Six Rattan and Wooden Azure Lacquered Armchairs, £6926.85,






     Summer 19: 58 SBS1250-min

    Hide from the midday sun and bring a touch of Indian Summer to your terrace, with this colourful hand block printed peacock pattern parasol, Marvin (2M), £315,






     Summer 19: 59 no14-1

    The No. 14 design is based on classic themes and contemporary elements, using eye-catching Italian leather with a delicate metal frame, No. 14,





     Summer 19: 60 2773f27f4c12abb9c6bac7271ca38a0f

    Inspired by the ambience of Moroccan medinas and souks, this fabric range offers a captivating collection of opulent chenille furnishings, available in a number of different colours, Jewel,






    Summer 19: 61A 7a86c0_a5770d09506342449d1f06bd7136277d~mv2_d_2342_1868 

    Living in Bath, I hugely enjoy the lively art scene this beautiful city has to offer. I have just spotted this stunning still life painted by local artist Agnes Pollock, Two Lemon, £275, 

    Summer 19: 63 Pair_Twin_Beds_master

    For a touch of Eastern glamour in your bedroom, these twin beds provide the perfect statement piece and starting point for an exotic makeover, Pair of Twin Chinoiserie Pagoda Beds By Kittinger, £3773.97,






     Summer 19: 64 empel-collections-DSC00188_main_635933832281408791_lar

    This steel and bronze side/console table is a bespoke piece of furniture and can be supplied in different sizes and with optional table tops, Bespoke Chinoiserie Style Painted Side Table, £2169 (this model), Summer 19: 65 Kartell-Bubble-Club-Sofa-zinkweiss-frei

    This sleek outdoor sofa is a perfect example, combining contemporary design with a classic element, making it hugely versatile and easy to place, Cartel Bubble Club Couch, £601.80 (current sales price),






     Summer 19: 66 DSC_0125_1200x772_crop_center

    One can’t have enough of ceramic pieces such as these, which  are decorative as well as useful and always worth adding to your collection, Decorative Ceramic Bowl, Pots and Vases,






    Summer 19: 67 1535018828_Antiquebay_br16-1543-2 

    Being a lover of Swedish/Gustavian antiques, I am always on the lookout for yet another stylish and unusual design. this stunning bench caught my eye for its unusual curved design, Late 18th Century Swedish Painted Bench (Ref: 12645), £4500,






     Summer 19: 68 papier_peint_colonne_romaine_gres5b

    Sit back and enjoy Roman architecture, without having to travel hundreds of miles across Europe, Roman Column Mural Wallpaper (Ref: 05-529002),





     Summer 19: 69 26.SS2.D1.03 (01)

    For those, who can’t do without the Gustavian look indoors as well as outdoors, this beautiful teak garden bench is the perfect fit and one of a range of designs by Astello, Astello Gardenia Sofa,





     Summer 19: 70 5b4714ff75b4ae

    This is no monkey business but an amazing entirely handmade creation projecting monkeys, crocodiles and palm trees onto your ceiling, bringing the jungle straight into your home, Selva Chandelier, EUROS 11700,

     Summer 19: 71 12380

    The geometric design and honeycomb pattern of this outdoor sofa brings bold patterning outdoors in a very chic manner, Olympia 3 Seat Sofa, £8995,





    Summer 19: 72 Luz+Stool 

    Looking at its very elegant design, this ceramic stool would look just as stunning indoors as outdoors, Luz Stool, £ 229,





     Black Chair 13165671_master

    With its natural finish black rope wrapped and bundled around the rattan frame, this expertly crafted armchair is a unique and stunning piece of furniture, Rattan Armchair with Natural Woven Black Rope and Twill Upholstery, £3176.82,





     Summer 19: 72A 14482022_master

    This spectacular design brings drama and nature together. The chandelier features and upside-down landscape of faux orchids falling from the base and enclosing the elegant mouth-blown Murano glass cylinders. LED lights reflect off the surface to illuminate the floral composition for a sublime effect, Flower Power Phalaenopsis Chandelier, £3232,






    Summer 19: 73 Jennifer-McCurdy-MagrittesButterflyVessel-12x9x9-Photo-b 

    Ceramic artist Jennifer McCurdy who lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, has it down to a very fine art, working with ceramics, experimenting, how much she can cut away before the material collapses. Her work is exquisite and the pieces she creates are true works of art,






    Summer 19: 73A repton-co-dsc-4301-main-636952813907227825_large 

    This is not any old wrought iron outdoor bench but a design, which stands out from the ‘crowd’ , Regency Reeded Wrought Iron Garden Seat, £2600,






     Summer 19: 73B 12582721_master

    There is something very elegant and stylish about the classic simplicity of this chair which works so well with so many interior styles, Wilton Vintage Chair in Woven Rattan and Solid Wood, £1710.58,





    Summer 19: 74 4520088310359_059_b12 

    African baskets are not just useful for storage. The same concept of hand woven basketry has been used to create this very stylish and cool looking side table. Silas Woven Side Table,






     Summer 19: 75 Franco_Albini_BellaDonna_Sofa_dark_grey_FA_95_SU_

    This stunning wicker sofa recreation of one first designed in 1951 by Franco Albini, who broke new ground wen he played with experimental shapes to create sculptural and timeless icons, Franco Albini Belladonna Wicker Sofa, £995 (sales price),






     Summer 19: 76 pmo07

    Functional as well as decorative is this marbled hand build desk storage box, ideal to hold your desk accessories or jewellery, Garden Folly Box - French Marble Mustard, £195,






     Summer 19: 76A Summer_Spray_by_Emma_Rose_60x60cm_www.emmaroseartworks.c

    ‘I wish I was there’, is the feeling, when glancing at this vibrant painting by local award winning artist Emma Rose. Many more beautiful paintings on her website! Summer Spray,






     Summer 19: 76B SHOT+3+MULTI+CHAIRS

    As interiors are returning to embracing colour, Kelling Design have stepped up to the mark by producing this stunning range of chairs, The Kelling Chair, £900 (each),








    Summer 19: 88 landscape-1507841008-deborah-herbertson-sunroom





    Summer 1 - 2 clx040117clmkoc_04

    Via: / James Merrell c/o Ashley Klinger & Co




    Summer 19: 87 Fabulous-table-decoration-with-place-settings-for-cand





    Summer 19: 84 c18189298112a78ba601d860db45941b





    Summer 19: 86 6cebf12ad5716b7de245eae983fc9691





    Summer 19: 89 cb2d56f454a937abdc2ff36866c7d201-e1520824972254





    Summer 19: 85 0f268c664407ad69c57492a916c210b3





    Summer 19: 78 dd2eb3123e89fbe13808d6a0565dbd9b





    Summer 19: 89 white-moroccan-style-600x300





    Summer 1 - 1 540f6062196c5_-_01ver-blue-and-white-living-room-59509408






    Summer 19: 82 inspired-outdoor-patio-adorable-rug-best-ideas-about-ru





    Summer 1 - 3 new-on-brent-darby-pufikhomes-1






























































  2. Spring is finally heading our way, preparing the outdoors for a more colourful season.  My latest finds are very much a reflection of this wonderful time of year, treating our living spaces to the same touches of colour.





    Easter 19: 00 mediterranee 

    this colourful jute and wool mix rug is like a breath of fresh air. The combination of vibrant colours and beautiful patterns will give your living space that visible transformation and seasonal sparkle, Mediterranee, from Euros 880,





    Easter 19: 1 gisela-graham-easter-decoration-ceramic-egg-bunny-1 

    These nostalgic looking ceramic Easter eggs will make a lovely addition to your Easter decoration, Gisela Graham Bunny Ceramic Hanging Egg, £3.99 each,





    Easter 19: 3 3_mervekahraman_rabbit_chair_homewares_wonderland_little_gat 

    It looks like just the sort of thing at which you might like to sit your guests after an exhausting Easter egg hunt. Alternatively, it might focus their attention more on this model rather than the eggs! Serve Kahraman Hybrid No 2 Bunny, Easter 19: 4 trano-manala 

    This very stylish scented candle sitting in a hand crocheted beige and black raffia, is named after the village in which it is hand crafted, Trano Mabhokho,






    Easter 19: 5 il_794xN.1226154087_9l3l 

    It is a bit like ‘deja vu’, but the Greek Key pattern is seeing a gradual return to the latest ‘must haves’, be it on furniture, fabrics or accessories. Absolutely love this stool which is a wonderful new take on a traditional design, Greek Key Iron Ottoman Coffee Table, £1103.84, 2019: Tom-Dixon-Swirl-Stepped-Kerzenhalter-multi-Freisteller-Teil

    Swirl is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multi-dimensional, functional sculptures creating this rather unique and cool looking candle holder. One of Tom Dixons designs which I spotted on L'Effet, the latest 'must have' App. L'Effet is a free app, that guides you to the best in Londons luxury retail and rewards you for anything you spend in their partner stores. Swirl Stepped Candleholder, £130, via





     Easter 19: 6

    Savoir Beds has joined forces with Andrew Martin and the National Gallery to create very unique artwork beds, Harlech Bed,





     Easter 2019: Lamp il_794xN.1356378710_7wxq

    If you are looking for a one off lamp, this is the one for you. It is hand crafted and displays a wonderful mix of colours, Handmade Stoneware Lamp, £210 (shade not included),





     Easter 19: 7 1217384_1

    Adding a quirky element to this otherwise quite traditional design, adds an interesting and very decorative touch to classic and modern interiors, Sakura Handle Ceramic Vase, £39,





    Easter 19: 7A ikat-antoinette-poisson 

    Casa Lopez has chosen the name Antoinette Poisson to create a series of three exclusive rugs issued in a limited series as this very stylish wool and jute mix Ikat rug, Ikat-Antoinette Poisson, EUROS 1230 (2.00 x 3.00 Meters),





    Easter 19: 7B ceramic-jar 

    Store your umbrellas and walking sticks in style with this stunning large Iberian earthware jar, Ceramic Jar, EUROS 400,






    Easter 2019: Bluebell Plates 45362423AU_010_b10

    A sprig of bluebells gives this vintage-inspired dinnerware its unique look, making it well-suited for both special occasions and casual weekend brunches, Katrina Dinner Plates, £44 (set of 4),






    Easter 2019: Birdiefortescue 54458089_1755641031204002_7107957865976954880_

    Decorative and fun is this new collection of pottery and ceramics, adding a perfect touch on a dining table,







    Easter 2019: A. Pollock df3335_d3fd291eb20044708b1d16d3933eb4b5~mv2_d_4032

    Influenced by early Dutch paintings and the simple beauty found in Japanese ceramics and art, Dutch painter Agnes Pollock paints with focus and clarity. Her preferred subjects are ceramic or silver bowls and vessels. Agnes has a studio just outside Bath in Freshford, where her arwork can be viewed and bought, but also sells her paintings on Instragram (agnespollockart), 







    Easter 19: 8 rockettstgeorge_fabulous_feather_chandelier_featuring_chains 

    This original ceiling shade shows how goose feathers can be used in a variety of ways and provides a very enlightening way to decorate your ceiling, Fabulous Feathers, £565,



    Easter 19: 9 4814413_l 

    Add a bit of Hollywood style glamour to your living space with this very elegant sofa, Hollywood Regency Brass Greek Key and Blue Velvet Settee Sofa, £5110.58,






     Easter 19: 10 77865-12636974

    No need to spend hours on the plane in order to enjoy these exotic surroundings, Palm Grove (2) Wallpaper,





    Easter 19: 11 0004988_ginger-jars 

    These are no average glass jars but handmade and unique pieces which are available in two sizes, Ginger Jars (SKU: 304043), £240,





    Easter 19: 11A emma-dining-chair-4690.rok.000-02a 

    Dine out and entertain in style with these beautifully designed chairs, Emma Dining Chair,






    Easter 2019: Crystal Vase 13082291_master

    The perfect way to display your Easter decoration. This crystal vase from Germany is handblown and hand crafted and comes in a number of decorative designs and colours, Sofina Boutique Kitzbuehel Crystal Handblown Easter Decor Vase, £743.27,



     Easter 19: 12 IMG_3666_1

    Give your table lamp a new makeover and transform your living room with this colourful and decorative lampshade, Millie Lampshade, £150,





    Easter 19: 12-0A RC_1027163_Spring Coll 2019 Bonbonniere Caprifolium_0 

    This Honeysuckle Bonbonnier will add a very pretty Easterly touch to your living room tables and doubles up as a decorative trinket box, Royal Copenhagen Bonbonnier Honeysuckle Easter Egg, £44,





    Easter 19: 12A london-single-chair-1911.mgd.000-06 

    Add a wonderful spot of colour to your dining room with these lovely eye-catching dining chairs, London Chair,




    Easter 19: 13 superb-glazed-urn-preorder-852 

    This glazed terracotta urn is a super choice for your Easter flower display, Superb Glazed Urn, £110,






    Easter 19: 14 il_794xN.1825629971_jtck 

    Whether this lampshade is used in a bedroom or sitting room, its vivid colours will add a wonderful refreshing touch, Pink and Blue Lampshade, £150,






    Easter 19: 14A 1197358_1_new 

    This is such a simple, yet elegant design which will look stunning in any room scheme, Kupla Round Blue Vase, £32,






    Easter 19L 14B 7c338f58d7c098a7058de42ae3883d7f 

    Kelling Design has a wonderful way of adding vibrant colours to its interior schemes. Having recently designed and developed its own home accessory range, its products can now be enjoyed by all of us too,






    Easter 2019: pink-office-chair-on-casters-1000-1-33-134964_1 

    This funky pink desk chair will surely be a great incentive for your children to sit at their desk and do their homework, Bristol Pink Office Chair on Casters, £67.19,





    Easter 19: 16 rockettstgeorge_matthew_williamson_jaipur_jewel_600g_scent 

    Not only does this beautiful candle smell divine, it is also beautifully designed in Matthew Williamson’s signature style, Matthew Williamson Jaipur Jewel Scented Candle, £120,





     Easter 19: 16A elina

    Be bold and introduce some bright colours into your living space! whether you love multi-colour interiors or prefer the minimalist look but need just one touch of colour, these rugs will stand out, Elina, EUROS 1030,






    Easter 2019: Egg 1 RICHFI-01320181016-3109-8zuaq 

    This is the one egg you don't want to hide! Even those who 'have it all' might still be surprised to find this very special egg in their nest!,  Richard Ginori Aurea Large Egg With Lid By Gio Ponti, £350,






    Easter 19: 17 23009-aurelia-chair-volcano-paradise-angle 

    Upholstered in pink Ikat print with ticking stripe piping, this chair is fun and not afraid to be seen, Aurelia Chair, Volcano Paradise, £475,







    Easter 19: 18 8fa5da11-e2e3-4059-93a8-39157b81b98e 

    Be inspired and get into the swing of Spring with this vibrant original painting by award-winning Bath artist Emma Rose. And should you need another one to match, you can commission her to create a bespoke work of art, Bloom (100x100cm), £1.500,







    Easter 19: 19 rockettstgeorge_gold_neck_green_tinted_glass_bottle_vase_li 

    This decorative vase provides a lovely base for your Easter twig display or a big bunch of long stem flowers, Gold Neck Green Tinted Glass Bottle Vase, £48,







     Easter 19: 20 Matilda_Goad_napkin_pink_649f0f66-1471-4732-b798-e276fdba1

    Add a pop of colour to your Easter and Spring dining table with these pretty napkins, Washed Linen Scallop Napkin - Pink, £65 (set of 4 napkins),




     Easter 19: 21 eab53e9b-7b87-4971-bc30-8e3b1f67bb6d

    Designed by Cecilie Manz, this Fritz Hansen Pouf provides highly aesthetic and functional additional seating, Pouf Large, Sakura, £472,






    Easter 19: 22 hoj2804-ceramic-hand-painted-flamingo-egg-cup 

    Eating your eggs first thing in the morning will be a far more enjoyable experience with these gorgeous flamingos, Fay Flamingo Egg Cup,






    Easter 19: 23 47127212_033_b4-1 

    Designer Kendra Dandy has become known for bold works of art on furniture and accessories. Her eye-catching patterns are inspired by her love of exotic flora, fauna and animals, Island Spirit Chair,

    Easter 19: 24 IMG_5806__lThis is another fine modern take on this custom-made classic Greek Key bench which sits comfortably amongst classic as well as contemporary furniture, Modern Custom-Made Greek Key Rectangular Bench in Gray and Purple Velvet, £1965.61,






    Easter 19: 25 catch-all-le-wink-pink-green-yellow-blue_madeindesign_3080 

    These eye-catching china coasters will keep your tables protected when entertaining guests, Le Wink Catch All, Jonathan Adler, £78 (set of 4),

     Easter 19: 26 group_0003_10cm_group

    Alone or in a small collection, these delicate painted ceramic bowls add lovely touch of colour to your tables, Full Painted Ceramic Bowl With Gold Rim, £55,





    Easter 19: 27 Matilda_Goad_candle_mix_600x 

    These pretty candles will provide a lovely display of spring colours, Ribbed Beeswax Mixed Candles, £42 (pack of 6),





     Easter 19: 28 TIP0001MUR001_SUN0001_1

    Known as Tipetti, these intricately designed, ornamental-stemmed goblets are currently found in Murano’s historic glass museum. Brought to life by Salvia's art of artisanal glassmaking on the island of Murano since 1859, these are the last artisans to use these rare, complex and time consuming techniques to produce unique pieces of art. These pricey but one of a type pieces are sold individually and have to be pre-ordered,





    Easter 19: 29 jugpurple_c06548b6-f42d-4b58-aee0-cad548a56eb4_1024x1024 

    Whether for water, cocktails or flowers, these exclusive hand-blown, white-rimmed jugs bring just the right amount of zing to the room, Hand-blown Glass Bumba Jug, £235 (per jug),






    Easter 19: 30 s-l500 

    This vintage occasional table with its refreshing colours, will be good company for your sofa or armchair or next to your bed, Green & Cream Lamp Table, £199.00,




    Easter 19: 31 IMG_3708_2 

    For a bright and colourful Spring makeover, treat yourself to one of Kelling Designs latest embroidered lampshades, Sophia Suzani Embroidered Lampshades, £250,






    Easter 19: 32 IMG_0759_62de187e-d671-4b35-b9ee-dc80111d20a2_600x 

    Spruce up your green plants and display them in one of these bright planters which come in a variety of shapes and colours, Scallop Tole Planter in Yellow,






    Easter 19: 33 Blithfield_circles&squares_chairandcushionsThis new collection of fabrics and wallpapers, displaying circles and squares are brought to life in a range of vibrant colours, looking fantastic on chairs, cushions or walls, The Spencer Collection,




    Easter 19: 34 easter-egg-fine-milk-and-dark-chocolate-selection-box-395g_ 

    The perfect choice for your Easter Egg Hunt or as a gift which no doubt will be much loved and appreciated, Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Chocolat Selection Box, £38,






    Easter 19: 35 kbq5339-green-geometric-vase 

    Choose any flowers for this vase and they will always look fantastic, Green Geometric Vase, £30,






    Easter 19: 36 original_six-luxury-peter-rabbit-easter-christening-crackeYour Easter table will look very jolly and the kids will love them, so why not add these gorgeous crackers to your table decoration, Luxury Peter Rabbit Easter Crackers by Nancy & Betty Studio, £25 (pack of 6),



     Easter 19: 37 IMG_3664_1 

    You only need one or two of these decorative lampshades to give your interiors that instant look of Spring, Daisy Lampshade, £150,





    Easter 19: 38 gisela-graham-easter-decoration-blue-yellow-glass-fillable- 

    This pretty and delicate painted hanging glass Easter egg is another lovely find of mine for your Easter table decoration, Gisela Graham Country Folk Glass Refillable Easter Egg Hanging Decoration, £6.99,






    Easter 19: 39 carlotta-scalloped-round-trays-set-of-two-preorder-769 

    Hand painted by skilled artisans these round trays are a perfect when entertaining your guests at this time of year, Sophie Conran Carlotta Bottle Coaster,







    Easter 19: 40 Ball-Chair-Green_1024x1024 

    For a very stylish retro look, these ball chairs are a fantastic and very visual choice. If green is not your colour, there are other colour ways on offer, Ball Chair inspired by Eero Aarnio, £625,






    Easter 19: 41 s-l1600 

    Very much love this antique jug which is a fun addition to your Easter dinner table and beyond, Antique/Vintage Figural Jug  With Leaping Rabbit Handle, Italian Majolica, £123,






    Easter 19: 42 il_794xN.1667248736_9uw6 

    Timeless and looking good with most interiors, this cactus pillow was handwoven from silk of the sabra cactus plant, featuring Berber symbols, Authentic Moroccan Cactus Silk Sabra Pillow, £63.40,






     Easter 19: 43 DET_IMG11879

    This lovely collection of hand block print table mats will double up as a very decorative surround for your dinner plates, Birdie Fortescue Green Lotus Placemat, £13.50,






     Easter 19: 44 il_794xN.1797753248_t76y

    This beautiful handwoven basket offers the perfect way to pass your bread around the table or storage for your fruit, African Handwoven Raffia Basked, £17.83,






    Easter 19: 45 il_794xN.1497173946_2uci 

    These lamp finials provide a wonderful display of colours but also come in other colour ways, £16.64,






    Easter 2019: Biggi Best Plates img_2430


    These plates featuring a slightly uneven texture and pretty design are a lovely choice as an every day as well as a relaxed dinner party service, Vegetable Stoneware Dinner Plates, £39.50 (set of 4),





     Easter 19: 46 rockettstgeorge_tumbler_gk_lowres

    Made from fine crystal glass and hand-engraved, these water glasses will look stunning if you want to entertain in style, Greek Key Vintage Style Crystal Tumblers, £66 (set of 6),





    Easter 19: 47 rockettstgeorge_duck-vase-planter-ornament_lifestyle_lowre 

    This planter is not just fun to look at, it is also very versatile doubling up as flower pot, fruit bowl or chocolat bonnetiere, White Peking Ducks Plant Pot Vase, £55,





    Easter 19: 48 QCH489PGGRM-0_01_L 

    This cushion is crafted from Tussar silk. Also known as ‘wild silk’, this material is gathered from Indian forests by members of a tribe and collected sustainably. Each side of this hand-woven, reversible cushion cover features a bold design in rich tones; a lime Turkish ikat-inspired print on one side and a classic aubergine stripe on the other, Bohlan Cushion Cover, £95,




     Easter 19: 48A NOR296GRM-0_01-1

    Create a decorative feature and store your trinkets at the same time with this hand painted green pot, Bizele Lidded Pot, £70,






    Easter 19: 49 tapet-de-gournay-japanese-korean-atticreative65866a6dbcff 

    Well, how about this for a feature wall? This wallpaper is certainly not designed to blend discreetly into your room scheme but rather bringing the outdoors indoors, Weeping Willow Wallpaper,




    Easter 19: 50 IMG_7083_org_l 

    Orangery, conservatory or sun room, this set of table and chairs is a perfect set up to entertain small groups of friends, Square Game Table and Four Green Faux Bamboo Rattan Chairs, £4831.85,





    Easter 19: 51 il_794xN.245999465 

    Create a decorative table centre with this hand block printed table runner, Dandelion Spring Garden Table Runner, £42.99,






    Easter 19: 52 701 

    You might find your guests green with envy if they spot this pretty occasional table in your sitting room, Square Bamboo Table (Ref: 701B), Easter 19: 53 Single_stripe_green_and_white_2cfbdc65-bfc2-436d-a98d-dc

    So much more than just another tumbler, these exquisite avocado green and white, single striped, hand blown glasses from Murano, will turn any meal with your guests into a very special experience, Handblown Green & White Glass Tumblers, £880 (set of 8),





    Easter 2019: CheskieJan19682_1600x  

    Give your table an instant new and fresh look with this pretty table runner, Kapaas Grean/Teal Table Runner, £65,




    Easter 19: 54 XMT002PGMLT-0 

    No need to spend hours hunting for the right decorative eggs for your Easter table. Oka has already done the legwork for you with this lovely set of 12 ready to go ceramic eggs which also come in a different colour set, Ostara Ceramic Egg Decorations, £40 (set of 12),





    Easter 19: 54A 9df1a24153951fe98f9d45ae0681073d 

    Based on original Delft tile designs, these motifs have been transferred to create this exclusive collection of plates, Vermeer Off White Dinner Plates, £270 (set of 6),






    Easter 19: 55 rockettstgeorge_matthew_williamson_palm_springs_600g_scen 

    Created from the finest Portuguese ceramic, this is another wonderful Matthew Williamson designed candle holder, Matthew Williamson Palm Springs Scented Candle, £140,





     Easter 19: 56 hydrangea-leaf-plates-set-of-six-92b

    Give your dinner table that wonderfully leafy look with these original Sophie Conran plates, which have been designed by French floral designer Christian Tortu, Hydrangea Leaf Plates, £96 (set of 6),





    Easter 19: 57 18122162_1 

    The US company Williams Sonoma never fails to offer a lovely range of interior products and designs. Erin Lauder’s Line of chinaware designs for Williams Sonoma is just another absolute favourite of mine. The design on this lovely champagne/ice bucket has also been used on a dinnerware set, Ardsley champagne Bucket, Aerin Lauder for Williams Sonoma,



      Easter 19: 58 DC49005-818

    Add some charm and lighten up your wall with this timeless wall sconce, Emory Sconce,




     Easter 19: 59 turquoise-blue-2-door-sideboard-with-gold-graphic-print-10

    This is one of those decorative pieces of furniture which will always work well alongside classic or contemporary interiors, Barracuda Turquoise Blue 2-Door Sideboard with Gold Graphic Print, £,





     Easter 19: 60 ptw8510-set-of-six-blossom-glasses

    Intricate in design and vibrant in colour, these glasses serve your guests well with drinks through the seasons,  Blossom Glasses, £69 (set of 6),





    Easter 19: 60A pedro-lampe-base-2 

    I have fallen in love with these gorgeous table lamps which come in a variety of colours, Pedro Lampe Base in Bleu Canard, EUROS 250, Easter 19: 61 DIS0006CER001_LIB0003_0

    Service your early morning or afternoon tea in style with this very eye-catching porcelain tray, Libellula Ceramic Tea For Two Tray, £155,




    Easter 19: 62 animal_circular_table_mats_sku_312147

    These beautiful tablets are inspired by Nina Hedgerow accessories, Circular Animal Print Tablemats, Set of 4,






    Easter 19: 62A pedro-lampe-base 

    This is another of my table lamp top picks featuring a deliciously crisp combination of colours, Pedro Lampe Base in Blanc Vert, EUROS 250,





     Easter 19: 63 nknown

    Pair these lampshades with your table lamps and you will achieve a very chic, timeless and completely new look, Hand Gathered Emerald Green/Cream Hand Woven Silk Cotton Lampshade (hand lined), £380,







    Easter 19: 64 il_794xN.615175067_m7l8 

    Add a very personal touch to these cushions with you own choice of monograms and colours, Monogram Lumbar Pillow Cover, £34.87, 

    Easter 19: 65 cult-living-marie-low-small-stool-fabric-upholstered-gree 

    Take a break from the English weather and enjoy that exotic leafy look instead. This stool can be easily moved around the rooms giving you some feeling of warmth, Green Palm Leaf Marie Low Small Stool (Product Code: 9817), £79,






     Easter 19: 66 Screenshot_2019-03-05_at_13.06.31_600x

    Inspired by Roman pillars and painted in a strong and vibrant green, this table lamp is matched up well with the more subtle cream scallop lampshade, Leaf Green Ceramic Pillar Lamp, £295 and Classic Cream Raffia Scallop Lampshade, £132, both from





    Easter 19: 67 il_794xN.1009134463_g1te 

    Transform your sofas and chairs instantly with this cheerful and stylish pillow cover, Kelly Green Pillow Cover with Greek Key Trim, £45.96,





     Easter 2019: Green/Blue Candle RICHFI-30620181016-3109-9u6sut

    This decorative candle with lid is made of fine porcelain. Inspired by the Far East,  the pot displays a vivid green background with dark blue elements, Richard Ginori's craftsmen created a unique piece that stands out, Oriente Italiano Malachite Candle With Lid, £180,





    Easter 19: 68 portuguese-shop-counter-1930s-1 

    This Portuguese vintage shop counter is from the 1930s. It is a lovely authentic piece with a natural patina to the paint finish. Featuring a cheese board shelf and moulding along the bottom edge,  Portuguese Shop Counter 1930s, £2787,



     Easter 19: 68A 5aa14a2490fe9s

    This tableware in ‘terre melee’ with marble using a rare and precious eighteenth century technique is made in Gard and comes in a variety of colours and tableware, Terre Melee Tray, EUROS 60,





    Easter 19: 70 cult-living-evelyn-accent-chair-velvet-upholstered-green- 

    Rather than sitting under palm trees, you will be sitting on top of them, if you choose this chair with its exotic touch, Green Palm Leaf Evelyn Accent Chair, £289,






     Easter 19: 71 10453103_master

    This one of a kind made-to-order drum stool consists of a hand-dyed green cement top and a packed white rock salt bottom. Poured by hand over jagged minerals, the green cement merges the materials to create a unique organic blend, Fernando Mastrangelo Drum Hunter Cement and White Rock Salt, £3526.18,






    Easter 19: 72 boj1303-morocan-tile-placemat 

    Bring a touch of Moroccan flavour to your dinner table with these decorative placemats, Moroccan Tile Placemats, £12.95,






     Easter 19: 73 IRE084 1-490x490

    Bamboo inspired furniture has seen a revival and is increasingly being spotted in combination with the latest room schemes. This chair lends itself perfectly as a choice for a dining or occasional bedroom chair, Imperial Faux Bamboo Dining Chair, £306,





     Easter 19: 74 mua1039-beaumont-tray-table

    Handcrafted by a team of skilled craftsmen, this tray table features a striking bone inlay tray top and a contemporary mango wood frame, Beaumont Tray Table, now reduced to £165,





    Easter 19: 75 papier-peint-theatre 

    For a dramatic backdrop and feature wall without being too overpowering, this wallpaper is one of my top picks, Theater Wallpaper Mural,





     Easter 19: 76 10067131_masterThe design of these stunning chairs is a wonderful example of a perfect fusion between ancient patterns and designs from different cultures, Pair of Michael Taylor for Baker Greek Key Armchairs Far East Collection, £2083.55,






    Easter 19: 77 greek-key-tissue-box_000000000005553168 

    Inspired by the timeless Greek Key motif this box provides a very luxurious cover for your tissues, Greek Key Tissue Box, £479,



    Easter 19: 78 rockettstgeorge_alice-in-wonderland-rabbit-planter_lifest

     Anyone who loves Lewis Carrol’s classic Alice in Wonderland or loves quirky homeware will adore this planter, Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Bust Plant Holder, £65,



    Easter 19: 78-0A il_1140xN.1855610631_faorSometimes, it can be quite a revelation to move away from mainstream colours and achieve quite a unique look. Thus cushion will without a doubt stand out when placed on a chair or sofa, Hand Woven Velvet Ikat Pillow, £61.68,





    Easter 19: 78A pedro-lampe-base-1 

    The Bee inspired colours of this decorative table lamp are impossible to ignore and  would create a very visible feature on your side tables, Pedro Lampe Base, EUROS 250,




     Easter 19: 79 chequered-black-and-ecru-cotton-and-wool-armchair-1000

    Introduce that Moroccan feel to your living room with this very cosy occasional chair, Kabyle Chequered Black and Ecru Cotton and Wool Armchair, £263.55,





     Easter 19: 80 trano-limited-edition-reed-diffuser-500ml-mabhoga-585166

    This Mabhoga fragrance diffuser is covered with black, beige and ochre raffia, accessorising your rooms with a little touch of ethnic flair, Trano-Mabhoga Diffuser, £115,





     Easter 19: 80A pia-2

    Be bold and turn your living room into a technicolour experience with this fluorescent and rather chic rug. You can be sure, it will not be overlooked! Pia comes in different colours and sizes, from EUROS 880,




    Easter 2019: Mai Lampen Unknown 

    Inspired by years of living in China, Neise is always on the lookout for new designs and urns which can be transformed into unique table lamps such as this, Black Swan Table Lamp, EUROS 190, (international shipping available)




     Easter 19: 81 72-08-Pr-of-Neoclassical-commodes-T

    Although classic pieces of furniture, these chests could look fantastic mixed with the right choice of more contemporary pieces, £7469.31, £7469.31,


    Easter 19: 82 burnt 

    Individually created from vintage silk saree, this is one of Samarkand Designs unique lampshades. You can be sure, that you will not find the same piece in any of your best friends homes, Samarkand Shade, Burnt Orange and Charcoal,









    Easter 19: 82A il_1140xN.1577361605_5j7q 

    The warm colours and timeless design of this cushion, will bring a wonderfully calm and cosy element to your living space, Silk Ikat Pillow, £19.90,






    Easter 19: 83 shopping 

    Add your individual touch to the dinner table with these personalised paper napkins, Vintage Birds and Rabbit Personalised Nature Frame Napkin, £45.20 (pack of 50 napkins),




     Easter 19: 84 Pineappleandkirby

    Being part of the new Spencer Collection, these new fabric designs feature wonderful and vibrant patterns and colours, Blithfield Spencer Collection,





     Easter 19: 85 normal_set-of-two-embroidered-rabbit-napkins

    Complete your Easter table decoration with these gorgeous embroiled napkins, Kate Sproston Design Set of Two Embroidered Rabbit Napkins, £34,





    Seasonal Interiors and Easter Treats 




    Easter 2019: yarkoe-portfolio-beata-heuman-pufikhomes-19a






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    Easter 19: 87 michelle_nussbaumer5 





    Easter 19: 88 easter-tablescape-lettuceware





    Easter 19: 88A db09b8c5e6f210d7525119bc8760d279





    Easter 19: 89 160610_BW_AV_03_0086_HighRes-house-28jun17-simon-brown_b





    Easter 19: 90 green-color-living-room1 





    Easter 19: 91 5718e304a19db1194c4c65c8c2f98228

    Via:  / 




    Easter 19: 92 c35417cd80084431bf5c99838128749d





    Easter 19: 93 160610_BW_AV_04_0183_HighRes-house-28jun17-simon-brown_b





    Easter 19: 94 ScreenShot2016-04-03at1.15.57PM





    Easter 19: 94A 3eb362e4b7f4bf1be17b5c21871edc84






    Easter 19: 95 ScreenShot2016-04-03at4.30.35PM





    Easter 19: 96 Screen-Shot-2018-02-06-at-16.25.14-e1517935277566





    Easter 19: 96A Sun-Sofa-10apr17-John-Bessler_b





    Easter 19: 97 Dining-Spread-10apr17-John-Bessler_b





    Easter 19: 98 laduree6