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    Below are some pieces which caught my eye and fit in beautifully at this time of year:


    Easter 14: Partritge Cushion cockcush 

    This brand new hand made needlepoint cushion will set the scene for a festive Easter athmosphere.

    Current bid: CHF 40



     Easter 14 1: Partridge Chair ribbonlouis

    Add a bright element to your living space with this classy 19th Century Antique Louis XVI style armchair.

    Current bid: CHF 485



    Easter 14: Partridge fountain fullterredefer-500x500 

    A lovely way to transform a dull looking wall. The Déposé Terre de Fer Water Font is 86cm high.

    Current bid: CHF 220

    To see what other products are up for auction please take a look at 





    Easter 14 1: Liz IMG_4666-1

    I am very pleased to introduce Liz Forest of EMF Management Services. The work and projects Liz is involved with,  are very much in line with and complementary to my own work, enabling both of us, to offer a much broader service to our clients. Having seen each other`s work, we are both very keen to work together as a team, when a project requires a more comprehensive and time consuming input. 

    Easter 14: Liz 1 DSC_1612                 Easter 14: Liz 2 Salon angle 1 (GWard)

    Liz specializes in property management and renovation service. Her knowledge of French and expertise with local building regulations have been of great help especially to the expat community. Liz provides tailor made assistance to home and business owners for renovation and refurbishment of living and working spaces as well as property management and research. The success of her work is based on professional expertise and a substantial network of collaborators. Here are some of the jobs she can take care of:



    * Assistance in planning and implementing of home renovation projects

    * Help with putting ideas together

    * Dealing with local authorities

    * Identifying experts, craftsmen and competitive bids

    * Coordinating work teams


    Property Management

    * Research and help identifying commercial and residential properties (for sale/rent)

    * Managing and liaising with incoming tenants

    * Assistance with property maintenance or repairs

    * Help with general administrative tasks

    Liz offers a first one-hour consultation free of charge including evenings or week-ends. For more information, examples of her work and contact details you can go directly to





    Spring is in the air and Easter is approaching. This is a lovely time of year. Colours are springing to life in our gardens, giving lots of inspiration and incentive to spruce up the home with a few new additions, be it in the way of furniture or just a few accents to your room. To help you with this changeover, here is a selection of fun and interesting picks, for some seasonal and hair-raising inspiration!



    Easter 14: RabbitChairs-1 

    What better way to sit your guests down over Easter lunch. These fun-tastic creations by artist Charlotte Cory are perfect for this coming season and beyond,



    Easter 14: Floral Mirror em45_medium 

    For a stylish leafy element on your walls, this mirror is a real statement piece,




           Easter 14: Parrot Wine Cooler 4148                  Deaster 14: Parrot Water Jug 4078      

    Keep your cool when entertaining your guests. For a stylish dinner table to impress, the Silver Birch parrot wine cooler and water jugs will do a very fine job. Just add the parrot candle holders and you have the most unusual and impressive table setting, (International Shipping)




    Easter 14: Bunny Ear Chair d68b7c2c38c90ea327e0a522cd9fac5f 

    A perfect addition for anyone with eccentric tendencies. The moment your guests sit down, their heads will have a long ear extension. This is a true statement piece about which your guests will talk long after the dinner party is over,



    Easter 14: Butterfly Drum Shade whitefarfalla_4

    These pretty butterfly drum shades come in different sizes and have been made from top quality Osbourne & Little wallpaper, 



    Easter 14 1: 3 Bunny Cushion img4j 

    An absolutely charming way to give your sofas a stylish element, while your guests prepare for the Easter egg hunt, CHF 31.90,



    Easter 14: Lamb stool 

    This gorgeous sheep chair will no doubt take prime position in any child`s bedroom,



    Easter 14 1: Egg Pictures il_570xN.507130664_518b

    The set of 9 Antique Bird Eggs Prints will give your wall a stylish lift not just for Easter. Add a large bowl with ostrich eggs to your coffee table and you have the perfect complement for the pictures, CHF 58.85,



    Easter 14: Grey classic-english-fiddleback-chair-15-off-4652-p 

    With just a lick of paint, this chair has a contemporary feel and looks very stylish round a kitchen table. An Angel at my Table offers a choice of different colours to mix and match, £125,



    Easter 14: Multi Colour Pedant Lights diamondtip-lr-ls


    If you are looking for a bit of colour in your kitchen, these pendant lamps are a very stylish solution and look also very nice when suspended at different heights,




    Easter 14 1: Bunny Retro Chair Image.aspx.html          Easter 14 1: Pink Retro Chair Image-2.aspx.html 

    These vintage Parker Knoll chairs are upholstered in Thonrnback & Peel hand-printed fabric. If you are planning to furnish your children`s bedroom, these models should provide a truly fun and timeless solution,




    Easter 14: H&M Plate hmprod-1    Easter 14: H&M Pot hmprod-2   Easter 14: H&M Cup hmprod 

    These china pieces with their Moorish design are a fun and inexpensive way to introduce some colour spots into your room.



    Easter 14 1: Pink Kids Shade preview_in-the-forest-pink-paper-cut-lantern 

    The Forest Paper Cut Lantern by the Little Baby Company is a lovely way to cheer up a girl`s bedroom and will be a guaranteed success. £ 16,95,




    Easter 14: radiator_bisque_classic 

    Always popular in traditional interiors, the Bisque Classic Radiator feels equally at home in contemporary settings,



      Easter 14: LED Bed 2009070311 Easter 14: LED Armchair leon-nouveauEaster 14: LED pink Armchair max3       Easter 14: LED Sofa sofi

    These furniture by French designer Philippe Boulet, will keep your guests entertained all evening. They come in different designs and even include a bed. The integrated touchpad controlls the programmable LED modulator tube and can change colours for additional effect,


    Easter 14: Bird chest I_162579650_50_20120118 

    For a fresh look and some bright seasonal accent to a room or bedroom, this little chest with its pretty bird pattern will add a breath of fresh air to your interior,


    Easte 14: Multi Shades ritabig                           Easter 14: Multi Lampshades 2 emmybig                        Easter 14: Multi Shades valeriebig

    With these bespoke creations, you would even stand out at Ascot. All lamp shades are made bespoke to any design, offering each client a very creative input,



    Easter 14/ Pink-Red retro sofa dellasofa 

    Enjoy the trendy interior fashions of the 50s with this retro sofa in a dramatic velvet with button details. There are a number of colours to choose from,



    Easter 14 1: Multi Tea Lights preview_parisien-style-pastel-glass-tealight- 

    A perfect addition for a fresh Easter table setting, Pastel Glass Tea Light Holders, £5,99 each,



    Easter Sofa: Sanderson fabric chair fa 

    The fabric on this chair (Fitzroy) is like a breath of fresh air and adds a lovely colour spot to a kitchen or sitting room, fabric Sanderson,



    Easter 14 1: 3 Side Tables T1P4999 

    If you have some cash to splash, make any of these very stylish tinted lens side tables with acrylic top and chrome base by Bryan McCollin your statement piece, EUR 3000,



    Easter 14: Up-cycled side board flowery-furniture

    A lovely example of upcycled furniture. This one-off piece is one of many sold by Green and Mint, 



    Easter 14: Turquoise Sofa A-Standard-Lowback-French-Style-Sofa-by-Talisman- 

    This elegant French style sofa can be made bespoke to different sizes and fabrics,



    Easter 14 1: Turquoise Retro Side Board oak-jade-sea-bird2 

    This 1950s retro sideboard is quite a find: another eye-catching example of upcycled furniture,



    Easter 14 1: Nada Debs Stools Listener-2 

    A beautiful and uplifting mix of contemporary design with a Moorish element. Nada Debs has got her designs down to a fine art, from $454, (International Shipping)



    Easter 14: butterfly-parade-white-cushion-flat-shot 

    Spring is definitely in the air with this dramatic display of butterflies printed and embroidered on white linen featuring the Christian Lacroix house logo. For orders or enquiries please contact me on



    Easter 14: fresh-funky-blackboard-dinning-table


    This is the perfect kitchen table to get children into creative mood. The unique blackboard table top allows them to design their own pictures before or after each meal, £ 190,



    Easter 14: Yellow Cast Iron Chairs A-Set-of-Four-Neoclassical-Inspired-Cast 

    For a statement dinner table, this set of 4 neoclassical inspired cast iron lattice seats finished in citrus yellow from the 1960s would make the perfect addition,


     Easter 14: Parrot Wall Lights bp009use       

    You don`t need a cage or net to capture this very attractive pair of Parrot Wall Sconces, £305



    Easter 14 1: Yellow Retro Coffee Table Image-1.aspx.html 

    If your kitchen is large enough for an additional sitting area, this vintage coffee table with bespoke top would provide a fun and unusual finishing touch, £360,



    Easter 14: N-J Yellow bed set 2463_Standard 

    Brighten up your bedroom with this beautifully embroidered Medina Throw and Cushion Cover, (International Shipping)



    Easter 14: Multi Colour Lamp Shades 71492_617767028278197_1507971112_n

     Melodie Horne has produced this lovely range of vibrant Irish Linen colours and Ikat patterned Lamp shades offering a choice of 45 colours and all hand made,




    Easter 14 1: Green Tree Cabinet produtos_8_6 

    For the design conscious with a taste for the unusual, this Magnolia Sideboard combines nature with modern design and would provide a real statement piece. It can be supplied in different colours,




    Easter 14: Made Yellow dinig chiars hoxton_collection_chairs_pistachio_gree 

    These stylish yellow chairs provide the trendy designer look without the price tag, £149, (Ship to the UK and France)                     

    Easter 14: Butterfly retro chair 01-Tortie-Hoare 

    An eye-catching chair inspired by the wings of a butterfly, covered in leather and linen make it a beautiful, organic statement piece,




     Easter 14: moss_rug

    Add a green element to your home with this unusual Moss Rug,




     Easter 14: Bunny painting 1 il_570xN.216609946                                 Easter 14: Bunny painting 2 il_570xN.281510759

    These lovely rabbit paintings by Rachelle Livingston will look gorgeous well beyond Easter, from CHF 11.03,





    Easter 14: Fern-Jade-Cushion1-420x420   Easter 14: Fern-Jade-Throw2-420x420 

    Inspired by Fern and Reeds, these cushions and throws come in four colourways,



    Easter 14: Yellow Sofa Elegant-living-room-Homes--Gardens 

    Bring some sunshine into your living room with this very stylish yellow sofa,




    Easter 14: Paper Cutouts march-hare           Easter 14: Paper Cutouts the_look_of_love           Easter 14: Paper Cutouts butterflies_from_nowhere_523 

    Helen Musselwhite has her paper sculptures down to a fine art, producing the most enchanting pieces which are very much inspired by nature and animals. Most of her work derives from private commissions or pieces for gallery shows,



     Easter 14: diamond-emerald-trend-00

    `Diamonds are forever`, now not only decorating your hand but also your interior. The Diamond Emerald Sideboard could provide the jewel in the crown of your living room and as the smaller ring version, not everybody can get their hands on it as it comes in a limited edition,



    Easter 14 1: Yellow Drum shade 

    If you are just looking for small but eye-catching colour touches for your interior, I would go for these Pompadour Drum Lamp Shades which come in different sizes, from £35.



     Easter 14: chinoiserie-bird-shelves-10-off-10831-p[ekm]437x437[ekm]

    Almost too good to use it as an ordinary bookshelf. You could add some decorative elements though, to complement its pretty design, (H 90, W 41, D 15 cm), £125,



    Easter 14: antique-style-metal-folding-table-20-off-6757-p[ekm]437x470[ekm]

    This folding metal garden table painted in antique green would look equally decorative inside and is easy to move inside or out, £ 40,


    Easter 14 1: Hair Tray Image-3.aspx.html

    A very fetching way to serve drinks to your Easter lunch guests, £22,







    Easter 14 Deco: a45cab9c53af3c610bc6cd50b161c835



    Easter 14 2: Room Deco 2009-04-08-eastereggdisplay_rect540



    Easter 14 Deco: a100287_0404_eggcupweggs_hd




    Easter 14: Browell Eggs 2 IMG_1840      Easter 14: Browell Eggs 1 IMG_1848



    Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-2010



    Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-2413




    Easter 14 Deco: gt048_eggflowarr1_vert




    Easter 14 Deco: la104017_0409_mantel1_hd



    Easter 14 Deco: la10409_0409_7_05_hd



    Easter 14 Deco: mld105459_0410_bunny2_sq



    Easter 14 Deco: flowers-ms108470_vert


    Easter 14 Deco: Easter Yellow Display on shelves


    Easter 14 Deco: ArchitectureArtDesigns-1324 



    Easter 14 2: Deco Twiggs mla103219_0408_birds1_hd



    Easter 14 Deco: images

    Via /







     Easter 14 Room: HomeUpdates2_EL_8mar13_Dan-Duchars_b_426x639

    Via /


    Easter 14 Room: IH-wall-7



    Easter 14 2: Room Pink images




    Easter 14 Room: Rachel-Whiting-easy-living-14jan14_pr_b_426x639

    via January 2013 issue of House & Garden. Styling: Gabby Deeming



    Easter 14 Room: Graphic-living-room



    Easter 14 Room: Bright Green Wallpaper and sofa 




    Easter 14 Room: kitchen-easy-living-7-18dec13-Simon-Brown_b_426x639




    Easter 14 Room: Green-and-White-Living-Room-Ideal-Home-Housetohome



    Easter 14 Room: images copy



    Easter 14 Room: Spring Floral Bedroom Decorating




    Easter 14 Room: ddebb083dc02a83f_photo-gallery-new-traditional-decorating-t

    Via /



    Easter 14 2: Room 8afd1f394383e2497282d395107c54fd



    Easter 14 Room: house-to-home1-arrumadissimo-com-br

    Via /



    Easter 14 Room: Fashion and decor inspired by mother of pearl - Clam Ali-We





    Easter 14 Room: 16600880_81HuUr6i_c



    Easter 14 Room: 759dd2e457336033730aa1e47f941c93












    With the ski season back in full swing, this is the time of year when many of us are in the mood for some chalet inspired interiors.


    Wether you have your own mountain retreat or not,  there are plenty of products out there, which work not only in a mountain chalet but just as well in a country house or urban pad.







    Chalet Product 14: Ferme du Ciel Front_Ext_Night  

    Ferme du Ciel is a boutique luxury catered chalet in Mathonex, Samoens, French Alps, only 1 hour from Geneva airport.

                            Chalet Interior 14: Ferme sitting room fac 1 rs         Chalet Product 14: Ferme du Ciel PhotoGallery_LuxChalet_bed3  

    The Ferme du Ciel is a beautifully renovated 350-year-old Savoyard farmhouse with stunning views over the Giffre Valley and Mont Blanc. From skiing to mountain trecking, this is the perfect place  all year round to combine outdoor activities with relaxation and pampering. Chill out in the sauna or jacuzzi after a day on the slopes during in the winter or cool down in the outdoor swimming pool after an action packed outing in the summer.

    Chalet Interior 14: Ferme jaccuzi indentheader_summer_summerparties1-1    Chalet Product 14: Ferme du Ciel IndentHeaders_bal1flat (270 x 190)    Chalet Product 14: Ferme du Ciel Our_pool

    If you are looking for the perfect venue for a wedding, special event or birthday, the Ferme du Ciel is the ideal place.  Any special request will be taken on board and the planning is carried out with great attention to detail, to offer an unforgettable experience.

    Chalet Product 14: Ferme du Ciel IndentHeader_LuxChalet_Hosts1   

    Andy and Su, who own and run the Ferme du Ciel, are a fantastically friendly couple who make sure that every guest is very well looked after.


    Ferme du Ciel are offering a 10% discount to all my blog readers. 

    Do take a look at the website on and contact Su or Andy for any  queries or bookings






    As always, there are lots of inspiring pieces to be had at Partridge Auctions. Below are just a few pieces, in case you are still in need for something for your mountain retreat:



     If you prefer real to fake fur on your sofa or bed, the Guanaco Fur Blanket/Throw could be your luxury treat. For the current minimum bid at CHF 600,- you can hardly get a good quality fake version.


    Chalet Product 14: Partridge Plate DSC_00405 

    What`s good enough for the Palace Hotel in Gstaad is no doubt good enough for any other mountain pad. This Large Metallic Platter/Wall Hanging was displayed in the Palace Hotel in Gstaad and could create a very eye catching feature in the sitting room. Current minimum bid CHF 100,-




    This pair of French candlesticks with wrought iron removable tripod top have a vintage antique appearance and are perfect on a console or a dining table. Current minimum bid at CHF 300


    Chalet Product 14: Partridge convent 

    Entertain your guests in style with this lovely Walnut Dining Table which originally came from a French Convent. Current minimum bid at CHF 700


    Chalet Product: Partridge plaidcush  

    If your sofa needs a touch of alpine class, this pretty Pierre Frey Cushion will add a spot of colour. Current minimum bid at CHF 35

    For further online auction bids and information, please go to







    Taste Contemporary Craft - Tuesday January 28 - Tuesday February 11, 2014.


    Chalet Interior 14: Craft monique_1                              Chalet Interior 14: Craft brian

    Conceived and curated by Monique Deul.        Art Direction by Brian Kenned


    Taste Contemporary Craft is an annual celebration of the best in international contemporary craft.

     Chalet Interior 14: Craft glass-katherine-coleman-uk1-1 

    Taste will take place in the gallery at Blondeau & Cie located in a converted early 20th century factory building at 5, Rue de la Muse, Geneva, in the heart of the lively art district “Quartier des Bains”.

    Taste Contemporary Craft is a curated exhibition featuring the work of 26 international artists. Each artist will be represented by up to five pieces of work. The exhibition will highlight new trends in craft from major international artists. 

     Chalet Product 14: Crafts glass-philip-baldwin-and-monica-guggisberg-france

    Taste embraces international contemporary craft from cutting-edge design to its crossover with fine art and will include the disciplines of ceramics, glass, metal, textile and wood.

    Chalet Interior 14: Craft wood-ernst-gamperl-germany-1

    Taste focuses on the high end market of contemporary craft. The limited edition and unique objects will be chosen for their high quality, beauty and expert craftmanship.

    For further information please go to their website:








      Chalet Product 14: Oka Ciel du Lit Room Image country_bed2_r               Chalet Product 14: Oka Half Tester STR016NTL-0_01

     A very decorative alternative to the traditional `couronne de lit` and certainly perfect for a cosy chalet atmosphere. The Sultan Half-Tester has the look of antique rattan, £155.00 (international shipping, including Switzerland)



    Chalet Product 14: firewood-door-sticker-mural-13637-p[ekm]233x349[ekm]

    These fantastic door sticker panels transform your door and room in an instant. They come in different sizes and are easy to apply. From £120.00


    Chalet Product 14: Wood in Acryl Block bout-de-canape-kisimi

    Only for those who appreciate these very stylish wood sticks set in acrylic blocks and have the budget to indulge in the Bout de Canapé Nilleq designer side tables, (15x15x20cm or 30x30x45cm), (shipping to France, nearest outlet to Geneva in Divonnes les Bains and La Clusaz)



    Chalet Product 14: Antiqued Cabinet 120x120_c97ae646ae4352e15dc6d69a4fafbbf

    Produced from old/recycled wood with a distressed look, the Jaques Buffet would make a very fitting addition to any chalet interior, EUR 1,629 (shipping across Europe including Switzerland)



    Chalet Product 14: hirsch_im_wald_kissen-rce004391865c4187ae4f7300927d6c57_Chalet Product 14: Vintage Stag Mug live_hirsch_leben_jumbo_tasse-r4fcf4b20Chalet Product 14: intage Stage Plate imitattaxidermy_geweih_studie_vol_2_tChalet Products 14: Stag Cushion vintages_1800s_rote_zierkissen-rbca0b72be0Chalet Product 14: hirsch_im_wald_tisch_sets-rea7fe9073f79497ab6912ff80ce45

    These stunning vintage stag designs can be ordered on a number of products such as the above cushions, table mats, plates and mugs. You can also add your initials on some of the designs to add a very personal touch. (Prices vary and start at: cushions CHF 36,95, Table Set each CHF 28.95, Plate CHF 35.90, Jumbo Mug CHF 30.95), (international shipping)




    Chalet Product 14: Antiqued Cabinet 2 cache_2426392168

    Perfect for the vintage chalet look. The Dressoir Saint has been created from old recycled wood. EUR 2,149 (shipping across Europe including Switzerland)




        Chalet Product 14: Anta Rug 1318508005CawdorHearth  Chalet Product 14: Anta Grey Rug 1320592820Migulay2   Chalet Product 14: Anta Rug 1318846914Argyll2 

    These stylish wool rugs add a warm and classy touch to your living room. There is a wide choice from neutral to tartan to work with and adapt to any interior style. Anta produces carpets, rugs and runners in standard and bespoke sizes and offer a lovely range of tartan wools. (international shipping)



     Chalet Product 14: Stag Back b/w fauteul meubles-et-rangements-fauteuils-ca

    This `Fauteuils Cabriolet Louis XVI Tete de Cerf` is a very clever mix of classic and contemporary design and quite an eye catching addition to your sitting room. EUR 1,200



    Chalet Product 14: Horn Table 160344788a

     If you can`t do without a few pieces of `Horn` around your chalet, why not go for this rather unusual Cheyenne Horn Accent Table, (international shipping including Switzerland)




    Chalet Product 14: Lumberjack Log Wallpaper engineer-collection-lumberjack-

    This very original Lumberjack Log Wallpaper is available in timber and beech effect.....just in case you feel that there is not enough wood in your chalet! 10m roll £69.90,




    Chalet Product 14: 2 low hide covered chairs cache_2426694549

    A perfect occasional chair for a sitting or bedroom. The `Chèvre-Lodge`chairs are covered in goatskin, EUR 669 (shipping accross Europe including Switzerland)




    Chalet Product 14: Antla Fire Wood Holder 420x0_ratio

    Keep your logs on display in style, CHF 1,080 




    Chalet Product 14: Horn Wall_light_1__32597.1386170449.1280.1280.jpg.html

    The `Silver Horn Wall Light` is a very stylish solution for additional and cosy lighting. £55 (international shipping)




    Chalet Product 14: Painted Chest a2_2_1

    A very decorative solution, to store all your surplus belongings away and a perfect decorative addition to those who have a soft spot for hand painted antique furniture, EUR 560 (shipping to Switzerland, Germany and  Austria)




    Chalet Product 14: Antiqued Side Board cache_2441393147

     Made from antique pine. the Sideboard Arese could take prime position next to a vintage dining table. EUR 1,859 (shipping across Europe including Switzerland)



    Chalet Product 14: Wood/Acryl Suare Wall Light applique-kisimi

    The ultimate stylish solution for any wall in and around your chalet walls. These acrylic wall lights show a display of wood branches which blend beautifully into the ambience of your mountain retreat. (shipping to France, nearest outlets to Geneva in Divonne les Bains and La Clusaz)




    Chalet Product 14: Big Stag Wall Sticker 2303ecfd3b132a56d4e24aaccdec997d

     This large Stag Fabric Wall Decal at an impressive size of 183x132cm is repositionable, making it really easy to stand it in the right place and creating a very impressive statement wall. £90




     Chalet Product 14: Round Wood Coffee Table 230x0_ratio

    For those who are looking for a coffee table with a difference, this wood stick table has a black lacquered outer border. (Available in D85 cm and D105cm) from CHF 950 (shipping within Switzerland)




    Chalet Product 14: Stag Chair 01-for-left-2 

    This statement Merve Kahrman Hybrid No 1 armchair is entirely hand made. Special leather with rare patterns has been selected and a textured paint finish applied on wood to create the appearance of a deer.




    Chalet Product 14: Anta Footstool 1384699848cawdorstool               Chalet Product 14: Anta beige stool 1384702298Bench 

    These Anta stools can be covered in any of the Anta fabrics at their Highland workshop, (international shipping)



    Chalet Product 14: cutie-chair 

    The perfect way to sit back and relax after a long day on the slopes. Cutie chair 




    Chalet Product 14: Round Coffee Tables 640x0_ratio-1 

    Its slightly grey varnish gives these coffee tables a vintage appearance which is perfect for chalets. it comes in different sizes and heights. from CHF 590 (shipping within Switzerland)




          Chalet Product 14: Tartan Stag Plate schottischer_tweed_der_tartanhirschhau            Chalet Products 14: schottischer_hirsch_becher_kaffeetasse-rca22f078e62f405 

    For those, who are still looking for suitable mountain chinaware, these Tweed and Stack plates and mugs could be the answer, from CHF 23.95 (international shipping)



    Chalet Product 14: Painted Desk a1_22_6 

    A desk always adds something cosy and special to a room. This hand painted antique model offers itself as a perfect statement piece. EUR 1,090 (ship to Switzerland, Germany, Austria)



     Chalet Product 14: Anta Cubes 1384699596Cubes1 

    A perfect and stylish solution if you need additional seating and don`t have huge amounts of space (45x45x40cm), Prices starting from £240




     Chalet Product 14 Grean Tweed Stag Cushion JWSTAGChalet Product 14: Tweed Dog Cushion GLCUY_016C S

    These are perfect country house or mountain chalet cushions and will cheer up any animal lover!




    Chalet Product 14: bemalter-schrank 

    For those who love all things cosy and traditional, his antique, hand painted wardrobe, is a very fitting piece for a bedroom.




    Chalet Product 14: wolseley_3seater_prodcut_page_french      

    For those who are looking for style on a budget, the Wolseley green Tweed Sofas is a perfect solution. (from EUR 599 to EUR 1,219) (ship to the UK and France)




    Chalet Product 14: 2 Coffee Tables Millepede_Table_by_Ben_Forgey 

    Amongst tree trunk and driftwood tables, this `Millepede`model is one of my favourites, CHF 467.55




    Chalet Product 14: Globus Cushions IMG_0283  

    Add a stylish element to your sofas and chairs without breaking the bank.  (CHF 34.90) Globus Department Store in Geneva


    Chalet Products 14: Andrew Martin t-kilim-stool 

    For a cozy or vintage look, this Kilim stool is a very stylish choice, 



    Chalet Product 14: Oka Lamp Black JJB074BLK-0_01Chalet Product 14: Oka Lamp Natural JJB075WHT-0_01 

    This very eye-catching carved Harewood Lamp comes in black and natural wood. £136 (international shipping including Switzerland)





    Chalet Product 14: PF Cushion 147_F2244BCOU006ROUChalet Product 14: PF Cushion 147_F0156COU040LUGChalet Product 14: PF Cushion 147_F0156COU040CHAChalet Product 14: PF Cushion 147_F0044COU013ROUChalet Product 14: PF Cushion 147_F0044COU013BEI 

    Pierre Frey`s finest pieces designd with alpine interior in mind. The selection of cushions are perfect for accessorising with a bit of colour.   (for orders please contact me on


    Chalet Product 14: bauernschrank_bemalt_vintage_schrank_g2787_1_ 

    A perfect match for those, who like a bit of colour and tradition. Amazingly this hand painted antique piece is hardly any more expensive than the average mid range wardrobe, EUR 849 (shipping to Switzerand, Germany, Austria)



    Chalet Product 14: Antique Baer Bench img-web-14329-bank-bar-aus-holz-gesch 

    This is a true `pièce de résistance` for those who love and appreciate antique furniture from Brienz. They are unique and true collectors items and of course absolutely perfect for most mountain does come at a price though! CHF 8,450 (shipping to Switzerland and Germany)



    Chalet Product 14: Cowhide Bath 164169_atypique-baignoire-en-peau-de-vache 

    If you are still lacking that cowhide element in your alpine retreat you might introduce it in a part of your chalet where it`s least expected but equally admired! Moo Cow Bath,




    Chalet Product 14: seletti-cow-sending-animals-wooden-furniture_im_366 

    This cow hides all your china.




    Chalet Product 14: Cowhide Bar Stool 2013_11_11_7529__91294.1384282466.1280                     Chalet Product 14: Cowhide/Metal dining Chairs 2013_04_28_4848__61119.13687 

    Why not introduce some eye catching cowhide elements in your kitchen. I love the unusual combination of the Hide Tolix style chair (£155,99) which goes very well with the Cowhide Bar Stool (£315), (international shipping)


    Chalet Product 14: Tree Shelf etagere-qijuk 

    This is a wonderfully quirky solution for  small spaces,




    Chalet Products 14: Ski Lamps Skichildspr_sm               Chalet Product 14: Snowshoe Lamp Snowshoe_sm 

    A very fetching way to introduce atmospheric lighting, (pair of ski lamps £275)




    Chalet Product 14: Cowhide Fauteules meubles-et-rangements-cabriolet-louis- 

    A very unusual mix of products was paired up very successfully and seems to work very well. EUR 700





    Chalet Product 14: Swiss Army Blanket Products desalpes_23 

    A very original way to use the traditional Swiss Army Blanket. The Desalpes Company has turned them into hugely stylish chalet interior accessories which work really well against the wooden chalet walls. (shipping across Europe including Switzerland)




    Chalet Product 14: Moinat Umbrella Stand IMG_0245 

    A perfect solution to hide away your umbrellas! These leather/cowhide umbrella stands can be found at Moinat in Rolle,




    Chalet Product 14: Wallpaper NATIVES_COW_HIDE_4e899bd7eef3a

    Let the animal in you loose and cover your walls in this very stylish and realistic looking cowhide effect vinyl wallpaper. £131.60 per 10m roll, (international shipping)





    Chalet Product 14: Covered Stool cache_2428145784

    This vintage looking oak stool covered in a brown cotton/linen mix fabric blends beautifully into any chalet interior (150x50x48cm), EUR 729 (shipping across Europe including Switzerland)



    Chalet Products 14: Cowhide Relaxing Chaise timthumb.php 

    This classic Bauhaus designed chrome/cowhide recliner chair is the perfect and most stylish way to chill out after a long day on the slopes. EUR 950




    Chalet Product 14: CK Rugs LV01-PEAT-01        Chalet Product 14: CK Rugs LV01-DRIFT-01 

    If you are wild about all things animal, the Calvin Klein croc effect rugs might just be the floor covering you can`t live without,




    Chalet Product 14: Oka Lamp Grey JJB051GYD-0_01Chalet Product 14: Oka Lamp Light Grey JJB030BRL-0_01Chalet Product 14: Silhouette Lamp JB418174STD_01 

    For a neutral and chic look,  light up your rooms with a selection of very stylish table lamps, (international shipping including Switzerland) 

    Chalet Products 14: Acryl/Wood Coffee Table table-basse-nilleq 

    Rest assured, that this table will capture the attention of your guests. The wood block which is set in the acrylic coffee table top has a floating effect - You will need to dig deeper into your pockets though for this very special piece of designer furniture. Table Basse Nilleq (55x55x30cm),




    Chalet Product 14: Globus MG Cushion IMG_0283 

    Melin Tregwynt is a Welsh company which produces a lovely range of vintage design home accessory products. If you are very quick and lucky, you might just be able to snap this model up in the sales for the reduced price of CHF 39.90  at the Globus Department Store in Geneva or alternatively take a look at their website (international shipping including Switzerland) 

    Chalet Product 14: Tree Bench canape-louis-crusoe 

    How about this bench made of tree branches as a statement piece? You have to dig deep into your pockets for this model but you could hardly find anything more suitable for your mountain chalet or barn. Canapé Louis Crusoe (W210, H110, D110 cm),



    Chalet Product 14: Wood Chess Board design Side Table DATE1866CHSS_1_Thumb 

    This sixties inspired parquetry inlay table with black metal legs will look fabulous in any interior. Dante Dining Table (85x85x78cm) £325



    Chalet Product 14: Print OPC146             Chalet Product 14: Prints OPC129             Chalet Product 14: Print OPC174 

    If you already have too many ancient skis or snowshoes on your chalet walls and are longing for a fetching alternative, these limited edition Oliver Preston Ski prints will come to your rescue and keep you and your guests amused. All limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist. £45




    Chalet Product 14: Vache en Resine 1362254587_239346961_1-Photos-de--Vache- 

    If your alpine garden is lacking some animal action, these life size cows, made of a weather resistant polyester and resin mix, might just add the fitting touch. Not cheap at EUR 2.365 but it is there to stay, Statue Vache Tete Basse (W206, D70, H128 cm), (international shipping)









    Chalet Product 14: Barbier DCA_2322_HDR               Chalet Product 14: Barbier DCA_2399_HDR 

    If you want to turn a long cherished dream into reality and become proud owner of a mountain retreat why not take a look at Samoens in the beautiful Giffre Valley, French Alps, only one hour from Geneva airport.

    Whether you want to buy a plot of land on which to build,  off plan, an existing property or build a luxury chalet, Alpes Chalet is a very good place to start your search. Being local, Denis and Valerie can rely on their long standing contacts with local land and property owners, to make their search for clients who are keen to buy very comprehensive. 

    Take a look at their website or contact them on +33 450 53 01 86




    Chalet Interior 14: Sitting Room 61c1eb050c404f5f3db4fba868da472e



    Chalet Interior 14: Dining Area c4b30223e931dea2adaf035256fff57b




    Chalet Interior 14: Bedroom with Lounge Chair 136a524d5c6bff368a5ce8c9b85ba



    Chalet Interior 14: Bathtub & Fireplace 8aba135ab19e77ab419b6745c93c47ea



    Chalet Interior 14: Bedroom amazon-creek-3




    Chalet Interior 14: Kitchen fb9445bf46c4566bd15533956cae1787



    Chalet Interior 14: White Sitting Room LHSP02_2012_Chalet_01



    Chalet Interior 14: Bunk Beds 9bf02ec78f04bde5c000782d5f69f253




    Gallery 5



    Chalet Interior 14: Painted Bedframe ferme-de-marie-2




    Chalet Interior 14: Sitting Area d4cf1dbf44a51f760bc82d758b0312f4



    Gallery 23



    Chalet Interior 14: Green Sitting Room b0ff22296eb786fdc722a75a7bf7ada5




    Chalet Interior 14: Painted Bedroom cefc23e9889529439ce4322c9276820f




    Chalet Interior 14: Sitting Room french-alpine-chalet-room-decorating-ideas



    Gallery 25



    Chalet Interior 14: Bench by Window 8ccd86af6d8219208d3850b16529066b



    Chalet Interior 14: Multiple Bedroom 59937d377ea5f92a0e8dc8581e08ebca



    Chalet Interior 14: Living Space 23e6a99a000777082fd9a8f7742d4d09



    Chalet Interior 14: Bunk Bedroom 53bb074b8a79084852318cb66c77ed54


    Chalet Interior 14: Dining Room 710eb0ed7eafe672468616edba6e839f



    Chalet Interiors 14: Bedroom neutral-colored-Christmas-bedroom




    Chalet Interior 14: Red-sofa-in-highland-style-living-room--Country-Homes-a




    Chalet Interior 14: Bathroom 86ca743cc42809b49c9306ccfe40d37a




    Chalet interior 14: Grey Bedroom c1f1d944145ad1eecc3d5f42905b18f2




    Chalet Interior: Sitting Room 4_I3U32081




    Chalet Interior 14: Contemp. Dining Area 1017163_587996734616094_1364841128




    Chalet Interior 14: Bunk Beds 6784561207f4f69d5be0633053cad833



    Gallery 3




    Chalet Interior 14: Bathroom fa8066aba8e0ce7cdbf204f3ab63657e




    Chalet Interior 14: Bedroom mont_chalet04




    Chalet Interior 14: Sitting Room 1235307_10151709112108402_951376694_n



    Chalet Interior 14: Dining Room 0dd23119a020b992fb3a1607358dfe0e



    Chalet Interior 14: Small Spaces: b49c73febb5a7b68073ae37c857480d7



    Chalet Interior 14: Bedroom/Bathroom e523a38099429a703e1ca4581d664397



    Chalet Interior 14: Bunk Bedroom chalet chic bunk beds elle deco 001




    <img style="border: 0px; border-style: none;" title="Chalet Interior 14: Kitchen 2NkPJtK376Jl" src="/siteimages/31/1/3/311340/7913149.jpg" alt=