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  1. With Halloween at our doorstep there is only one more day to go.  If you have invited some friends and your House bares no resemblence to Halloween, below are some last minute decorating solutions which are quick and easy to make. I have tried and tested some of them, to make sure they work and have added photographic evidence!

    For additional photographic inspiration, go to my previous blog which shows images of some very stylish Halloween decoration.


    Special Effects with very Simple Tools.


    H: Bat Unknown

    Google “Halloween Templates” on the internet and you get your instant party decoration tools. This is like Aladdin’s cave - a never ending source of everything Halloween!


    H: Bat Stencel batStencil

    You find anything from bats, crows, owls and spiders to witches and pumpkins in either white or even better black templates. All you need to do is print them and cut them out and use them on all sorts of surfaces around the house. If you have some white, black or orange carton or even better black foam sheets, use the templates to cut out the right shape.

    H: 13stock-vector-halloween-vector-sketch-gothic-letters-63649066

    Google gothic letter template cutouts. Reinforce them with black carton and stick them on a black ribbon - a great way to greet your guests at the door or hang it above your mantle piece. You can leave any spooky message for your guests.

    Once you have printed out your chosen Halloween figures, trace them on firm black carton or even better on black foam sheets (both available in the craft section of most large supermarkets). The cut outs are a perfect way to add some decorative fun to walls furniture and other accessories.


    Use what you have at Home


    Halloween 21: halloween-1

    Make use of anything that works with the colour scheme and add them as decoration and party props.




    H: 8 ft_oct05msl29_xl

    Attach Twigs to your staircase. Decorate them with autumn leaves or bird and bat cutouts. Stick black mouse cutouts to the back of each step making them look as if they are on the way up. This is a great fun and eye-catching decorative touch.




    H: 11 CLX-Pumpkin-Decor-fireplace1

    Use your fireplace to create an eye-catching feature. Use different size pumpkins and scoop out the pulp. Make sure they are well positioned. Prepare different size flame shape templates (find them on Google), stick them on the pumpkin and draw round them with a felt-tip pen. Once done, cut the shapes out and you have your flaming pumpkins. Put some tea lights underneath and enjoy a great effect. Just make sure, that the tea lights are safely positioned and don`t tip over.




    H: 9 spooky-spiderwebs-centsational-girl

    Incorporate your existing furniture and turn them into a feature.

    A white bookshelf for example can be part of your Halloween scheme. Place any white china, cups, and accessories on each shelf and add accents of black or orange.  Halloween cutouts will come into good use, as you can plant them around the objects. For more impact, attach orange or black carton paper to the back of the shelf.




    H 11: bat chandelier

    Decorate your chandeliers by suspending Halloween cutouts at different heights from the ceiling. Add a few artificial spider webs to enhance the effect.




    H: 4 DIY-Halloween-Decorations-sheets-over-furniture-1010-de

    For an effortlessly eerie living room, use old sheets or any old white or black cloth. Drape them over armchairs, sofas and tables. Add some of your Halloween Bats/Cutouts. If you don`t want to use glue you can tape them onto the fabric or use blu-tack and stick the black cutouts onto the white sheets turning it into your gory party den!


    Outside Decoration

    H: Wreath IMG_0170


    A wreath outside your front door can make a very stylish entrance. Go to the crafts section of your local supermarket or garden centre and get a foam wreath and drape wide black ribbon, fabric or crepe paper round it until it is covered. Just stick a couple of your black cutout crows and some black coloured leaves on it and it looks spooky enough. You can add another spooky element, by attaching some artificial spyderwebb to the back.


    H: 6 owl-guards-1010sip98296_vert

    Colour some twigs black (with black spray paint). Put them in a couple of aged planters or pots on either side of your front door. Cut out two large black owls and place them just in front of the twigs.



    Why not move away from the usual gory faced pumpkin look and go for something much more stylish and easy to decorate:


    H: Louis Vuitton Pumpkin Bag enhanced-buzz-6592-1379355350-4

     Via, by artist Amanda Keiser 

    This is the `One and Only`for the `Queen of Style` and is perfect, if you want to go for on all out designer probably need more than just a few hours or need to be an expert in pumpkin cutting!


    HHH: Black Chanel tumblr_mcrtwpHhGk1r63wmx HHH: White Chanel designer-pumpkin2

    Via                                                                                                          Via



    Best and quickest way to paint a Pumpkin

    - Metallic (silver, gold, copper) paint quick dry multi purpose paint spray

    - Latex Metallic Paints

    - Acrylic Paints


    H: Bookshelf IMG_0182

    1. Use quick dry metal colour paint spray such as silver, gold or copper for painting different size pumpkins. It turns your pumpkin in no time into a silver or gold accessory with a very eye-catching result. You have something a bit different to the usual gory face version.


    H 8: halloween-pumpkins-craft-ribbons-s3-medium_new   H 9: Ribbon-Pumpkin                      

    2.Stick black lacy ribbons diagonally or horizontally onto your pumkin.....just 4 or 5 are enough but make sure they are equal distance for a nicer look. It looks super stylish and works really well for your kids as well as the adult table decoration. If you can`t find them use any black/white ribbon you can find and you have an instand pumpkin feature.


    H 7: images-1

    3. Alternatively, use templates and stencils to decorate your pumpkin or if unavailable use print out templates and glue them on.

      H 1: buttons_gal           H 5: 24                                                                                        

    4. Search for some black, white, gold or silver buttons and glue them on your pumpkin you can even create a face using buttons.


    H 3: painted-pumpkin-1009-de  

    5. Create a spider web or gory face with gold metal upholstery nails or glitter glue pens.


       H 10: Bling_Pumpkin-225x300  H 6: images-2

    6. If you have always dreamt to become the `Queen of bling`use some glitzy stones and stick them on your pumpkin.


    H 15: lfg-last-minute-halloween-party-ideas-pumpkin-cooler

    7.  Scoop out the pulp of a large pumpkin and use it as a `cool` bottle cooler.


    The Stylish Dinner Table and Party Room Look:


    HH: dinner party white pumpkins

    If we are talking stylish decoration, sometimes less can be more!

    If you prefer chic to gory, go for a more sober look which can be really stylish and smart giving it the WOW factor you are after.

    Work with a simplified colour scheme and don`t feel you have to go completely overboard - finding yourself staring at some inflatable cat with glowing eyes. They are certainly not the most stylish ornaments and might be great for kids’ parties but are not really appreciated by your more grown-up friends.


    HH: Candles 470_2701686

     Lighting is an integral part of any party but especially for your Halloween theme. Bright lights are an absolute “Killer” so go for candle light and cosy table or accent lighting.  With so many fairy lights in all shapes and sizes on offer. you can get some very inexpensive models which add additional atmospheric lighting if needed. If you have a dimmer it is easy to scale down your brightness.

    As a starting point, use a white table cloth which sets the tone for a stylish table setting - if you don`t have one or don`t want to ruin your finest, use a white flat sheet instead or invest in a wipe down version.  Le Grand Comptoir in Gland is selling a very nice one by the meter.  It looks and feels like the real thing but most stains are easy to wipe off.

    Grey slate, or black place mats go well with your table cloth and are a stylish addition to your dinner table. Add white plates and black napkins to complete the basic look.



    HH 1: images-5  HH 2: Unknown-2  HH 3: images-4

    If you like an autumnal rather than outright Halloween theme for your party, work with this season`s colours and materials and go for twigs, leaves, mushrooms, heather or roses. Use different size pumpkins and position them in different places. Start outside your door and add some decorative branches and leaves. As time is of essence and you like the idea of a leafy wreath,  Jumbo Garden Centers are selling very realistic looking artificial ones.

     As a general rule, accessorise with plants, twigs and flowers as an integral part of your decoration. Make sure though, you put them in decorative vases or pots.

     Any flower containers should be ideally white, plain glass or even better Mercury Glass. I have always loved the Mercury glass effect, which is now very popular and adds some understated glamour to your table.

    If you are using white pots you can add some nice touches to them. Tie a pretty black ribbon round it to add to the Halloween look. A lace ribbon is a very pretty option and shows you have obviously listened to the latest style trends! Alternatively use anything from velvet to zig-zag shaped ribbons but stick to black.

    Place multiple flower pots across your dinner table. It looks very chic and allows all your guests to benefit from the decoration. It also allows you to add a row of decorative candle holders or tea light pots and position them between the flowers.


    H: 2 mld105376_1010_infesteda_vert 


    When choosing flowers or plants I would go for white roses. Scatter a few black plastic spiders over them which look really effective without being over the top. If you like to add a bit of colour, you can opt for orange or red roses but keep a low profile on introducing to much colour.


    H: 3 1378299_10151791733183402_1994363478_n

    Via Lonny magazine on Facebook

    Otherwise white Heather is a really pretty autumnal plant and can be a very stylish table decoration. Place them in Mercury glass pots or containers across your dinner table and it looks absolutely gorgeous.


    H: Black Feathers m3pPmm2ccKvSY7PbVXi67Dw

    Black feathers are another great way to create an instant glamorous display. Mix them with black twigs or use them on their own and just pop them in a vase instead of flowers.

    Dress up your table with a collection of  small metal colored or white pumpkins.

    A dinner table is not complete without a fine display of eye-catching candle or tea light holders. If you are short of them take a look at the Christmas decorations which have now arrived in all the major shops. There is a huge variety of very pretty and inexpensive glass, china or Mercury glass models on offer, which can easily be used all year round.


    Another great way to dress up a sideboard or dinner table is a statement table centerpiece:

     H: Twigs IMG_0169

    Put some large twigs into a vase and spray paint them black. Hang your Halloween cutout bats off them - very simple but creates a great feature for kids and adult parties.

    You can already put your orange/pink/red and black Christmas baubles to good use by placing them in a pretty glass or colour coordinated dish and adding them to your Halloween dinner table. They would also look good hanging off some garden twigs together with some cutout bats. Just make sure you stick to your colour scheme.

     H: Pumpkin Arrangement IMG_0176

    Use moss as a base and put it in a glass container, a dish or plate. Place small white, gold or silver coloured pumpkins on top and stick a couple of bats on the glass or add some autumnal leaves, giving it  a very fetching look.

    Silver and gold stained different size pumpkins on dinner, console or side tables, add another very glamorous touch. Alternatively use white pumpkins and decorate them with black lace type ribbon.


    Where to buy?

    As preparation time is running out, I have made sure that my decorating ideas  can be made or arranged in time for your party.
    Wether you need black foam or carton sheets, wreaths, black ribbons, candle holders or tealights,  almost everything you need to make or create the above, is available in the craft or haberdashery section of the large supermarkets, garden centers or department stores.

    Last but not least, the most important ingredience for a party is, looking forward to seeing your guests and having a fun evening together!

    Happy Halloween 






    If the Halloween party time season is creeping up on you and you feel haunted by the mere thought, here are some ideas which might give you enough to work with, if expectations are high on the entertainment scale. The “scary” colour scheme is currently quite “à la mode”, so take a look at some of the room schemes and too.



                                                      JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN  
    Partridge Online Auctions upcoming sales are frightfully attractive and won`t come to haunt you!
    The Partrige Online Auction is now in full swing and has proved hugely popular so far. Do take a look and check out their website regularly as there are always new products being added on
    For my blog readers, here is just a little sneek-preview of what`s coming up this Monday:
    Halloween: Partridge Lamp 2 hangingmetallamp
    These very trendy Retro Hanging Metal Lamps are perfect above a dining table or in the kitchen. They would go beautifully with your Halloween colour scheme too but don`t need packing up afterwards. There are a total of 6 lamps which are being auctioned separately at a super starting bid....something not to be missed.
    Halloween: Partridge Bar rosewoodbar
    Just in time for your Halloween party, this rather cool Rosewood bar features all kinds of compartments and will help you celebrate in style.
    Halloween: Partridge Bench outdoorbench
    A stunning antique outdoor bench which had it`s previous base in a church......for those of your guests, who need to take a break from all those spooky going`s on inside.



    Wether children or adult entertainment, there are lots of ways to party in style!


    Halloween 2: 6204060077_75776144c2






     Halloween 10: Black-Halloween-for-Home-Decorating-Ideas-for-Dining-Table-De



    Halloween 11: cheesecloth-webs-1010sip1054_vert



    Halloween New - coffin-theme-furniture-designs






    Halloween 45: la102781_1007_spider_hd



    Halloween 12: KidsTable





    Halloween New - spooky-halloween-chair_clip_image014



    Halloween 19: ghost-blinds-005-md110410_vert



    Halloween 30: Halloween-tablescaping10



    Halloween 47: mld104879_hal09_table_wicks_hd




    Halloween 48: msl_oct06_gt_cobweb_vert




    Halloween 48: original_Marian-Parsons-Halloween-glittered-pumpkins-beauty_4



    Halloween 49: owl-guards-1010sip98296_vert




    Halloween 49: Paper-Bat-tree-2-768x1024



    Halloween 50: pumpkin-halloween-dessert-table




    Halloween 51: paper-bats-1011mld106852_vert




    Halloween 52: silhouette-pumpkins-1010sip8106_vert



    Halloween 53: Tim-Burton-Inspired-Wedding-at-Doubletree-North-Redington-UNI



    Halloween 55: tree



    Halloween 56: Unknown



    Halloween 8: AndersRuff_Table



    Halloween 9: Black _amp_ White Feather Fountains 2



    Halloween 18: ftb_silhouet01_xl 




    Halloween 22: halloween-babyshower-amy-atlas



    Halloween 32: halloweenwreathorangefelt



    Halloween 24: halloween-candy-buffet-3



    Halloween 25: halloween-decor-ideas-2


    Halloween 46: la102934_1007_table_hd



    Halloween 26: halloween-door-decor-1009-lg




    Halloween 28: Halloween-table-decoration



    Halloween 29: halloween-table-display32



    Halloween 31: halloweentablescaperoundup_5b



    Halloween 33: homesense_creepychic





    Why not mix `scary` with `classy`so that some pieces of your Halloween interior are there to stay beyond the pumpkin season:


    Halloween M: T_WithoutZoom-2

    Haunt your house instantly with spine-tingling AtmosFear. Just pop these DVDs into your DVD player and provide repeatable video vignettes of haunting imagery, mood-setting music, and sound effects, CHF 18.60 (ship to Europe)



    Halloween 3: a6473a713937c376c193ca_m

    Create quite a spectacular outdoor feature with the  `Alpenglow Mountain Sunset Fire Pit`. It does rather resemble a pumpkin with cut outs and offers additional atmospheric outdoor heat, in case your guests need to take a breather from the scary goings on inside,



    Halloween B:

    Make no bones about it, this life-size Spider Lady represents all that is dark and creepy, especially as the skull side of her face morphs into multiple colours, CHF 57.80, (ship to Europe)



    Halloween G: b-66000_i1

    A perfect way to dish out creepy foods, (ship to Europe) 


     Halloween New Black Stool 49140287_1

    A perfect stool to add to the end of a bed if it works with your colour scheme, EUR 299.00 (sells within different European countries)



    Halloween 41: IMG_0078

    These scary skulls are a must have for any Halloween party, Globus department store Geneva



    Halloween New - Mercury Pumpkin img6o

    These gorgeous etched antique Mercury glass pumkins are almost too stylish to pack away for next Halloween, from CHF 28.90 (ship to Europe)



    Halloween New Pagoda Cabinet black-orange-furniture


    A very stylish and classic design. The orange and black colouring brings a contemporary element to it. Black Pagoda Cabinet,




     Halloween New Spider Table images-6

    Better not invite arachnophobics if you dare to go for one of these tables,




    Halloween C: T_WithoutZoom-11

    The inflatable Grim Reaper & Pumpkin Carriage is a perfect way to get your guests into the right mood even before entering your house, (ship to Europe)



    Halloween 39: IMG_0073

    This animal skeleton is on display in a very smart glass vitrine and can be admired even beyond Halloween.....if you like that sort of thing, Globus Department Store Geneva



    Halloween I: T_WithoutZoom-6 

    These battery operated candles are a very safe and stylish solution for a candle-lit party atmosphere, from CHF 17.60 (ship to Europe)



    Halloween New Orange Stool IMG_0109

    This has caught my eye in one of my trade supplier`s new showroom. A very striking and chic stool which would create a lovely colour spot in a neutral room. This is certainly one for keeping, for quotes please contact me on [email protected]



    Halloween New Plates

    Get a set of these Skull Plates and your dinner table will certainly look the part. There are also matching coasters available, (ship to Europe)



    Halloween 43: IMG_0086

    If you have been on the lookout for a classy chandelier you can`t go wrong with this model....make sure though you get it in time for Halloween! Globus Department Store Geneva



     Halloween New Hand 45514_main

    The Crawling Monster Hand is probably the scariest thing ever to entertain your guests. It emits a bone-rattling tapping noise while making its way across your dinner table.





    The Juno Orange Armchair is one of Made`s retro masterpieces,  (ship to the UK and France)



    Halloween New Napkins img16j   Halloween New Table Runner img54j

    The napkins and table runner are another great addition to your themed dinner table, from CHF 23.60 (ship to Europe)




    Halloween New Pumpkin Globus P0-32249161_2_153176_JPG_picture375Halloween New Gravestone Globus P0-37201001_142225_JPG_picture375 

    Great little extras for your kids` party,



    Halloween: Room 3 1185230_10151691361018402_13921489_n

    Upcycle an old bedside table with this bright orange and it will have a very refreshing impact on your daughter`s bedroom



    Halloween H: T_WithoutZoom-7

    Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this Creepy Garland creates the noise of rustling leaves if caught by a chilling breeze, CHF 28.40 (ship to Europe)



    Halloween New Fly Pumpkins IMG_0120

    A very good alternative for stressed-out mothers who are after an instant pumpkin deco solution. These terracotta pumpkins are perfect outside your door. Just add some tea lights and no one will notice that it`s not the real thing! From CHF 9.99 at



    Halloween 40: IMG_0075

    A wonderfully scary display of skulls and other Halloween elements, Globus Department Store Geneva




    Halloween 36: IMG_0072

     Create an instant Halloween deco table with this stylish lamp and accessories, Globus Department Store Geneva




    Halloween N: T_WithoutZoom-1

    This resin skull, with colour-changing eyes, comes with speakers on either side and can be connected to your mobile device or computer, CHF 38.20 (ship to Europe)




    Halloween J: T_WithoutZoom-5

    A wonderfully easy and less messy alternative to fresh pumpkins, these Lace Pumpkins are a rather stylish way to dress up your room, from CHF 28.40 (ship to Europe)



    Halloween D: T_WithoutZoom-10 Halloween E: T_WithoutZoom-9 Halloween F: T_WithoutZoom-8

    If you are not into the typical Halloween cushion look but like to add something fetching to your furniture, these cushions may well come to your rescue, CHF 41.10 each (ship to Europe)




    If you find the `House of Horror Look` a tad too creepy, why not create something very stylish which is there to stay and will not haunt you long after the Halloween season has come and gone.


    Halloween: Room R Martha-Haunted-House





    Halloween: Room 8 220042-c010219617f8a1bba9d9042dc30a76c2583eb002


    Halloween: Room 7 orange bedroom



    Halloween: Room 5 orange-gold-and-black-living-room



    Halloween: Room 6 orange-and-brown




    Halloween Room 21 images




    Halloween: Room 2 1236642_10151669592453402_1537912145_n

    Via Lonny magazine on Facebook



    Halloween: Halloween 11 bbf7f7ac3f43



    Halloween: Room 16 living_rooms_-_dark_gray_walls_orange_leather_modern_so



    Halloween: Room 13 orange-living-room-with-black



    Halloween New - black-orange-curtains



    Halloween New - black-and-orange-foyer 




    Halloween: Room 1 1001542_10151600287443402_783247280_n



    Halloween: Room 10 Teen-room-orange-gray-black-Ikea-Mal[3]



    Halloween New - scarydecor 



    Halloween New - xscary-halloween-decor.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.8q0Cj0Ar0H




    Halloween: Room 9 orange-walls



    Halloween: Room 12 finalrender



    Halloween: Room 14 images-5