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  1. As the summer season is starting to be in full swing, I have searched near and far, to find out and source, what's cool and hot this season.  Wether you are looking for seasonal changes for your home here in the UK or in other parts of the world across the Channel, I hope my blog will point you in the right direction. 








    Summer 18: 1 buffet-oriental-4-tiroirs-4-portes-bois-de-mang 

    Add some middle eastern chic to your dining area, with this carved sideboard, Buffet Oriental 4 Tiroirs Trelia, EUR 1713.80,




     Summer 2018: Quadrille Fabrics e6a43bee5676d3b6848b1195bf227d0f

    I love this fabric on a chair or cushion for a summer room, Henriot Floral Blues on White Fabric,





     Summer 18: 2 Cheskie_0119_1600x

    Inject some boho chic into your living space with this super chic occasional chair, £485,






    Summer 18: 3 114823pinch_pleats_1 

    It is not easy to find good looking and good value for money curtains. However, I came across this traditional Japanese design which is a great choice for those who are looking for a reasonable window dressing solution. The curtains are supplied in different sizes, Shibori Indigo/Linen curtains,





    Summer 18: 4 buffet-shabby-chic-3-tiroirs-pin-massif-blanc-casse-ant 

    This chest/console is just that little bit different from the usual designs and is very easy to place around the house, EUR 836,


    Summer 18: 5A il_570xN.1429171714_3ffp 

    I absolutely love this pretty cushion, perfect for the summer season, Peter Dunham Isfahan Stripe Cushion,


    Summer 18: 7 PM+Template_0012_MIKEGARLICK_PENNYMORRISON_09NOV2017-031 

    This Ikat Lampshade is one of my top picks for this season,





    Summer 18: 8 fauteuil-shabby-chic-tissu-moutarde-et-pieds-pin-massif-n 

    For a shabby chic look, this chair is a super choice, Fauteuil Shabby Chic Tissu Mortared, EUR 451,






    Summer 18: 8A Screenshot-2016-02-14-08.38.17-copy 

    If you are in need of some seasonal updating, this lovely collection of fabrics will breathe new life into your living space,






     Summer 18: 9 images

    No need to loose out on style when storing your dirty laundry with this stylish Basket, Adder Blue Seagrass Laundry Basket, £100,






    Summer 18: 10 Marocco+Servizio+18+Piece+Dinnerware+Set%2C+Service+for+6 

    This dinnerware  will serve you well for al fresco dining, Marocco Servizio 18 Piece Dinnerware Set by Villa d’Este Home,






    Summer 18: 11 pink-retro_large 

    Give your old table lamp a new lease of life with this gorgeous ikat lampshade,






     Summer 18: 13 IMGP2543

    No more hiding of ugly tissue boxes with these pretty tissue box covers which come in a lovely variety of patterns and colours, Tissue Box, £22,






    Summer 18: 14 61532-1_Swaziland_Sisal_Tintsaba_Bowl 

    This company offers so many different and wonderful designs, making it hard to choose a favourite, Swazi Sisal Baskets, $76,





    Summer 18: 15 il_570xN.1521963685_c0as 

    Create a crisp summer look with this gorgeous cushion which can be supplied in different sizes, Aqua Pillow Cover (14x16 inches) £51.91,





    Summer 18: 16 3_Ann-Coston-Glass-Jar-with-Coral-Lid-02 

    For a stylish storage container, this very luxurious piece need not be hidden away, Glass Jar with Coral Lid, £207,

    Summer 18: 17 large_cabana-x-laguna-b-multi-tumbler-2 

    Perfect for special occasions, treat your guests with this lovely luxury glass collection created by artisans in Murano, Cabana X Laguna B Tumbler, £174,





    Summer 2018: Biarritz New page_1

    A true contemporary vision of an emblematic waterfront feature, the Biarritz Cabin is a modular and comfortable area which can be conbined with the other four collection pieces or remain on its own. The Biarritz Cabin can be fully customized, Biarritz Nestel Cabin,







    Summer 18: 18 eagle_flower_porselen_yemek_tabaklari 

    Entertain in seasonal style with this stunning porcelain tableware which is hand molded by Turkish ceramicist Saliha Kartal especially for Simple Life, Eagle Flower Porcelain Dinnerware, from £25,






    Summer 18: 19 

    Update your cloakroom and turn it into a 1001 night experience starting with this stunning basin. With the right taps, lighting and wallpaper to match, your guests will never want to leave, Lorelei Basin (brassware not included) £600,






    Summer 18: 21 il_570xN.462202096_od7k 

    No need to compromise on style if you are looking for a classy cushion on a budget, Long Lumbar Blue Ikat Pillow Cover, £28.19,







    Summer 18: 22 T12334_Navy-01 

    Add a very eye catching decorative asian feature on your wall with this Pagoda shape mirror, Pagoda Mirror, $799,





        Summer 2018: Blue/Beige Basket IMG_6922-1_large

    I love this website as it features and introduces all their artisans with their products, so you can see who you are buying your beautiful basket from,





       Summer 2018: Tray Unknown

    This decorative tray is hand woven with natural abaca fibres and inlayed with ikat textile flanked by brass handles, Ikat Tray with Brass Handle, £233.07,





     Summer 18: 25 UTL017_2048x2048

    It is difficult to resist this gorgeous glass lamp in a beautiful indigo blue, perfect for this season and well beyond, Indigo Blue Glass Table Lamp, £95,






        Summer 2018: 2nd banc-finca

    Wether you are proud owner of a Finca or have a home in need of additional seating, this stylish bench will create a wonderful feature, Banc Finca, EUR 1800,





     Summer 18: 27 il_570xN.1466095970_2hu6

    Add a distinctive finishing touch to your table lamp with this designer lamp finial. It would work particularly well on a Chinese ginger jar lamp, Asian Carved Stone Lamp Finial - Cobalt Blue, £50.71,






    Summer 18: 28 200PN_1024x1024 

    Sold in the US, this two tiered chandelier with hand painted metal coronas offers a lovely alternative to traditional glass chandeliers, Parsi in Navy Chandelier, $785,



    Summer 18: 29 the-raj-tent-club-shop-product_image-1461417157109157139 

    These urns look fantastic with flowers and go well with any interior scheme, Rajasthani Marble Urns,






    Summer 18: 30A 15.Blithfield+-+The+Winthrop+Collection+-+Compton+-+Gre 

    This company produces a wonderful collection of fabric for cushions, curtains and upholstery,






    Summer 18: 35 SOTOMI-03120161019-8641-1ccj1 

    It will be difficult to sit down on this chair, when all one wants to do is look at it and admire its pretty design, Luigina Red Escapes Chair, £500,






    Summer 18: 35 tall-decorative-dresser-in-original-pale-blue-9-1 

    This dresser is a lovely example of a European premier class glazed piece of antique furniture from around 1880, Tall Decorative Dresser in Original Pale Blue, £850,

    Summer 18: 36 Suzani Bukhara Linenasdf Cushion Beige 

    Hand embroided and beautifully designed in India is this eye-catching Suzani cushion, giving your living room a lovely exotic touch, Bukhara Linen Cushion-Beige, £105,





     Summer 18: 38 buffet-3-portes-en-metal-blanc-et-manguier-sculpte-1000-

    For a fresh summer look, this decorative sideboard would work really well in a summer room or conservatory, White metal and sculpted Manto Wood 3-Door Sideboard, £599, or EUR 599,

     Summer 18: 39 large_lobmeyr-multi-persian-no-1-handpainted-floral-moti

    Mouth-blown and hand painted glass, this tumbler which could also double up as a tea light holder, is produced by a family-owned business which has been around for 200 years, Lobbyer Persian No. 1 Handprinted Floral Motif Tumbler, £198,






    Summer 18: 40 white-webb-clearly-classic™-double-alexander-console-tabl 

    The Double Alexander Table is based on historic designs from India adding an exotic 1001 nights touch. The otherwise clean lines allowing this table to mix well with classic as well as contemporary interiors, Clearly Classic TM Double Alexander Table,




      Summer 18: 41 i40-25-a

    Featuring vibrant colours and a classic ottoman design, this cushion adds a very chic finishing touch to your interior, Ikat pillow Flowerbud, EUR 65,





    Summer 18: 42 bwh_brush_stroke_lamp_blue 

    Artistic brush strokes don’t just have to be limited to canvas as this very decorative table lamp is best proof, Brush Stroke Lamp Blue, Bunny Williams Home via





    Summer 18: 43 DSC_00121-247x300 

    This large Turkish serving plate adds a lovely touch of colour when entertaining your guests, Dandelion ceramic decorative dish, $24,





    Summer 18: 44 CampWeathered13 

    For those with a spirit of adventure, this rather original ‘campervan’ has a very cozy and compact design using excellent quality material, It can be hired for trips through the Canadian wilderness or can be ordered via the Californian based company, Camp Weathered, [email protected] and





     Summer 18: 45 Blithfiel-Indigo-Lampshade

    Blithfield is amongst my favourite UK fabric companies offering lovely collections for cushions, curtains and furniture as well supplying lampshades in some of their designs. Blithfield Rossmore Indigo Lampshade, £250,





     Summer 18: 46 console-orientale-bois-de-mangue-marron-antique-indal-19

    Give your interior a touch of the Orient with this very ornate console table, Console orientale bois de mange marron antique Indal, EUR 982.75,






    Summer 18: 47 Screen+Shot+2017-10-23+at+13.48.45 

    Add some understated colour to your sofa or bed with this cool looking throw which can also be used as a curtain, Blue Woven Curtainthrow,








       Summer 2018: Oka Filing Boxes SBO040BLM-0_L

    No need to hide your trinkets and documents in ugly containers, when you can store them in this very decorative set of boxes, Indium Box Files (Set of 3), £46,

    Summer 18: 50 il_570xN.1374080428_b9bj 

    Looking at the lovely hand embroiled finish of this gorgeous Uzbek cushion and the vibrant colours, it is hard to resist owning one of these myself, Suzani Embroided Pillow Cover, £74.39,





    Summer 18: 51 NENCFI-01220150617-32460-1d189ej 

    This tree will offer a dramatic backdrop each day when retiring to bed, Daniele Nencioni Majestic Carved Wood Headboard, £5210,





          Summer 2018: Emma Rose DSC_0405

    Absolutely stunning is this painting by one of my favourite Bath Artist, Emma Rose. Emma’s paintings are sold as prints as well  as originals. She also takes commissions Turner’s Sea,


     Summer 2018: porcelain-constantinopoli-plate-cost7

    Add some spice to entertaining and serve your canape on this very eye-catching moorish design plate, Vito Nesta Porcelein Constantinopoli Plate COST7, EUR 75,





     Summer 18: 53 1022-1000x1000

    Give your floor a seasonal makeover with this very cool looking rug, Blue & White Tile Dhurrie Rug (D1022),





    Summer 18: 120 clovelly-2-door-cabinet-1.394 

    This lovely cabinet has a real French vintage feel about it and is a perfect piece of furniture for all your linen and clothes, Closely 2 Door Cabinet, £749, Summer 18: 54 3-4-seater-wicker-and-canvas-garden-sofa-in-charcoal-grey-

    This stylish retro outdoor sofa would feel just as home indoors, Feroe 3/4 Seater Wicker and Canvas Garden Sofa, £787.50,





    Summer 18: 55 Quartz_Blue_Gathered_Empire_Lampshade_058If your old lampshades are looking rather tired, why not replace it for this very timeless gathered linen shade, Gathered Berwyn Blue Quarz Light Linen Shade, different sizes from £80,






     Summer 18: 55A il_570xN.1303451871_59hp

    This beautiful woven sari border ribbon would double up as a very decorative finishing touch on cushions or lampshades, Red, Gold and Green Peacock Sari Border Ribbon, £4.31 per Meter, taramar via





     Summer 18: 57 fauteuil-cabriolet-en-tissu-toucher-doux-bleu-dossier-moti

    For additional seating on a budget, this little chair would be a super choice, Fauteuil Cabriolet, EUR 249,





     Summer 18: 57A Blithfield&Co_Osborne+_Red+and+Osborne+_Green+chairs_201

    Wether classic, contemporary or retro, this very versatile fabric looks stunning on a variety of furniture, Osbourne in Red and Green,





    Summer 18: 58 BH-4011-front 

    Involving a huge amount of work and very skilled craftsmanship, these stunning hand crafted vases don’t come cheap but will add a very luxurious and decorative splash of colour to your living space, Wounan Woven Perched Basket / Macaws, $2600,





     Summer 18: 59 chaise-classique-bois-de-mindi-naturel-shimla-lot-de-2-1

    As far as dining chairs go, this is a very nice choice. I love the carved back which is a new take on the traditional Biedermeier ‘ancester’, Chaise Classic Bois de Mindi Naturel Sabri, EUR 655.60 (for a set of 2 chairs),





     Summer 18: 59A il_570xN.1453102394_63qx

    Add a seasonal vintage touch to your interior with this unusual 1960’s ceramic Jar, Vintage Rosenthal Netter Lidded Jar Italy 1960’s,






     Summer 18: 61 buffet-oriental-2-portes-pin-massif-blanc-et-naturel-viei

    For lovers of all things oriental, this cupboard is a super choice for additional storage, buffet oriental 2 Portes Zaidith, EUR 792,






     Summer 18: 62 3872548

    Minimalist from the outside and quite the opposite once the shade is lit, allowing you to enjoy the sites of New York which becomes visible, New York City Toile Lampshade,





     Summer 18: 63 Cheskie_0281_500x

    This company is quite small but sells absolutely gorgeous products which are well researched and of super quality, such as this gorgeous throw, Zohra Medium Blue, £150,





    Summer 18: 64 mbel3760-a40 

    I love the simple yet classic shape if this French console table. If this colour isn’t right, it can be supplied in 9 different colour ways. Mis en Demeure, for quotes and orders please contact

     Summer 18: 65 sherrill-canet-kelly-coffee-table-furniture-coffee-and-co

    The colour pattern on this stool / coffee table is absolutely super for a summer room or conservatory, Kelly Coffee Table, $1995,






        Summer 2018: Oka Napkins LTA156BLM-0_L1

    This is the first napkin holder I would consider buying. Lovely pattern, gorgeous colours and napkins to match, Isatis Paper Napkin Holder Set of 40 & Box, £25,





       Summer 2018: Basin DC3846-044

    If you are in need of a little bit of colour therapy, which not start with bathroom or cloakroom and treat yourself to this rather splendid Basin, Adriana Porcelain Basin, £850 (Tap not included),







    Summer 18: 68 zulu-telephone-wire-zulu-telephone-wire-46-1_spo_1024x102 

    Made from telephone wire wrapped in the traditional coil method around a rigid hardwire, these baskets can only be made by the most experienced weavers, Ananse Village,  Zulu Telephone Wire No 46, $295,




        Summer 2018: 2nd fantasy-green-lampshade-angle

    This deliciously heavy and lush velvet fabric displays an unusual and quirky design reminding me of the days when I was admiring the pattern shown on my toy kaleidoscope. As lampshade, it will make a very visible statement but looks equally fetching as a cushion on your sofa, Green Fantasy Kaleidoscope Marbled Velvet Lampshade (available in multiple colours), £155,


    Summer 2018: Ortaggi Sugar Bowl 068dc2e1a8a02a5fd94836ed6d5351b6

    This limited edition handprinted earthward sugar bowl by Cabana is part of a complete set and would add a refreshing touch to summer entertaining, Ortaggi Sugar Bowl, £108,





     Summer 18: 71 Green-Cotton-Rug-1024px-sq_1024x1024

    Treat your floor to a fresh look with this cool rug, Printed Cotton Rug Green, £150 (other colours available)






     Summer 18: 72 Lampbase and Shade - OakLeaf GreenGold - Webshop

    No need to agonise over the right shade for the right lamp with this very colourful stripe and leaf lamp plus matching shade, Green Gold Oak Leaf Vase Lamp, £110,





       Summer 2018: bout-de-lit-en-velours-de-coton-tosca-en-fil-d-indienne-vert-a

    Give your bed a refreshing makeover with this bright green throw, Tosca Velvet Throw Green, £127,






     Summer 18: 74 file

    Add a little luxury touch to your living room with this beautifully hand gathered vintage silk lampshade, Large Green Golden Shade, £320,





    Summer 18: 75 Green+tablescape+small 

    Who can resist this bright and pretty pottery dinner service when entertaining this summer,






    Summer 18: 76 svenskt_tenn_skap_522_textil_celotocaulis_1-1029464111-rs 

    Swedish brand Svenskt Tenn is bursting with colourful and unusual designs, and is praised for mixing modern and classic together in a way that isn’t too ‘hard or unfeeling’, Cabinet 522, EUR 8200,





    Summer 18: 76A il_570xN.1464031848_n6yb 

    This Turkish bolster cushion is a perfect size for a larger sofa or space in need of sprucing up, Long Lumbar Kilim Pillow, £40.95,







    Light up your room or change the look of an old lamp with this decorative lampshade which is available in different sizes colour ways, Sunburst (Jungle) Linen Empire Lampshade, from £112,





     Summer 18: 78 fullsizeoutput_16c56_large

    Beautifully crafted by African artisans, his basket is perfect for storing your trinkets in style or using it as container for a plant, Tiny-Drum-Basket by Ida-Adivom-3, $64, www.babatree.comSummer 18: 79 Lamps_0042_Irving+morrison+email+2-6+copy_CUT 

    For al fresco summer dining, these hand painted ceramic glazed dinner plates would be one of my top picks, Trellis Plate,





    Summer 18: 81 Quartz_Green_Gathered_Empire_Shade_057 

    Being always on the lookout for stylish and unusual products, I found this lampshade which features my favourite colours and a very eye-catching pattern, Quartz Gathered Berwyn Empire Lampshade,





    Summer 18: 82 Lamps_0018_Resize+3MB-11_CUT 

    This ceramic lamp would look stunning with the above Fermoie lampshade adding a wonderfully fresh summer look, Green and White Ribbed Vase,





        Summer 2018: Blue/Green Basket fullsizeoutput_1879e_large

    Given the opportunity, I  could easily fill our entire house with African baskets which come in so many wonderful shapes, colours and designs. This large basket is another of my top picks, Woven-Decor-Basket Apokir-Akolgo-1,





     Summer 18: 85 5a9fdd8a3fa72e

    These goblets are produced in Provence using a rare technique to achieve the quality and unusual appearance achieving this very unusual marbled look, Tasse en Terre Melee, EUR 38,





    Summer 18: 85 ss18-g-sqoutmirr 

    Set in a metal square frame with a lightly antiqued finish and intricate cut out details, this circular garden mirror will add a new dimension to your outdoor space, New England Square Outdoor Mirror, £80,




    Summer 18: 85A Tree_of_Life_throw_blue_folded_1600_x_1600_grande 

    Inspired by the classic Guatemalan motif, this throw features the Tree of Life, one of Wicklewoods original designs, Tree of Life Throw, £265,





     Summer 18: 86 DARIRO-00820151118-1471-smsw45

    If your sitting room is lacking a visual feature or focal point, this bright green leather chair will come to the rescue, Green Leather Tripolitan Chair, £1345,





     Summer 18: 86A il_570xN.1337055574_q8dk

    Add some Bollywood glamour to your cushions or curtains with these very glitzy and decorative Saree trims, Indian Embroided Lace Saree Border, £3.51 (per meter),

     Summer 18: 87 large_cabana-green-m-o-exclusive-oriente-tea-glass

    This limited edition tea glass by Cabana is hand painted and looks equally good as a flower vase or tea light holder, M’O Exclusive Oriente Tea Glass, £84 (Set of 2),





    Summer 18: 87A 5ab506827a9c4́ 

    This adorable little bicolour side table is hand crafted in Spain and looks stunning in a bedroom or as side tables in a living room, Cadaques, EUR 2080.90,





    Summer 18: 87B IMG_3342 

    For a lovely selection of fresh colours and pretty patterns take a look at this lovely company,





    Summer 18: 88 4546fe9611c0c56b59d35820d52259a4 

    Almost the ‘next best thing’ to owning a palace in Venice! If your staircase needs updating, why not go off the ‘beaten track’ and bring a piece of Italy into your home. These removable panels are very easy to install and can be removed without damage to your stairway….should you have seen enough of Venice! Venice Street Scene, $82,





    Summer 18: 88A 12.Blithfield+-+The+Winthrop+Collection+-+Anoushka+-+Ch 

    For a very cool look this decorative fabric by Blithfield lend itself really well as chair or cushion cover, The Winthrop Collection,





     Summer 18: 89 7178_thumb

    This stylish throw instantly transforms your sofa into a cool seasonal piece of furniture, Geometry, £98,





    Summer 18: 90 Flemming-300x300 

    Wall lights are always a lovely addition to atmospheric lighting solutions. This wall light is not only very stylish but the mirror reflects the light of the lamp beautifully and comes in different metal finishes, Flemming Wall Light,





    Summer 18: 90A Ottoman-edge-green03web 

    This pretty fabric is a lovely choice for those who embrace colour in their homes. This colour way would look lovely in a bedroom, Ottoman Edge Green,





     Summer 18: 92 4a77e604b9b9

    I absolutely love the shape of this sofa and the colour is perfect for a cool summer look interior, Turquoise Velvet Sofa,





    Summer 2018: Chopping Board 201801101852570

    Inject some life into your kitchen accessories and treat yourself to this fun and lively chopping board, Lobster Cutting Board, £27,





    Summer 18: 93 MONIRN-00220170628-8262-10drysc 

    Create a visible and luxurious focal point in your living room with this exclusive cabinet, Monica Gasperini C3 Cabinet,





    Summer 18: 93AA Cheskie_0083_1600x 

    Hand embroiled and sourced in India is this bright and beautiful Kantha cushion, Anaya Kantha Cushion, £90,




    Summer 2018: VASE 3c2c358360ed12906275cdd4eedba659

    This limited edition small earthware vase by Cabana is hand painted and using multiple colours to achieve this stunning marbled design, Cabana M’O Exclusive Marbleised Hand Painted Small Vase, EUR 114,





    Summer 18: 97 damasco24 

    This collection of mirrors feature a lovely moorish design looking good as a set as well as on their own, Damasco Square Wall Mirror,




    Summer 18: 100 40101029_002001 

    For those who prefer the neutral look this hand embroiled blanket is a lovely piece to cover a bed, chair or sofa, Hand Embroided Wool Blanket, £230,




     Summer 18: 101 The-Grace-Cabinet-semi-open-300x300

    Exclusively designed by Justin Van Breda, this decorative cabinet sits comfortably with classic as well as contemporary interiors, Mineral and Campaign Collection,





    Summer 18: 102 3_Objet-Luxe-Arcadia-Natural-02 

    Add some coastal inspiration to your living space and accessorise with this very decorative sea shell mounted on a silver stand, Natural Arcadia (CC-ARCNAT-020-SV), from £273,





     Summer 18: 103 7177_thumb

    The warm colours of this throw, are not just a good choice for summer accessorising but work very well all year round, Flag Cotton Blanket, £98,





    Summer 18: 105 100002185-noir-blanc-2148 

    Accessorising can change the look of a room without having to spend a fortune. This decorative lidded urn would be a very stylish and visible addition to a living space, Potiche Sahara, EUR 469,





     Summer 18: 106 Magazine+rack

    ‘Out of Africa’ is this rather fun rhino magazine rack which also doubles up as a coffee table, Magazine Rack (SKU: HETC7985), £78,





    Summer 18: 107 FRATSA-00120161221-1668-1nwbkeg 

    This cabinet is a masterpiece. Using ebony and whitened ash wood a stunning trompe d’ceil effect is created with artisanal methods. A perfect choice as a piece of art and centrepiece, Lebanon Fratelli Basile Gallery Tall Chest, £10170,






    Summer 18: 108 clio-nightstand_002 

    For those with some cash to splash, this stunning side table/nightstand should most definitely be on the furniture must have list, Isabella Costantini Clio Nightstand with Drawer, £1215,






     Summer 18: 109 Cheskie_0057_1600x

    This bird will not fly the nest but sit patiently on its designated spot giving this candlestick its unique  beautiful appearance. Mexican silver and hand crafted by different artisans,






    Summer 18: 110 tinwith2bowlmosaicb_w_1024x1024 

    Treat yourself or make someone else a happy recipient with this lovely box and set of bowls, Tin with 2 bowls Mosaic Black & White, $46,






     Summer 18: 111 Two+Elephants+Magazine+Rack

    The perfect treat for elephant lovers or just an eye-catching way to store newspapers and magazines, Two Elephants Magazine Rack (Signature Home Collection UK), £147.99,






    Summer 18: 112 Mosaic_Black_WPL_-_492221_1024x1024 

    This moorish side table is absolutely adorable and will look stunning in the right surrounding, Images d’Orient Bahrain Round Tray + Foldable Stand Mosaic Black & White, $180,






    Summer 18: 113 0005822_tusk-conservation-bowl_600 

    With this stunning custom etched bowl, you can not treat yourself, knowing that at the same time, you are supporting Tusk, a very worthy organisation which works tirelessly to keep African animals from extinction, Tusk Conservation Bowl, £100,





    Summer 2018: Inflatable Chairs 61wdXQdw4PL._SX355_     Summer 18: 114 418G2wJp2qL._AC_US218_ 

    These inflatable armchair units are absolutely brilliant and so versatile. Create a stylish seating area or use it as lounging swimming pool floats, Felice 1-9211-985-MWhite Modul’Air Inflatable Armchair Set, £449,





     Summer 18: 114A buffet-ethnique-4-portes-bois-de-mindi-naturel-bihar-19

    The ornate feature of this sideboard caters well to many different interior styles, Buffet Ethnique Fablo, EUR 1276,





    Summer 18: 116 Elephant-Vase-VSEJHN14_large 

    John Derian teamed up with Astier de Violate to add his iconic imagery to their classic white tableware. All products are handmade in Paris of glazed terracotta, Elephant Vase Astier de Violate, $160,






     Summer 18: 117 rare-georgian-corner-cupboard-in-original-paint-30-1

    This tall Georgian cupboard with shaped and fielded panels is a rare piece of 18th century painted pine country house furniture, Rare Georgian Corner Cupboard in Original Paint (Ref: 1828), £3850,





     Summer 2018: Double Tray 201801111150540

     Take a look on the wild side and let these animals run loose in your home, Giraffe Double Tray Table, £175,






    Summer 18: 118 IMG_1699 

    This lovely seaside painting is the creation of one of Baths very talented artists who is also know for her still life paintings,







    Summer 18: 119 Indian_Print_Upholstered_Dining_Chairs_DSC00889_Edit 

    Upholstered in rug-texture fabrics, these Indian-print dining chairs are quite unusual, Indian Print Upholstered Dining Chair (9000125852OPT), £495,






     Summer 2018: African Big 5 coaster S6000-red-wine-bottle-coaster-big-5-mi

    No need to agonize over a wedding present or a gift for a special anniversary or someone who has just about everything. This silver bottle coaster looks lovely and fun and will certainly stand out as quite a unique present, Bottle Coaster - African Big 5, £160,





     Summer 18: 121 aebb2f717014ffb3df9617131c1df803

    Add some cool relaxed charm to your living room with cushions plus chair, Fauteuil Dilma plus wool cushion set (sold separately),


     Summer 18: 122 000560861-R162102006-2

    These African animals will not run wild but contrary, keep all your paper under control, Haoshi Gold Hippo Paperweight (multiple animals available), on sale now at £35,





    Summer 18: 123 amal-cubic-armchair1 copy 

    I am a great fan of some of the top Lebanese furniture designers which create a wonderful fusion between traditional patterns, calligraphy and contemporary design. These chairs are a perfect example of how old and new work well together, Amal Cubic Armchair,





       Summer 2018: console-provencal-bois-de-sapin-blanc-vieilli-mika-192900

    This stunning console table has a very authentic aged look and would work fantastically well in a large dining room or hallway, Console Provencal Mia, EUR 998.75,







                                                                         SUMMER INTERIORS TO INSPIRE



    Summer 18: 125 cb5b0a6f35b5cdfade65cfa7361363d1 

    via: /




    Summer 18: 125A 2010+March-Homes+&+Gardens

    Via: Homes and Gardens




    Summer 18: 125AA 603cc3a343fea290f9c48b8407a0aa13--dark-blue-bedroo

    Via: / Madeleine Weinrib




    Summer 18: 126 706bb9b67952ed4d50657eea44f9ed96-1

    Via: / Roshandra Simone




    Summer 18: 126A WOI_March_2018_Oakleaves_Blue

    Via: The World of Interiors /






































































  2. As nature will soon be displaying its first colours of the year,  this is a good time and incentive, to do the same for your interior. Wether opting for an entire re-decoration project or just accessorising your interior with a few cushions or objects, my top picks will hopefully get you into the ‘Swing of Spring’!




    Spring 2018: 1 MIKEGARLICK_WICKLEWOOD_12JULY2017-210_CUT_90f72cfc-7e97-

    I find that cushions are an essential 'staple diet' for any type of interior scheme. It is so easy to change the look of your living space every season  without spending a fortune, just by adding the odd new cushion and accessories. This cushion is one of those pieces which give your sofas a wonderful seasonal look, Jaspe Oblong Cushion,




    Spring 18: 1 OSTRICH_DSC4275LowRes

    This egg is not just for Easter and will double up as a stunning display all year round, Cross Cream Ostrich Egg, £499,




    Spring 18: 2 scented-candle-giardino-segreto-186913 

    Inspired by an Italian secret garden, this leafy scented candle holder is a creation by one of my favourite designer, Fornasetti Giardino Segreto Scented Candle, £140,






    Spring 18: 3 FiligranaGreen2-1000x1000

    Add some colour and a touch of luxury to your dinner table with these beautiful handblown Murano glasses, Green Filigrano Glass, £144,




    Spring 18: 4 il_570xN.1062816748_msef

    Even on a tight budget you can create a stylish and fresh look on your sofas with this lovely Ikat cushion,




    Spring 18: 5 Suzani_Silk_Bedspread_Bright_Blue_and_Green_Floral_DSC08104

    Suzani patterns have seen a huge revival. I particularly love the green/blue colour combination of this pretty bedspread, Suzani Sil Bedspread / Bright Blue and Green, £550,





    Spring 18: 6 01001601_-_1

    Add a touch of alpine interior to your country home with this pair of green 1900’s mountain benches, £850,




    Spring 18: 7 ebru_marble_yesil_seramik_yemek_tabaginrpfm

    The unique marbled effect of these dinner plates are achieved by the blend of natural clays. Produced by artisans in Istanbul, each plate has its own unique pattern, Ebru Marble Green Ceramic Dinner Plate, £22,





    Spring 2018: 2A Mali_Quilt_Nahuala_Osborne_Antigua_Saltaire_Rug_jpg_cf4 

    For a fresh new seasonal look, enjoy a bit of 'mixing and matching' which creates a more individual look, cushions, throw and rug,



    Spring 18: 8 Lamps_0021_MIKEGARLICK_PENNYMORRISON_09NOV2017-167_CUT

    With its timeless design and unique colouring, this table lamp will fit in very well with most room schemes,




    Spring 18: 9 versailles-canister-green-842986 

    Store your small trinkets in style with this decorative jar, Versailles Canister - Green, £98, Jonathan Adler,

    Spring 18: 10 000553691-R144577006-2

    Bold and inspiring but also practical and useful is this malachite dish, adding a lovely spot of colour to your dinner table, L’object Malachite Small Dish, £30,






    Spring 18: 10A 8498013_master

    This Suzani cushion would provide a perfect and colourful addition for those who like the vintage look. Vintage Uzbek Samarkand Suzani Pillow Case, $165, (international shipping available).



    Spring 18: 11 Emi+Velvet+2+Seater+Sofa

    Enjoy the ‘tres chic’ look for a ‘tres chic’ price! If green is not your colour, this stylish little sofa comes in a number of different colours, Emi Velvet 2 Seater Sofa, £356.99, Monkey Machine via







    Spring 18: 12 IMG_8295 

    This stunning lamp is one of my seasons top picks for colour and design. Although based in Germany and Switzerland, the supplier of this and other lamps will ship their products to the UK as well as other European countries,

    Spring 18: 13 Lamps_0040_Irving+morrison+H.res+2-4+copy_CUT

    Hand-painted in Portugal, this dinner service adds a breath of fresh air to your dinner table, Green Palm Tree Plate,





    Spring 18: 14 sofa-options-for-living-room-Graham-Velvet-Sofa-in-Pine-fr

    Sit back and relax in style with this very comfortable looking sofa, Turquoise Velvet Sofa,


    Spring 18: 15 ELB_2_07_medium 

    Treat your lamp to a nice new shade which will stand out, Yara Lampshade, £84,


    Spring 18: 15A Aubergine_Chelsea_Blockprint_Pillow_large

    This designer never fails to impress with her irresistible pattern and colour ideas, Aubergine chelsea block print Pillow, from $250,





    Spring 18: 15B 61480_Swaziland_Sisal_Tintsaba_Bowl

    Handcrafted in Swaziland, these baskets are traditionally given as gifts and symbolise long and happy life, Swazi Sisal Basket, $210, (international shipping available)







      Spring 2018: etched-glass-eggs-c

    Create a lovely Easter table with these etched glass eggs and add some sparkle with faux flame or string lights, Etched Glass Eggs, from £21.21, (international shipping available)





    Spring 2018: Williams Sonoma img28c 

    Williams Sonoma never disappoints bringing out lovely products and designs each season. This pretty platter will add some vibrant colour to your table this Easter and beyond, Havana Garden Rectangular Platter, $69, (internation shipping available)





    Spring 2018: Susan Deliss file 

    With the right colour combination, purple can bring a worm element to your living space, Mauve Brown Tulip  Print Lampshade, £260,





    Spring 2018: 8 DSF5677_1024x1024 

    John Derians quirky and unusual designs never fail to inspire and add something with a difference to your living space, Pink Room Platter , John Derian for Astier de Vilatte, £175,






    Spring 18: 17 BX-CLAREMONT-MED-LAV3749MidRes

    This decorative box is hand made from Shagreen and is available in a selection of colours, Claremont Oval Box Lavender, from £879,





    Spring 18: 18 Mulberry-Green-Jag-Cushion-copy-300x300

    Give your sofas the feel of spring with this decorative fabric which is available in different colour ways, Jag Mulberry Green Fabric, £72 per meter,






    Spring 18: 18AA 42_Crescent_Bloom_300 

    Emma Rose is a wonderful and award winning Bath artist who makes wonderful use of vibrant colours. In addition to limited edition prints and originals, she also takes commissions if you are looking for something with a personal touch, Cresent Bloom,





    Spring 18: 20 turin-chair-2119.bib.000-07 

    This retro chair brings a warm and colourful element to your living room, Turin Chair,




    Spring 18: 21 c5c5730638d9e0fc2fbbae55b590e139--colour-combinations-ikat

    This is one of my favourite fabrics which can be used on lampshades as well as soft furnishings, Jag,




    Spring 18: 22 Cheskie_0103_600x

    I have totally fallen in love with these wonderful handcrafted vintage Indian cushions. Not only is the craftsmanship exquisite, the price in comparison to similar products is very reasonable too, £190,




     Spring 2018: John Derian 3183f8d28d31db814d78c10286fad78e

    For lovers of painted china, treat yourself to John Derian's finest selection of painted chinaware and display it for you and everyone to enjoy,  John Derian for Astier de Vilatte,





    Spring 18: 24 rare-pine-bishops-or-priests-chair-in-original-paint-33-1

    This is a rare and original 19th century pine chair which originally came from the Carpathian mountains, Bishoph’s or Prist’s Chair, Ref: 3330, £850,




    Spring 18: 23 3-Ann-Coston-Ostrich-Egg-Sauce-Boat

    This unusual Sauce boat will be a perfect addition to a smart dinner table setting, Ostrich Egg Sauce Boat, £823,




    Spring 18: 26 masterpiece-358121

    You can be sure to be on cloud 9 when using this wallpaper as the backdrop to your bedroom wall, Tapete Eijffinger-Masterpiece-358121, EUROS 346.50 (per roll),




    Spring 18: 27 nyomi-sage-s_2 

    Give your living space a quirky touch with this unusual lamp and shade, Flamingo Table Lamp with Sage Shade, £130,




    Spring 18: 28 il_570xN.1344510300_a0ks

    For a fresh seasonal look this eye catching ikat cushion is one of my top picks, Blue, Green, White Ikat Pillow Cover, £36.10, 




    Spring 2018: 10 petite-table-multicolore

     This is a brilliant little side table,  perfect for the living room or next to the bed, Bout de Canape vert, EUR 450,





    Spring 18: 28A 33844_Coil-Weave_African_Basket_large

    Handwoven from smooth seawall fibres, this decorative bowl is perfect for storing trinkets or doubling up as a wall decoration, Rwanda Sisal Coil Weave Bowl / Ref: 33844, $58, (international shipping available)




    Spring 18: 29 shopping

    The vintage look of this overdyed rug works well with contemporary as well as classing interiors, Rug Tosca Green (115 x 180 cm), £74.95,




    Spring 18: 30 Cheskie_0017_1600x 

    Hand crafted in Mexico by local artisans, this unusual silver water jug will provide an impressive centre piece around the dinner table, Perching Parrot Water Jug (large),




    Spring 18: 31 osmanli_yesil_karanfil_nevresim_seti 

    These warm hues will easily send you into sweet dreams, Ottoman Green Carnation Duvet Set, £40,




    Spring 18: 32 00101178.jpg 

    Create a decorative display with this pretty fern vase, Fern Vase Tall, £10,




    Spring 18: 33 OS-Blue-Eggs_large 

    For those who are still looking for something very special to add to their Easter decoration, this dish will come to the rescue, Blue Eggs Oblong Tray by John Derian,





      Spring 2018: wicklewood MIKEGARLICK_WICKLEWOOD_12JULY2017-142_CUT_gran

    The slightly faded design of this pretty cushion will look super, if you like to create a vintage look, Osborne Oblong Cushion, . You can also purchase the fabric by the meter at





    Spring 18: 34 scaramanga_upcycledgreenvintagetemplemirror_1441134887mirr

    Made from reclaimed hardwood teak this pretty little mirror is a perfect choice for a small space on the wall, Temple Wooden Mirror / MIRR35675, £10,




    Spring 18: 35 Illusion_Wool_Throws_DSC01609

    Wether you languish in front of the fire and need and like to cover up or like to cover up the back of your sofa with something eye-catching, this versatile soft wool throw will become you absolute must-have, Illusion Wool Throws, £55,




    Spring 18: 36 PRT077-262x262

    This is one of those stylish coffee tables which are easy to place whatever the interiors, Sacramento Coffee Table, £579,




    Spring 18: 38 thumb

    Bring a spot of colour to your living space with this bright hand gathered silk saree lampshade, Bright Green Red and Purple Check Silk Lampshade, £130,






     Spring 2018: Sabre Spoons img-OldFashion-PM

    These colourful spoons are perfect for Easter or springtime entertaining.  Amongst a lovely and colourful selection of cutlery, these spoons are just part of an entire collection of serverware, (international shipping available)





    Spring 18: 39 flower-ikat-1030x703

    This flower will not need water and keep it good looks, so very easy to maintain, The Flower Ikat Cushion, 




    Spring 18: 41 round_tray_table_with_insert 

    This is a very versatile tray table. The inside of the tray can be transformed instantly by adding different pattern placemats which  sit in it, Stinson Round Tray Collection Mix & Match,




    Spring 18: 41A I-1973-011-0245_4       Spring 2018: Sabre I-1588-082-0245_4

    This is a lovely collection of vintage looking pieces with a fund and quirky touch. Sabre produces a wonderful range of colourful and glamorous plastic server ware which brings a smile to every dinner table,




    Spring 18: 43 il_570xN.1458404741_fcju

    No need for a cage to enjoy looking at these exotic feathered friends, Bird Pillows, £30.36, CaliforniaLivinHome via




    Spring 18: 44 conf-blue_1

    Handmade in London this colourful lamp features a lively splatter paint effect and comes in a variety of colour ways, End of Day Confetti Lamp, £465,




    Spring 18: 47 a_t_july_28_of_43_

    As one of the key interior trends this season, this stool in a strong yellow colour, will give your interior a right up to date finishing touch, Carnaby footstool in Mustard Yellow Velvet,  £149,




    Spring 18: 49 il_570xN.772552475_rptb

    This Indian block print cotton cushions look lovely on a bed as well as on a chair or sofa< Indian Hand Block Print Pillow Cases, £26.66 (a pair),




    Spring 2018: green-pollen-lev-iii  

    Inject a little bit of colour into your home office filing system with this pretty Lever Arch File, from £25,





    Spring 18: 49-0 p1070406

    This pretty Mirror and perl tiffany style box will store all your small trinkets, Boîte Couvercle Tiffany, EUROS 51.92, (UK shipment available)




    Spring 2018: Yellow Storage Box normal_decorative-keepsake-box   Spring 2018: organiser-zebra-mustard-sma_1

    There is no better incentive to get going on tidying away all your papers when you know that you can create a very decorative display at the same time. Harris & Jones offer a wonderful choice of different designs and filing solutions to help you keep your papers in the right place,





    Spring 18: 49B P_45175913_2441467

    If you are looking for something unique, Fornasetti’s quirky and unusual furniture designs will not fail to impress, Fornasetti Small Chest High Legs Pompeiana Ocra, $11.060,




    Spring 18: 49C il_570xN.1208582913_hnru

    Create a decorative and eye-catching Easter display with these pretty handcrafted eggs with a beautiful lace effect, Polish Pysanky Carved and Wax-Embossed Eggs, £37.30 (set of 3), EggstrArt via




    Spring 18: 50 mary_s_carver_chair_2276.bao.000-01

    This gorgeous and versatile chair with its decorative geometric pattern, can be used as dining Carver as well as occasional chair, Marys Chair - Carver,




     Spring 18: 51 porcelain-constantinopoli-plate-cost2

    Offer your guests a visual as well as culinary treat with these unusual plates, Porcelain Constantinopoli Plate (Costantinopoli Collection), EUROS 91.50,




    Spring 18: 52 GreenEgret_large_PleatedShade_Left_copy_grande 

    Made of handblown glass and painted/decorated from inside the glass, these lamps are made to order with a choice of different designs, Birds Eye Vie in large, £495,




    Spring 2018: yellow-teal-cotton-runner-sangli

    Inject a breath of fresh air into your hallway with this bright geometric rug which can be used on either side, Sangli Runner (70 x 140 cm), £75,





    Spring 18: 53 5

    Wether at the end of a bed or placed in the living room, this sofa is an elegant and easy piece to place. It comes in different sizes and can be customised with different finishes, Aubin Bench, from £695 plus 1 Meter fabric,




    Spring 18: 54 6f5da52807791d3deeb93f23f64398a8--wood-coasters-place-

    I love these gorgeous placemats which are a super choice for getting friends and family round your dinner table,




    Spring 18: 55 emma-lantern-lichen-633361

    This lantern is a great find for lovers of the clean and contemporary look. The hand blown glass is decorated with powder coated steel and a leather border, Emma Lantern-Lichen (Eldvarm), £129,




    Spring 18: 56 il_570xN.1171384272_ji7y 

    Despite its ancient origins, Ikat designs such as this are hugely versatile and fit in perfectly with most types of interior styles, Velvet Ikat Pillow, £51.19, pillow via





      Spring 2018: Melodiehorne blue-oval-1030x1030

    The inner and outher fabric of this very pretty gathered lampshade is made out of gathered Ikat and a mix of silk and cotton. The lampshade is available in 3 different sizes, Blue Oval,





    Spring 18: 58 Cheskie_0277_1600x 

    This lovely throw is one of those hugely versatile must-haves. It can be used in different rooms of you house, be it as a bedcover, table cloth or draped over the back of a chair or sofa, Cotton Bed Throw,




    Spring 18: 59A a41cb4233dd88cb6e262d787b312093d


    Give your kitchen linen a fresh look with this pretty tea towel, Diver, £5,




    Spring 18: 59A JJB260BLL-0_01

    If your living space is in need of an easy to place and timeless table lamp, this classic piece is a super choice, Camellia Lamp / Small, £155,




    Spring 18: 60 whaley_chair_-_copii_brocade_1_of_4_lr

    This decorative and unusual chair displays a lovely blend of artfully woman brocade and finely textured linen. It can also be supplied in a choice of other finishes, Whaley Chair in Copii Brocade & Linen, from £1495,




    Spring 18: 61 P1020421a-300x300

    These beautiful bowls are carved from South African ostrich egg shells with a coloured interior, perfect as a useful feature for your easter table, Ostrich Egg Bowls, £25 each,




    Spring 18: 62 tumblr_ncx7dg0q221sggcoio1_500 

    Create a show stopping and chic look with this atmospheric Cloud print, Cloud Play by JR Goodwin - Etching Paper or Canvas, from £930,




    Spring 18: 62A injera_bread_basket_blue_09f80eda-710f-4d91-a844-c2aaf7

    You can put all your eggs in this very stylish basket and create a pretty display on your easter table, Injera Bread Basket, $72,




    Spring 18: 63 hare-gold-2-2

    Unique and brimming with character is this Hare table lamp. Hide a few eggs behind the shade and  create a feature which everybody will love, Gold Hetty Hare Table Lamp, £160,




    Spring 18: 64 DSC00448_Mia_Sarosi_Decorative_Porcelain_Plates

    Each of these plates is painted freehand by Oxfordshire ceramicist Mia Sarosi featuring unique images, Mia Sarosi Decorative Porcelain Plates, £75,





    Spring 18: 65A chairs-2770274

    The spectacular acrylic glass body of this chair sits on top of wooden legs and is a creation by French company Acrila, who works with a team of very talented designers, Acrylic Ovals Armchair in Green, £595,




    Spring 18: 66 Unknown

    With its lively zigzag pattern, this decorative laundry basket combines functionality with distinctive design, Adder Blue Seagrass Laundry Basket With Lid, £100,




    Spring 18: 66A annika.tray.table.a72ca006.8962.4308.ad25.10d8a95783db.

    This is a very versatile side table. The top doubles up as tray so you can easily move your visitors glasses back into the kitchen in one go, Annika Tray Table,




    Spring 18: 67 5931613_l

    Inject an eye-catching feature to your living space with this striking chair covered in ‘Hollyhock Indian Zag Fabric’ available to order via Lee Jofa. Hollyhock Folly Chair in Suzanne Rheinstain Hollyhock Indian Zag Fabric, $5.500, (international shipping available)




    Spring 18: 68 italianate-or-greek-style-pine-porticoes-in-original-pain

    Create an architectural scheme or two giant bookcases with these very unique and stunning South Eastern Europe (c. 1800) porticoes, (H: 252cm, W: 85cm, D: 115cm), £6450,




    Spring 18: 68A 8052023_master

    You can stay neutral but still enjoy an interesting pattern with these vintage Suzani cushions, Pillow Cases Made out of a Mid-20th Century Uzbek Samarkand Suzani, $200 per cushion,




    Spring 18: 68B c4a904fb324e80b981e18c5e577d5ddb 

    Store all your trinkets in style with this pretty hand beaded basket, Ocean Thunder Hand Beaded Geometric Pattern Rattan Basket, £58.58,




    Spring 18: 69 00109798_-_1

    This is an exceptionally pretty Swedish settle bench with delicate carved detail and original painted finish, 19th Century Swedish Settle Bench, £3700,




    Spring 2018: Light Blue Ikat a8b70f_94a1678191f94598b3db1247a7dbd9bd  

    This pretty hand embroided suzani cushion can be custom ordered. Although it might take a few weeks for it to be ready to ship, no doubt it is worth the wait, Suzani Cushion Blue / SKU: CUS0004, £125,



    Spring 18: 71 1338634_l 

    Create a lovely feature on your wall with this these quite unique wall sconces, Pair of Brass Ostrich Egg Wall Sconces 1990, $4200, (international shipping available)



    Spring 18: 74 bougie-terre-melees 

    As a lover of beautiful candles, I am always on the lookout for something special. I am therefore very excited to have found these marbled gems which will make a stunning display on a coffee table, £30 each,





    Spring 18: 74A pretty-antique-pine-box-bench-in-swedish-blue-18-1

    Ideal for smaller spaces is the antique European box bench in a lovely blue waxed finish, Antique Pine Box Bench in Swedish Blue (Central Europe c. 1880 / Ref: 3722), £590,





    Spring 18: 75 s366419143856091046_p654_i14_w640

    These hand painted cushions are unique and of superb quality. No cushion is the same and offer a real sense of luxury, Hand Painted Silk Velvet Cushion Green, £148,




    Spring 18: 78 lampshade-p7182050-quadro

    The Italian designers Servomuto have created a line of Ikat lampshades for Les-Ottomans which combine Turkish colours with Italian craftsmanship, Quadro Lampshade (P7182050), EURO 332.82




    Spring 18: 80 silk-suzani-cushion-suz51

    I love the superb vibrant colours of this stunning hand embroiled silk ikat cushion featuring the traditional ottoman pattern, Suzani Cushion / Ref: SUZ51, EUR 170,




    Spring 2018: Oka NOR219GRM-0

    Display your spring flowers and plants in this very eye-catch and lovely shape cache pot, Kolokythi Wide Decorative Bowl, £15,




     Spring 2018: 11 dam-images-resources-2011-09-objet-fortuny-objet-fortun

    For those who are looking for something quite special, Fortuny never fails to impress with its stunning designer chinaware, Fortuny Dinner Collection,





    Spring 2018: Artichoke blue 43711f_e7b42fb9cf744e77afb00bdefd61c981~mv2_d_3 

    Add some colour to your coffee table with this pretty artichoke tealight holder, £25,






    Spring 18: 79 IMG_8302

    This stunning table lamp is one of my best recent finds. Combine it with with this strong pink lampshade or tone it down with a more neutral colour to fit your room scheme Blue Fern Big, EUR 340 (including Premium Lampshade),




    Spring 2018: Suzani Fergana Linen Cushion Beige_1 

    This Delhi based company offers a lovely collection of Suzani cushions which are perfect for mixing and matching, (international shipping available)







    Spring 18: 80A bins21

    No need to compromise on style with these pretty waste paper bins, £60,




    Spring 2018: 9 BAZ204MLT_L1  

    Wether you decide to hang these eggs from twiggs or create this display,  your Easter table will look stunning and very special, Ostara Ceramic Egg Decorations, £36 (set of eggs),




    Spring 18: 81 vignette-vaisselles_Jarre1

    Create a decorative feature in your hallway which double up as a useful umbrella stand, Jarre En Faience Iberique, EUR 400,





                                                                                          SEASONAL INTERIORS TO INSPIRE 




    Spring 18: 81A 4ac9a5385ea1e0c7c649cb54e62de638




    Spring 18: 81 AA Fabulous-traditional-bathroom-in-pastel-green-and-gr 





    Spring 2018: Easter 1 bd80d66eef6c008f594a78212b16a89b--blue-table-settin

    via: Pinterest / @smallwoodhome / Cathy Scarpantani  




    Spring 2018: Firmdale Hotels 56847691 





    Spring 18: 82 38f84c99ef3f6686aee3569aa3045ba0 





    Spring 18: 86 gallery_big_sophisticated_living_interior_design_2014




    Spring 18: 87 912de40067c6d9dd682e59e92d401db1--gold-table-settings-pl




    Spring 18: 89 gallery_big_bedroom_interior_design_2014




    Spring 18: 91 04727d5a98b8be5340dfe21f005731cc




    Spring 2018: Easter 2 pashalnyi-stol-v-stile-provans-7