How I work


Interior decorators cost a fortune don`t they? Surely, they won`t be interested in helping me with a small task like choosing curtains? Won’t they try to impose their tastes on my home? 

My aim is to bring the advantages of interior decoration to people whether the job is big or small. Everything from a complete interior makeover to those who just need to change certain aspects of their homes.  Or perhaps you can`t find what you are looking for and don`t have the time to do your own research. I offer a variety of different and affordable packages.

Working with an interior decorator does not always require a large budget. It can often be a money saver as I can help clients avoid expensive mistakes when planning changes to their rooms or properties. I source the best possible products within my client`s budget.

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It is vital to respect and consider my clients` preferences rather than mine. Getting to know my customers and their environment provides the basis on which to propose and carry out design solutions. My job is to guide those who seek advice through the vast amount of choices available and help them put together a scheme which they feel comfortable with. I respect people`s personal tastes as ultimately it is my clients who need to love their homes and live in them.

Numerous clients have given us repeat work and returned asking for help with their second or new homes and others have become and remained good friends. Both are the best proof of customer satisfaction.




My focus is entirely on my client`s style and requirements rather than my own. My job is to make sure everything works well together. I have designed a broad range of decorating solutions from minimalist to traditional and everything in between. Where appropriate I have also combined a mix of styles. My clients’ properties cover a wide range from apartments and individual houses to mountain chalets.




For each project I source companies that are able to supply the best possible products for my clients. The suppliers can be anything from trade or internet companies to shops, auction houses, furniture markets or other outlets.

Whenever possible, my clients will benefit from any trade discounts I can negotiate.




My clients properties cover a wide range from apartments and individual rooms to houses and mountain chalets.

I can count many different nationalities amongst my clients making my work all the more interesting and varied. My projects included work for clients in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy and United States.

Each project required a different approach and style from very traditional to minimalist and everything in between. 


A small selection of my work can be viewed on my 'Photo Gallery".