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    Hello and welcome to our first Weekly Feature with Interior Designer Isabell Browell:

    When Partridge Auctions was in early stages last year, I was very impressed by the idea and concept and, of course, the professionalism with which Evelyn and Kathy set their new business idea into practice.  I was very pleased to be asked to get involved with this lovely new company and team which provides the community with an ever-increasing outlet of sourcing and selling fabulous and unique pieces of furniture and accessories.

    In addition to giving you a sneak preview of what to expect in the run-up to next auction, I am looking forward to sharing my love for interior design with you, keeping you updated on trends and ideas on different aspects in and around the home.

    Whether you are rent or you own, whether you have just arrived and in need of additional furniture or well-settled and in need of redecoration – most of us get to that point where we like to add to or change what we have been living with for many years.   The current trend is still very much about about Mixing and Matching, Recycling and Combing Old with New. There is no need to throw out your entire furniture collection if you want to keep up with the latest interior design look!  Along those lines, Partridge Auctions offers exactly those individual pieces which might just give you the perfect solution for a finished look to your home in a price range which is reasonable and accessible.